EP 286: The “56k Profit Moldy House” Deal w/ Beau Hollis | Behind the Deal

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A lot of times when you prejudge people or their current situations, you just look at the outside. You can lose a deal quickly by judging what you see. 

– Beau Hollis

The “56k Profit Moldy House” Deal | Behind the Deal

Welcome to another episode of behind the deal. This is where we take you inside of an actual deal, covering all of the details from start to finish.

In this Livestream, we were back with Beau Hollis to learn about the marketing, follow-up, and specifics that went into this particular deal. 

In this episode, Beau walks us through the world’s moldiest house. You’ll see exactly how he found this deal and how he walked away with a $56k profit.

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Beau has been a friend here at Carrot for a long time. He recently walked us through a deal in which he bought a car right along with a house.

This deal was quite a bit different. Most investors would run from a moldy house, but by offering the solution to a difficult situation made this a great deal for everyone involved.

Here’s how it went down… 

The Lead

The lead came through a Carrot PPC ad at around 6 in the morning. It was a divorce situation in which each spouse had moved on and was living separately.

There was a teenage son living in the home, but Beau was assured he’d be able to find other accommodations if the deal went through. 

The Follow Up

Almost immediately, Beau was on the phone with the owner and setting an appointment to see the home. She wasn’t local, but Beau was still able to arrange to see the house at 1 pm that same day.

One of the reasons Beau is able to close 20-30 deals a month is because of his prompt follow-up. 

What Made This Deal Unique

Aside from the basement being filled with mold, Beau had to negotiate this deal over the phone. As someone accustomed to belly-to-belly sales, not seeing the person face to face made things feel more challenging.

Luckily, when dealing with inbound leads, the motivation is typically much higher than with outbound leads. In fact, by 1 o’clock that same day, Beau had this house under contract. 

The Numbers 

Beau bought the home for $125k and was able to sell it for $182k. The house was worth about $240k so after the end buyer remedied the mold situation, they were still able to flip it for a $30k profit.

This is another shining example of how a property investor can remedy a problem, helping everyone to come out ahead. 

Tips That Actually Work: Campaign Tracking Links

Because of campaign tracking links, Beau was able to see exactly where his lead came from, Google Ads.

What are campaign tracking links?

Campaign tracking links allow you to see exactly how many people click on the links you put out on the internet?

For example, you can see how many people click the links in your email signature. Or, in Beau’s case, his Google Ads account.

Carrot’s platform allows you to create a unique link for any piece of content on your site.

Whenever this link is clicked it records the data in your account (if someone turned into a lead or not).

This feature can increase your ROI by 10x if you know what is working and where you should be spending your budget.

If you’re already a Carrot member, learn how to add campaign tracking links to your website. Not a Carrot member? Join today!

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