Increase Seller Leads by 23.5% with Carrot’s Lead Generation Banner

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23.5% higher conversion rate! No joke.

At Carrot, we’re constantly testing and looking for ways to supercharge your websites and squeeze out even more leads…

Our brand new Carrot Lead Generation Banner does just that.

From a Motivated Seller site that saw a conversion rate jump 23.5% to a Cash Buyer site that had its conversions double to the roughly 300 Carrot members that are generating 25% more leads with this simple element on their sites … the Carrot Lead Generation Banner is changing how visitors engage (and convert!) on Carrot sites. 

lead generation banner heatmap on mobile
Carrot Website Heatmap Test on a Mobile Device

Introducing The Carrot Lead Generation Banner

Carrot’s Innovation Lab and testing program have a few objectives. One of which is discovering new, out-of-the-box ways to take the traffic you’re already generating and turn that traffic into more leads.

Several months ago, we set our sights on introducing a new conversion element into the mix. In this case, the approach wasn’t necessarily out-of-the-box. If anything, it was straightforward – but we were blown away by the testing results.

By adding a simple, persistent (some would call it “sticky”) banner to the top or bottom of a Carrot site, the site’s homepage started converting significantly better. In some cases, the conversion rate doubled!

“…generating 25% more leads

And after making a few adjustments to the user interface and experience, early adopters of the Carrot Lead Generation Banner are generating 25% more leads on their sites. 

Why does such a seemingly simple element supercharge a site’s conversion rate? Let’s dig into the testing results and find out….

And keep reading to learn how you can set your site up for even more success by enabling the Carrot Lead Generation Banner.

Into The Lab…

At Carrot, we love looking at aggregate stats and analytics across our network. And when we dove into this specific test, we had one singular data point in mind – the first form on a page generates over 75% of all leads generated by Carrot sites.

So we wanted to know … will adding a persistent, “sticky” banner at the top or bottom of a page with a simple “call to action” and single-field form generate more leads above and beyond what that form would typically generate?  

We launched versions of several site types – one with the Carrot Lead Generation Banner and one without.

In every case, our question’s answer was a resounding YES.

The total number of leads increased, the conversion rate increased, and the total number of leads who went on to complete their full lead profiles increased as well!

Testing Results

Lead gen banner conversion rate increase

When we broke down the results of each test, it became clear what was happening. When the Carrot Lead Generation Banner was present, that primary form on the page (which generally accounts for 75% of all leads) continued to generate leads at a high rate.

It saw little to no decrease in effectiveness.

The difference, however, was found in the additional leads that were pouring through the Lead Generation Banner! In some cases, the Lead Generation Banner accounted for even more leads than the primary form (especially on mobile!).

Carrot Examples

Lead Generation Banner at the top of a website:

Lead gen banner top bar exap

Lead Generation Banner at the bottom of a website:

What makes the Carrot Lead Generation Banner work?

We know from our previous testing surrounding hero section forms that sites tend to convert better when the primary form is more visible on the screen, there is less “noise” surrounding it, and the “call to action” is more prominent. And that’s exactly what we think is happening with the Carrot Lead Generation Banner.

Check out this heatmap that shows the intensity with which visitors interacted with the form in the Lead Generation Banner at the top of the screen…

Carrot lead generation banner heatmap

How to add the Carrot Lead Generation Banner to your site and supercharge your conversion rate today

If you’re a Carrot member, the new Lead Generation Banner element is already added to your site, but you need to go turn it on and customize it to fit your goals. 

We’ve outlined an in-depth tutorial (along with some tips on how to use the banner) in our Help Center.


We have some exciting plans for the Carrot Lead Generation Banner that we are exploring with our Engineering Team to make the element even easier to deploy and even more effective at generating leads. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait!  

Our testing results – and the results from the early adopters of the banner – are clear: the Carrot Lead Generation Banner is an incredibly effective tool when it comes to grabbing visitors’ attention, presenting them with a simple, direct call to action, and ensuring that they have a clear avenue to convert.

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Cameron heads up product analytics and performance testing as a member of Carrot's Product Team.

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