YouTube Real Estate Marketing Tricks: Video Optimization To Get Leads

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YouTube Real Estate Marketing doesn’t have to be tough, but if you want it to generate leads, you’d better optimize… we’ll show you how.

Want to get great results from your YouTube real estate marketing? Read these tips to find out how to get leads with videos!
Want to get great results from your YouTube real estate marketing? Read these tips to find out how to get leads with videos!

Why use YouTube for real estate marketing?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a YouTube real estate video is worth millions.

People can actually see you. They can hear you.

A video gives people a chance to build trust with you.

That trust is at the core of conversion strategy. Trust is what makes marketing work. People must have a certain amount of trust in order to make a purchase or fill out a form to get more info.

They have to believe in you.

That’s what makes video so great – it’s your chance to reach people, to connect with them, to inspire them to take action… to sell a house, to buy an investment… whatever you’ve got to offer, video can help you connect in a way that no other medium can do.

Think of it this way… a great sales video can keep selling for years, while you’re kicking back with your feet up.

So without further ado, here are the keys to getting great results from video marketing:

#1 – Do your keyword research.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to research your keywords.

You must make sure that you’re optimizing for keywords that are actually being searched in your market.

People search on YouTube differently than they do in regular Google search. They often use different terms and slightly different phrases. So don’t assume that the keyword research you did months ago when you were thinking about optimizing your site is going to be enough for a good video marketing campaign.

Unfortunately, Google shut off the tool that told us directly what was being searched on YouTube… best we can see now is what they provide in their Display AdWords Planner – you’ll need a free Google account to use the tool.

Here’s what the Display Tool looks like:

When you’re using Display Planner, make sure to target only your local market to see your *local* search traffic… you probably don’t want or need leads from areas across the world. :) Want some suggestions of terms? Keep reading.

#2 – Use no more than 2 keywords per video

For search marketing purposes, it’s way better to make a lot of small videos on YouTube targeting many keywords than to make one long one.

Think about it… people are searching a specific term, so you want your video to be directly related to that specific term. Sure, you can optimize a generic video a bunch of times with a lot of terms… but that technique won’t get good results.

Here are a few places where keywords might help:

  • Title
  • Tags
  • Description
  • Channel name
  • Playlist titles
  • Playlist description
  • Comment field
  • YouTube hashtags
  • Social media posts that link to YouTube
  • Website
  • Annotations
  • Captions
  • Content or script
  • Thumbnails
  • Graphics in video
  • Channel art
  • Channel icon
  • Custom Bitly links

Remember, Google is very smart. They work incredibly hard to make sure that good results climb to the top of their searches… so if you concentrate on making really high-quality content and optimizing it, you’ll get great results from it.

Don’t try to do too much with one video… make a plan to create new videos often.

#3 – Focus on making a great YouTube Real Estate Channel

Yeah, I know… you wanna just make one video, then call it quits.

But seriously, don’t bother. Trying to make one video will make you nuts. You can’t say everything you need to say in 90 seconds unless you’re super focused on just one or two keywords.

Either prepare to make video marketing a big part of your business, or don’t do it at all.

If you’re gonna do video marketing on YouTube, you’ll want to set up a really great YouTube channel.

That’s the goal… the top of the mountain you’ll want to climb. High credibility, high trust, high views… high revenue. :)

Videos that are on a great channel go to the top of the rankings.

Don’t stress about creating a great channel – it’s not something that will happen overnight. It’s the same offline and online – your focus should be on building high-quality, educational content that helps people in your local market.

That’s a long-term activity for major wealth-building, not a short-term, get-rich-quick trick.

So organize yourself in the way that makes the most sense for your working style.

Can you make one video per week? In a year you’ll have 52 videos… that’s a good amount for a channel.

Need help making your videos?

Organize it as a project instead… plan to make 20-30 videos at once. It takes less time and money than you’d think.

You can totally do it yourself, or hire some help.

You’ll need 3 people to help you:

  • A copywriter to help you script out your videos to make great content
  • A videographer to help you film and edit your videos
  • A search marketer to help you optimize your videos

That last piece is so important… there are so many examples of great quality videos that get no views, simply because they weren’t set up right from the beginning.

But like everything else, just optimizing on the video alone might not be enough to get it to the top of the search.

#4 – Surround Your Videos With Great Content

Here’s where you can really put your Carrot sites to use: embed your videos!

You might not want to put a video right on the top of your home page… we’ve found that those can lower your conversion rates. It’s important not to stuff videos any old spot… but to put them in the right places.

Put them into blog posts or pages that are optimized for the same keyword, and that will help Google (and the other search engines) realize the value of your video and serve it up to the right audience.

You can also send out videos as a part of a well-written press release, too – that will help increase your exposure and connect up your video with your keywords on many sites.

Just like a page, a video needs credibility coming from the outside… the more related places where your video appears, the better. It’s a great practice to embed your video on an optimized Carrot page, then focus on getting high-quality back links directly to that page… that will help increase your site’s ranking and reputation as well as your video at the same time.

#5 – Learn All You Can About Video Marketing

We’re gonna have a special guest for tomorrow’s Live MasterMind Call… and we’re gonna talk a bunch about video marketing, why real estate investors have been too shy to use it well, and what a huge set of opportunities there are gonna be coming up for investors who do the work of setting up a really great video marketing system for themselves.

So make sure you sign up and register here!

If you’re not already a member, sign up now to join Carrot… you’ll be glad you did.

Let us know if that helps… we’d love to answer any questions you’ve got. Happy Marketing! :)

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