EP 249: The 6 Biggest Real Estate Investing Hacks to Implement From Listening to 255 CarrotCasts w/ Part-Time Investor Matt Slowik

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There are nuggets in every episode of the CarrotCast that will help every single person who wants to do this. 

– Matt Slowik

The 6 Biggest Real Estate Investing Hacks to Implement from Listening to 255 CarrotCasts w/ Part-Time Investor Matt Slowik

Matt Slowik has always been interested in real estate, but he is just now taking it up a notch by launching his business and his Carrot site. Last year, he stumbled upon the Carrotcast, listening to 255 episodes last year alone!

Currently, he is working on his Master’s Degree and is employed full-time as a safety compliance officer.  That said, he was probably our top listener in 2020.  Last year alone, he listened to over 250 episodes, which equated to about 10,555 minutes!

I know what my favorite episodes are, but we felt there was tremendous value in seeing which episodes resonated most with a newer investor.

Today we are chatting with Matt to learn about his business, what he’s learned, and how he balances his busy lifestyle! 

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This episode of the CarrotCast was very exciting for me. I had the opportunity to look back at all of the cool episodes my team and I have done and I felt very proud of the impact we are making.

What was even cooler, was having Matt on to hear about what he has taken away from our show. Having just started his business in the Western Massachusetts area, he found the CarrotCast to be impactful – so much so that he spent over 10,000 minutes of his time listening to us last year alone!

Here’s a quick look at some of the past episodes that were of the most value to him: 

CarrotCast Episode 5: Tips On Building Your Wholesaling Team To Gain More Freedom And Purpose w/ Alex Pardo 

This episode takes it way back to the early days of the CarrotCast. We love chatting with Alex and this episode dove into how your mind works and how to utilize the Kolbe Index to identify compatible mindsets.

Immediately after heading the episode, Matt signed up for the Kolbe assessment, learned more about how his mind worked and changed the course of his accordingly. 

CarrotCastEpisode 39: Why The Kolbe Score Is Critical To Knowing What Person You Should Hire First (or next) w/ Trevor Mauch

Episode 39 also discussed the Kolbe Index and how to implement it within your own business. For Matt, listening made him realize that it was time to disassemble a long-help partnership.

Because he understood the reasons why and the strengths and weaknesses each other had, he was able to end the partnership while still remaining great friends. The Kolbe Index helped Matt to justify what he was doing, helping him get to know himself better. 

CarrotCast Episode 69: Get Rich But Not Quick With Carrot Client Edward Beck 

This episode once again focused on motivation and mindset. After hearing the episode, Matt immediately bought Edward’s book and applied the information to his own business. It gave him a jump start into his business and helped him learn exactly where he needed to grow. 

CarrotCast Episode 210: 56 Deals in 2019 w/out Looking at Houses, Working 12 Hours/Week – Part-Time Investing w/ Dennis Fassett

The episodes with Dennis Fassett are great for those just starting out or for those who want to get involved in real estate while still working a regular job.

These episodes help to drive home the point that there isn’t just one way to do this. You can find what you love, and make the business all your own. 

In this episode, we dove into Dennis’s website and SEO. These critiques helped Matt determine exactly what he needed his website to look like and how to best lay everything out. Today Matt’s website stands out and is looking really great. 

Don’t Forget the Truck Talks

The Truck Talks started by accident when I was running late delivering an episode and I decided to record something right then and there while I was driving.

While I love having guests on, the Truck Talks get straight to the point and are very clear about taking action. They are delivered from the heart, with very little filter. 

Tips on Time Management

One thing Matt and I talked about which can be a hurdle for many entrepreneurs, is how to effectively manage time. While I don’t know if I am the best person to ask about this, I have found some methods that have helped me greatly. 

The first thing I did was shift from thinking about time management and shifting to priority management. Long to-do lists can be overwhelming and often we will focus on the things we can most easily get done so that we feel accomplished and excited about crossing things off.

Meanwhile, the big, important stuff keeps getting passed on. If we focus on just getting those things done, the smaller things can often be delegated or eliminated altogether.

Of course, time blocking helps as does saying no to things more often, but focusing on the priorities instead of the tasks will help you move more quickly toward your goals, creating a business of freedom and impact. 

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