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EP 258: Tech Disruption in Real Estate – How Agents Are Finding Listings Right Now w/ Tristan Ahumada

You have to do more of what makes you feel uncomfortable on a daily basis.

– Tristan Ahumada

Tech Disruption in Real Estate – How Agents Are Finding Listings Right Now w/ Tristan Ahumada

Tristan Ahumada is an agent, mentor, consultant, and editor for Success Magazine. His relationships, drive for knowledge, and insight into the world of real estate technology have helped him build a business and a community that helps elevate others.

Today we are talking about the disruptions of technology on the real estate market, and what agents and investors can do to find motivated sellers, even in a low-inventory market. 

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As a long-time investor and agent, Tristan offers incredible insight into the real estate industry. So much so that he has taken his talents to write for Success Magazine and to serve on the real estate advisory board for Facebook.

He’s created a thriving community for real estate professionals and incorporates positivity into all he does. We are thrilled to have Tristan on the CarrotCast to discuss mindset, changes in the industry, and how agents are finding listings right now.

Relationships and Community

One of the best ways Tristian recommends generating new listings or generating any new business is to reach out to those in your sphere. Past clients may be ready for your services again and can also be an incredible source for referrals. It’s important to stay in touch with people you have worked with in the past.

You can do this through retargeting campaigns, great evergreen content on your website, or through an email newsletter. 

Another great idea is to build a community of professionals and potential clients. You can provide information and insight, making you the leading expert in your neighborhood. 

Reach Out to FSBO’s

Another great way to generate new listings, it to reach out to those selling via FSBO. Many of these individuals will be headstrong, not realizing just how valuable an agent can be. While you may need to reduce your commission, it can be a great way to find motivated, unrepresented sellers. 

Technology and Real Estate

iBuyers and websites like Zillow are changing the landscape of the real estate industry as we know it. Many agents are worried by this as they feel the space for agents is shrinking. But as Tristan does with any major shift, whether it be political, or within the industry, he will look for all of the ways these shifts will impact him and his business.

His insight into Facebook, and the future of web browsing, shows the rise of virtual landscapes. Tristan believes that in the not-so-distant future, we will slip on our VR goggles to shop, meet up with friends, and even to browse real estate.

Being at the forefront of new technology will not only make you more confident but will put you in a place to be an ambassador as the future becomes a reality. 

Minding Your Mindset

When managing a business, a team, and multiple projects, your head needs to be in the right place. For Tristan, he divides his time between multiple projects and entities, reserving specific days for specific projects.

He goes out of his way to do the things that make him uncomfortable, as he knows they are what will move him forward. We all know what needs to be done. Give yourself the time to think, to get clear, and the path you need to take will present itself. 

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