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EP 270: Negotiation Mastery #4: Closing 20 Deals a Month Using 1 Simple Conversation Recipe w/ Beau Hollis & Adam Johnson

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We are in the people business. Real estate is simply a byproduct of what we do.

– Beau Hollis

Closing 20 Deals a Month Using 1 Simple Conversation Recipe w/ Beau Hollis & Adam Johnson

I invited Beau and Adam to join us in part 4 of our negotiation series because they have one very important thing in common. They know how to sit down with anyone and turn them into a friend.

People will often think of negotiation as a battle. By bringing humanity back to the table through education and real conversations, investors can not only close more deals but also serve more people which is what this is all about.

Today we are going to wrap up the tactical elements of this series by showing you how to break down seller walls to both help and close more of the leads you are already bringing in. 

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Recently, the CarrotCast has presented our listeners with a series on SEO, one on Facebook, and now we are addressing negotiation and sales strategy. When involved in negotiations, there are scripts and tactics that people swear by.

There are proven formulas that are taught by some of the most respected sales gurus – and all of them work, but there are other skills you will want to develop that can’t be learned in the classroom.

Talk to people, having real conversations, and getting sellers to genuinely like you are all skills you are either born with or will need to develop in the field to become a top negotiator. 

So how do you increase the chances of working with them? What can you do to serve them better?

Education and Authority

As investors and agents, we eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff. But when talking with a home seller, you may find that they have never sold a house before.

Instead of trying to acquire their house for pennies on the dollar, educate them about their different selling options. If selling to you isn’t in their best interest, let them know.

You’ll be surprised by how many people choose to work with you because you are honest. People only work with people who they like and trust.  

Building authority and trust can be done both through conversation and in how you are presenting yourself online. Your Carrot sit can serve as an authority hub where you share stories, testimonials, videos, and market information. 

Removing Assumptions and Judgements

It’s easy to walk up to a house, see some beer cans on the front porch, and assume to know exactly why someone may be losing their house. But in most situations, the problem goes much deeper than what we see on the surface.

When someone is about to lose their house to foreclosure, they are our ally at the end of their rope. Utilities are turned off, cars are repossessed, and credit cards are racking up interest. 

By removing assumptions, judgments, and preconceived ideas of what is going on in a seller’s life, you will be able to get to the heart of the problem. Genuine empathy is often the path to a real solution.

If your bills aren’t paid and if there is no food on the table, imagine how that feels. When someone is dealt a rough life experience, it can snowball.

Remember to remain humble and that it could be you, me, or someone you love who is dealing with this difficult property or situation. 

Finding Common Ground

Once all judgment had been removed, you can truly understand their situation. Instead of walking into someone’s house and being all business, let them lead the way. Have them show you around. Crack a joke.

Make them smile and remind them that you are a person too. Let them know that you are only there to apply your unique knowledge to their unique situation. Make sure they understand you may not end up buying their house, and that is ok. 

When looking for a common ground you can use visual clues to get the ball rolling. This can open up the seller, allowing you to be privy to information you may not have learned otherwise.

Adam is looking to both laugh and cry with a seller when he sits down with them. He isn’t just trying to buy their house, but he is helping them to find the right solution. By doing so, he is also providing the seller with hope – showing them that not all people are bad.

It is through connections and common ground that you can lower the walls and remove the barriers people have built.

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