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Answer your phone.

– Keith Sant

The “Top-Dollar Teardown” Deal w/ Keith Sant

Our new series is taking you behind the scenes of some of the most interesting and rewarding deals that our customers are closing. Keith Sant is a returning guest, avid Carrot Camper, and a trusted home buyer based in Tacoma, WA.

Today we will learn how he found the lead and how the process went while answering all of your questions about the process. Join us every other Thursday at Carrot.com/deal

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Keith Sant named his company Kind House Buyers for a reason. As we go behind this deal, you will see why. In this situation, Keith was able to not only go above the asking price but also make over $30k on the deal. Here’s how he did it… 

Behind the Deal

The lead came in from a PPC campaign, from someone who was doing their research on buyers in the area. Because Keith had a credible website and a strong reputation, he was one of the buyers she called.

Keith answered the phone when other investors didn’t and he was able to immediately set up an appointment to see the property. 

This property was a manufactured home, with plumbing and electrical problems. There was an unpermitted addition, which had also put a lien on the home.

The property could not be listed in the traditional sense, and the family wanted to relocate their aging father who was living on the property. 

Breaking Down The Numbers

The family owed about $78k on the property and had also spent a good $10k on family-related issues. Keith knew he could easily sell the land alone for $100k.

After crunching some numbers, he was able to offer more than what they owed, helping to reimburse the family and pay for relocation expenses. 

Normally Keith would ear down the property and simply add a new manufactured home, He could then quickly resale it as a brand new home.

However, because of the high demand fr mobile homes, he know this would take a while.

So instead, he flipped the property to a fellow investor who had the tools and means to fix up the property. In this situation, everyone came out ahead. 

Building Your Reputation

There are many reasons why homeowners turn to Keith when they need to sell. One of those is the strong reputation he has built over the past 4 years. Keith regularly adds content to his website, adds customer reviews, and is completely transparent about how he works.

Recently, Keith was even feated in an article in the Olympian which spoke of this deal in particular. So many times investors will be painted as vultures who are just after a quick buck.

By being informative and getting his name out there, he is not only building trust but changing the perception of the industry for the better. 

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