Know What Marketing Is Working And What’s Not

Ever wonder if a marketing campaign worked vs another one? Us too. So we solved that with real estate campaign tracking link that tell exactly where your leads came from.

Campaign Tracking Links

Have you ever wondered how many people click on the links you put out on the internet? Do you know how many people click the links in your email signature?

We think real estate campaign tracking should be easy.

Carrot’s platform allows you to create a unique link for any piece of content on your site. Whenever this link is clicked it records the data in your account (if someone turned into a lead or not).

If you run PPC, Facebook, or Craigslist Ads, this feature can increase your ROI by 10x if you know what is working and where you should be spending your budget.

Content Pro members get 15 tracking links per site and Advanced Marketers get unlimited!

Quickly See Which Campaigns Are Working

The best time to use campaign tracking links is when you are paying for ads.
If you are spending $500+ on a campaign you need to know the ROI that brings your bottom line.

You can log into your Carrot account and quickly see how many visitors and
leads are coming from your paid marketing.

I work with a lot of investors, and I have yet to see a site outperform Carrot. Ease of use and conversion ability – I don’t think you’ll find a better option

Silver Street Marketing

I use four Carrot sites. The platform works for me. I have generated over 1000 leads (Buyer, Seller, Rent To Own). Their support is awesome and they know what they are doing. 99% of my questions are answered within minutes so I can keep moving.

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