EP 248: How Credibility and the Right Partnership Led to 38 Transactions in 2020 w/ Carter Crowley

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Once you figure it out and repeat the process just a few times a year, real estate becomes a very lucrative and profitable business, with very little overhead. 

– Carter Crowley

How Credibility and the Right Partnership Led to 38 Transactions in 2020 w/ Carter Crowley

The importance of the agent and investor relationship is something we’ve been talking about for a while now here at Carrot. We’ve often said that in the future, agents will need to invest, and investors should be licensed in order to better serve their leads.

Well, the future is now.

Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to sell their homes. With the rise of iBuyers, people are looking to other sources when they are thinking about putting their home on the market. The agent or investor who is able to offer multiple solutions, is going to be able to complete more actions and help more people.

Here’s how Carter Crawley is doing it.

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Carter Crawley is a Carrot client who is mastering the agent-hybrid model. His business has a healthy mix of deals, and his volume is double that of other investors or agents who try to fit everyone in the same box.

His versatility and ability to offer more than one solution have allowed him to serve more people. 

Building That Credibility

Carter Crawley is generating a lot of leads from his Carrot site. His marketing is working amazingly well because he isn’t afraid to put himself out there and let people know what they are all about.

They are currently using Google Ads, Facebook, and a little bit of YouTube for retargeting purposes. They are also running cold calling campaigns and setting up mailers. However, video surrounds the brand.

Their website is laid out very well, with videos explaining exactly who they are and what they do. The website conveys trust and lets them know that Carter and his team can solve their problem.

With his videos, Carter is building rapport and credibility with his clients before he ever meets them. 

The Power of 3

There is something about the number 3 that leads to higher conversions. Giving your customers 3 options will often lead to more sales. One option leaves your client with the ability only to answer yes or no. Having two options can make one seem expensive, while the other seeming cheap.

But having 3 options really makes people think. The highest price offering has all of the bells and whistles. The lowest-priced offering is just bare-bones service. While the middle option is the best value and the best service. Everybody wins. 

As a hybrid investor agent, Carter can offer several options to his client. He can list the property. He can buy it outright for a lower price. Or he can present it to his network of buyers, allowing his client to sell fast while still receiving competitive offers. Again… everybody wins. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Having a Partner

For Carter and his business today, his perfect partner is his dad. They can balance each other out and pick up where the other leaves off. Dad handles the contracts, service providers, and business management, while Carter goes on appointments, handles the financing, and gets the deals locked down.

That said, your partner doesn’t need to be your family member. It needs to be someone you trust who is just as motivated as you are to close deals and help others. Many people avoid finding a partner because they are worried about giving away half of their profits.

When you work with the right partner, your volume will go up, they will handle the aspects of the business that you don’t like, and your volume will go up exponentially.

You will be able to spend your time on the things that give you energy, which will lead to better service, happier clients, and more closed deals. 

Loving What You Do

For anyone watching or listening to this podcast, it is evident that Carter is passionate about his work. You can see how every aspect of real estate excites him, especially when he is able to find solutions that truly help people.

Carter and his team aren’t just after the money, they are a true helping hand for people when they need it most. 

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