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The Carrot Summit Is Back for 2022! Tom Ferry, Pace Morby, David Greene, and more!

Carrot Summit 2022 is Back!

The Biggest Virtual Gathering Of Real Estate’s Most Influential Investors And Agents.

The real estate market is insane right now… Investors are up against a saturated wholesaling industry, iBuyers & tighter regulations. Agents are feeling burnt out from bidding wars and defending commissions.

We’re all looking to get more seller leads, but we want is some of our sanity back.

This year’s sessions & guests were specifically crafted to transform your marketing, recharge your mindset, and dial in your systems & process. No matter where the market heads, we will give you the best shot at standing out & succeeding… and ultimately building a business of true freedom & impact. The question is – will you be there?

Get surrounded by people who can teach you everything you need to know in order to achieve the freedom you want and the financial predictability your business needs.

The only question is… ARE YOU READY?

Carrot Summit 2022 Is The Free LIVE 2 Day Virtual Event For The World’s Top Performing Real Estate Investors and Agents. Sign Up To Save Your Seat!

Learn From 30+ of The Best Real Estate Minds in The Nation

Want to learn Pace Morby’s creative finance skills to buy any house and how agents and investors can prepare and adapt to anything in 2022 with BiggerPockets, David Greene?

Or how about how Anthony Beckham and Josh Culler have used tactical video marketing strategies to generate seller leads, build buyer trust, and stand out in their mark

Or the exact negotiation skills John Martinez and Beau Hollis use to close more deals?

Or how to fix your agent seller pipeline and build a brand with Krista Mashore who has been in the top 1 % of realtors nationwide for 20 years. She is also the author of four best-selling books focusing on digital marketing and has been named Yahoo Finance’s number 1 digital marketer to watch in 2021!

Those are just a few of the things you’re going to learn at this year’s Market Leader’s Summit!

You’re going to be learning from the likes of 6-figure investors and agents like Mike Hambright, Tyler Ford, Cris Chico, Krystal & Dedric Polite, and many more.

You’re going to learn the exact strategies they’ve used to grow their businesses and learn the strategies they’re planning to use for 2022.

If you want to grow your real estate business, then you need to attend this summit.

After all, if you could spend two days learning from some of the nation’s top real estate minds for a ridiculously low price (not even close to $1,000), you’d be crazy not to take that offer.

Free LIVE Online Summit with 30+ Top Real Estate Minds on March 30th-31st. Sign up to Save Your Seat.
Learn More and Save Your Seat

The best part is, this summit is totally online, so no need to buy plane tickets or fly cross-state. All you need is a comfy couch, a computer, and a willingness to learn. ;-)

Here’s What People Said About Other Summits…

Here are some of the things people said after experiencing last year’s summit.

“I was able to watch most of the Market Leader Summit. It was my first introduction to Carrot and to investing beyond my little world of Ft Lauderdale. Let me say it was an eye opening event. The accumulation of talent, ideas and successful people was unlike anything I have experienced before. And I would say that the flow of the conference went well and Trevor is an incredible host.”

– Jeff Dixon / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I just attended your 2-day carrot marketing summit and have been watching all the videos on how to improve SEO, let me tell you that we got 4 deals into contract this week, 2 of which are SEO.”

– Erin Pennington / Marketing Manager / Laurel Buys Houses

See the Full List of Speakers

This Mind-Blowing Agenda Will Change How You Do Business…

Our goal is for you to walk away from this 2-day summit with a new empowering, perspective on how you can grow a sustainable business for yourself and your family.

In fact, our mission here at Carrot (and we’re extremely passionate about this) is to help people like you reclaim time in life for the things that matter most… spending time with family, time on hobbies, time doing what you really love.

And that’s where creating a financially predictable business that makes you money every single month comes in.

At this year’s Market Leader Summit, you’re going to learn…

That’s why we’re bringing you the topics & speakers that matter most to help you:

  • Advance your marketing skills to stand out and attract more sellers…
  • Learn the industry-defining expert strategies to Safeguard your business for any direction the market heads…
  • Experience world-class training led by industry leaders to dial in your systems, strategies, and mindset to build a business of freedom and impact.
  • Meet and connect with like-minded industry experts and leaders, in our diverse networking events.
  • And tons more!

The best part is, you’re going to learn those things from people who’ve been there, done that — people who’ve been through the trenches and really know what it’s like to create a successful, sustainable business.

So… are you ready to build the business of your entrepreneurial dreams?

Are you ready?

Is your business ready?

Brendan Holmes

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  1. Hey Trevor-

    If any guest speakers drop out – we’d love to be a speaker about strictly wholesaling.

    Thanks –
    Joe and Shane
    Perry Hall Investment Group

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