$40k Profit per Deal | The Power of Inbound Marketing w/ Beau Hollis

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How SimplySold has achieved a $40,000 per deal business using Carrot.

The company is a local, Louisville-based business that uses Carrot’s inbound marketing guidance and resources to gain new clients online.


  • Industry: Investor
  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Carrot Member Since 2016

Beau Hollis, the founder of SimplySold in Louisville, Kentucky.

He’s been investing in houses for the past 7 years.

Currently, the majority of his business involves acquisitions that he does himself. He also has an acquisitions person and a full-time videographer.

It’s a low-key, small operation, but with a high intention and they go aggressively after deals.

“You know, I spend my time and effort and energy to do this business to provide for my family, not only money but years of my life, getting this up and going to then have it, work is worth, the journey is not in vain.”

From Beau’s Carrot leads, his average profit per deal is close to $40,000 this year.

Just in his Carrot site alone, he’s done $400,000 in assignments in the last six months of 2021.

Prior to using Carrot, he had no online presence and no experience in building websites.

“I had no world tech experience and I just didn’t have an online presence at all. I didn’t want to go have to build a website. So Carrot made that really easy for me.

Obviously, people cannot find you, people have no clue who you are, they can’t find your business, they don’t know if you’re in business at all and so if they can’t find you means that they can’t do business with you.

So you have no lead flow inbound from a website.”

At first, his vision was to dominate the outbound marketing space, whether it was cold calling, texting, or other things.

But the lifespan of somebody who’s doing outbound marketing all the time is limited.

“I have come from a background of sales and I understand that you’re gonna do this one thing all the time, whether it’s cold calling or texting or putting out bandit signs and there’s a lifespan to that.”

When referencing outbound versus inbound leads, they are two things that are drastically different. Outbound leads are when you’re seeking out someone. There’s a lot of work, effort, and energy going into it before you even can think about reaching out to the person.

Inbound marketing, or evergreen marketing, is a completely different mindset. You optimize your website with content. Video, blog post, and testimonials.

Inbound offers a whole other world. People are seeking you out.

The challenge: Creating the path to the world of inbound marketing

This is a business to close deals. Serious real estate agents and investors want to make Evergreen inbound marketing a real avenue, not just a little street but a highway.

Evergreen inbound marketing takes a plan and plenty of patience. It takes a lot of video work on YouTube and on-page SEO with keywords and really good content for high rankings.

“My expectation was that I’m just going to turn it on, get it up and live and then it would just bring in the people just saying, please take my house, that’s why I thought it was at the beginning when I first got, I just got it up and I just had, I just had it out there, I didn’t do any kind of optimization. I did zero, absolutely zero customization to the website.”

His website had been just sitting there for a long time. Years.

Then Beau had a conversation with Trevor to get the ball rolling.

He started implementing on his website and using the tools Carrot provides our members. Keyword tracking, campaign tracking, video postings… and over time and hard work, Beau’s inbound marketing started to click.

Once he started optimizing his site, he could see a bit of movement in his rankings.

That movement proceeded forward for a year or two then it was time to dive into the PPC world of inbound marketing. The one-two punch of paid and organic traffic really exploded his business.

In 2021, Beau’s Carrot leads have had an average profit per deal of roughly $40,000.

In comparison, Beau’s outbound leads have had an average profit per deal of roughly half that.

The tools: Carrot features

Although the real estate niche can be a lot of inconsistent times, Carrot brings a level of consistency to Beau’s business. He can count on deal flow.

It’s good because when you can count consistent leads, it means that you’re not stressed all of the time.

For Beau, Carrot has become a hub that brings all of his inbound marketing efforts together. Since he’s driving traffic from all inbound marketing efforts to his Carrot site, he can track performance across all campaigns and channels, giving him the clarity needed with his marketing.

Here are some of the tools Beau is using to tie together his marketing efforts:

Evergreen Training
Beau needed to get many unqualified outbound leads to close deals. More leads meant more time and expense to sift through the tire kickers.

He learned inbound online marketing with Evergreen content to attract the most qualified prospects. He’s built trust and credibility with them 24/7 365 through his Carrot “Authority Hub.”

Automated blogs
Carrot’s pre-written automated blog posts have allowed him to stand out in his market as an authority. This not only saves time and money, but it also puts SimplySold at the forefront of its industry with expert quality content that he can customize for his needs.

Keyword Tracking
How do you know if your SEO rankings are climbing? Tracking is easy with Carrot. Simply input the keyword and we’ll track wherein each week that particular term ranks for, so now it’s easier than ever before to optimize accordingly!

Campaign Tracking Links
Learn how many leads you’re generating with your ads by following the conversions that come from them. Easily see which campaigns are producing results and create a link for better tracking of click-throughs and leads.

CarrotCamp is a place where people come to get inspired by other entrepreneurs, hear first-hand stories about how they built their successful businesses and strategies for success. The knowledge Beau has gained from meeting these individuals has been essential in helping him grow his own real estate investing business.

The results:

Beau has been successful by implementing an Evergreen inbound marketing plan. He went all-in and began building his SEO content and followed that up with PPC. Now he has a team and consistently closes inbound deals to grow his business.

He also knows how to scale his business using Carrot and inbound leads.

What about you? Are you ready for consistent and predictable growth in your business?

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