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EP 280: The “Free Car” Deal w/ Beau Hollis | Behind the Deal 1

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I want to educate my sellers. Just like on Amazon, people are going to research before making decisions.

– Beau Hollis

The “Free Car” Deal w/ Beau Hollis | Behind the Deal 1

Back on September 16th, we did an awesome Livestream with our good friend Beau Hollis. As a long-time Carrot customer, wholesaler, investor, and occasional flipper, Beau is going to take us behind the scenes, showing us every aspect of the deal.

Its part of a new Livestream we are doing that takes you inside a real-life deal, from start to finish. We answered questions live on air and offered some tips that really work. Catch up on this exciting new series here, and join us every other Thursday, live on Facebook! 

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Beau always brings one thing with him, and that’s positive energy. He’s a generous, straightforward, all-around good dude, and we are thrilled he is taking us behind one of his most recent deals.

Today we’re looking at a deal he did with a woman named Brenda. He made her a fair offer, closed at lightning speed, solved her car problem, and walked away with about $12k. Here’s how he did it. 

How the Deal Began

Brenda called Beau’s office around 3 o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon. He asked when he could see the property and she let him know that she was ready right away. Within an hour he was viewing the property and making her an offer.

Brenda had let him know that she had other interested parties coming to see the house, so he knew he’d need to act quickly to lock this property down. 

Solving Multiple Problems

While touring the house, Beau noticed there was an old car parked in the driveway. He know this wasn’t Brenda’s car and that it must have belonged to the previous owner of the house as the property was in a probate situation.

Without any intention or motive, Beau asked him what she planned to do with the car. When she told him it didn’t run and she needed to sell it, he offered to buy it too, writing it into the contract then and there.

Just like that, he was able to solve two major problems Brenda was dealing with. Because he solved more than one problem, offered a fair price, and was able to close quickly, Beau was able to get Brenda to sign a contract right then and there. 

Everyone Comes Out Ahead

Brenda wanted $185k for the house and Beau offered $170k. They went back and forth, meeting in the middle at $178. Beau got a great property, and a car out of the deal, while Breda got a fair price and was able t close by Friday of that same week!

Beau’s team pulled together and was able to close on the property in just three business days. Speed and convenience were what were important to Brenda and Beau delivered. After all, was said and done, Beau walked away with about $12k in profit on the deal. Not too bad for a couple of days of work! 

Giving Back

At first, Beau thought we would sell the car. Maybe make a small profit after fixing it up. But then he thought to himself, why not give it away. For someone just getting started, it would be a great car to drive for dollars.

The idea evolved, and now he is also giving away $1,000 in addition to the car, and we are including 3 free months of Carrot service! All you have to do is visit Beau’s Youtube channel for more! 

Tips That Actually Work: Credibility Bars

Credibility is one of the most important things for an investor, wholesaler, or any business owner really. A few years ago, Beau didn’t have any video on his site, but today, he makes sure to document everything.

When you visit his site, one of the first things you see are videos, featuring real people, with real stories. Other Carrot members opt to use a credibility bar, with direct links to their Google, Facebook, or BBB page. 

To learn more about how to create a credibility bar on your site, watch this tutorial.

If creating videos seems intimidating or you’re not sure where to start, we offer an excellent video marketing playbook and If you have questions about this or have ideas for future Behind the Deal episodes, reach out to Brady directly at

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