EP 456: Virtual Wholesaling 3-4 Deals Per month w/ Carrot SEO & TV w/ The Russos

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Virtual wholesaling in the market you live in? Yep, that’s Chris. After 30 years of investing, 11 of those living in Brazil, Chris & his wife are constantly innovating their marketing & how they close deals.

He’s consistently closing highly-profitable deals in a competitive market with Carrot. So, we had a bit of a nerd-out to hear what’s working from their SEO, TV, and direct mail efforts. Enjoy!

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00:00:00:00 – 00:00:18:05
Chris Russo
I do one thing when A comes in from Google, they’re ready to sell. You know, I’ve tried Facebook before and you’re like putting yourself in front of them and then maybe they’re interested in selling here and there. It takes a little longer, but Google. That’s why when they call the call or or they email me, I pick up right away. Right away.

And then if if for something I pick up and they’re not there, I’ll leave a message, I’ll text them, I’ll email and I’ll do it like for three or four days straight, because I want them once I speak with them, and then I’m, you know, more or less that’s my goal, is to contact them right away.

00:00:39:05 – 00:00:50:25
Brady Winder
Hey, friends, welcome back to the CarrotCast podcast. I’m your host, Brady Winder, and I have my friends, my new friends today with me, Chris and Rosangela Russo. How you guys doing?

00:00:50:28 – 00:00:52:17
Chris Russo
Good, good. And yourself?

00:00:52:19 – 00:01:12:01
Brady Winder
I’m doing good. I’m doing good. Thank you. This is going to be a really good conversation. It’s a little bit unique because we’re it’s success story month at Carrot. We’re going over the different ways people are using care to be successful. We’re talking to people that are consistently generating leads and closing deals with SEO and with Carrot and Chris and Rosangela are virtual wholesaling. But what’s interesting is that they are whole, their virtual wholesaling in the market that they live in. And so we’ll get into that and why and how they are doing that. But yeah, we’re going to go over that and we’re going to go over what’s working for them marketing wise with SEO, with direct mail, with TV, the different things that they’re doing and their team structure, how they’re using VAs, all of that.

So tune in. It’s going to be good. And if you want to catch some of our other content are the success stories. Go to Carrot.com/success. And one more thing. Carrot Summit. Carrot Summit is coming up July 12th. So go to carrotsummit.com. Check it out. It’s going to be amazing. We just announced that we would love to see their totally free event.

00:01:59:21 – 00:02:11:29
Speaker 2
So before we have done this podcast Chris, Rosangela, y’all were telling me about one of the deals, one of the first deals you closed with care. Would you mind sharing that little story with me? The 60/40 deal?

00:02:12:01 – 00:02:36:29
Chris Russo
Sure, sure. She she found this on, on Google. And I always ask, well, how did you hear of us? And she said, Oh, Google. And I go, Why did you pick us? I always ask, what keywords that you put in. She gave me all that information. She called me and I asked her information about the property. And and then what happens is I said, okay, I’ll get back to you with an offer, and then I get back to with the offer.

00:02:37:03 – 00:02:58:25
Chris Russo
And I called it like three or four or five times. I always like to call them back a few times because in this way, establish a relationship with them. I become their friends. And then she decided, You know what, Chris, based on your voice, you sound transparent and looks like I can deal with you. Set up great. And so what I did is I sent her a contract and it was through email and she sent it over.

00:02:58:27 – 00:03:24:01
Chris Russo
She I think she had a brother and a sister and they all looked it over. They agreed. She sent it back and I start working on it and that’s how I started with her. And then when their end up making like I think a $64,000 and by the way, I do everything virtual. I didn’t see the seller, I didn’t see the buyer about a week afterwards, once I signed her up, she goes, Chris, by the way, we have another house we want to sell.

00:03:24:01 – 00:03:41:14
Chris Russo
So sure, I’ll buy. I buy as many houses as possible. So she sent me to her, her other brother who was working on that house and that one we closed and we made like 40 something thousand. So between both of them, I think it was like $102,000. And then what happened? I didn’t see the seller, I didn’t see the buyer.

00:03:41:16 – 00:04:03:03
Chris Russo
And I felt really good. And so what I did is I were lunch for the title company. I said, Listen, you know, I made 102,000 like you closed the same time a couple of days apart. But within a week, some 102,000 so I bought everybody lunch. He was happy. And that was the story with that one. And she just said no, I think she said we had a five star rating.
And then she went into my website and she saw my face, my wife’s face, my family. And we have, you know, in our website, it’s, you know, it’s a lot of credibility involved. So and she felt comfortable with me. And then it goes, Do you need to see the property? No, basically, just tell me about the property. So you know how old this I always ask, how old is the roof, The AC?

Those are the big ticket items and and the condition of the property. And so, yeah, that’s fine. I gave her my offer. It was accepted and that was it. So I do everything virtual and I, I used to like drive to the property, but between the traffic I can only do maybe see two properties in a, in a day.

And with virtual I’m able to close more properties. So I’m really comfortable and I know a lot of people are very uncomfortable with virtual, but I’m very comfortable and it works for me. So and I’m able to do more deals and yeah, that’s the main thing. Yeah.

00:04:57:13 – 00:05:04:16
Brady Winder
And how long after, like for context, how long after how long was this deal after you started doing SEO?

00:05:04:18 – 00:05:28:17
Rosangela Russo
It was okay. We start with Carrot. It was September. We set up everything. It was in December. We start working really hard and from January on and then we have like the routine, how you do like every day we do something. Every day we post something and every day we work in the blogging and we have a routine in the office.

Meet and make, and everyone is responsible for some areas. And then we use in the night to watching videos and learn more about what we doing a and that we this li the specific was in December we closed just before Christmas.

00:05:46:28 – 00:06:08:11
Brady Winder
Which is wild. I asked that because I want people to hear like you need to have the context. SEO is a long term is a long term strategy. You know something you put in the work for or, you know, pay someone else to put in the work for. But I think it’s so cool to share that because it’s you’re usually expecting the results of like 3 to 6 months, you know, the fruit of all that work.

You then putting in. But it’s you know, we also get people closing deals off the bat, like launching a carrot, say, out of the box. And so all of the stories.

00:06:17:11 – 00:06:35:18
Chris Russo
I do one thing when lead comes in from Google, they’re ready to sell. You know, I’ve tried Facebook before and you’re like putting yourself in front of them. And then maybe they’re interested in selling here and there. It takes a little longer. But Google, that’s why when they call, they either call or or they email me, I pick up right away.
Right away. And then if if for something I pick up and they’re not there, I’ll leave a message, I’ll text them, I’ll email and I’ll do it like for three or four days straight, because I want them once I speak with them, and then I’m, you know, more or less and that’s my goal, is to contact them right away because I know they’re calling two or three other people, but I know they’re ready to sell. They’re hot. That’s why I like Google leads.

00:06:57:00 – 00:07:12:07
Brady Winder
Or you had mentioned that last time we talked before we recorded on the podcast that, you know, you guys are close in about 3 to 4 deals a month, but those are they’re bigger spreads than some of the other marketing methods you guys have been doing. Like they’re big deals.

00:07:12:09 – 00:07:13:08
Chris Russo

00:07:13:10 – 00:07:29:22
Rosangela Russo
If you want to talk about the numbers, last month we close 87, 89,000 A actually, we we closed one yesterday for 53. And these month we have we we spec to receive one or three.

00:07:29:24 – 00:07:32:06
Brady Winder
Sheesh. That’s a good month!

00:07:32:08 – 00:07:52:01
Chris Russo
You know you know it’s funny the last week I’ll be closing for 7500 which is a lot of money. It’s great. I don’t mind doing like five of those a month but to me is like, oh that was a small one. After that it wasn’t 52, it’s 57 actually, it’s 57 550. Right. And then we’re closing one on I think the next couple of days for 27 and another one for ten.

00:07:52:04 – 00:08:15:22
Rosangela Russo
So but I think one thing is okay because every time, okay, what we do, for example, our YouTube, I believe, you know I’m I’m not the marketing I am just a wife and you know mom and but I believe is that people need to see us and then that we have a hitting the office crews need to do some videos for week Every time we close we make a video.
This one he’s make only 7500. He and the winter do a video for this one. I said, Why not?

00:08:22:15 – 00:08:38:22
Chris Russo
Because she’s always on me or Chris. Another video, another video, Another video. And what do we do for videos? We just think of people calling in deals. We’re closing deals. We’re about to close new deals coming in. So I talk about that. So it’s easy to do videos. And there was like a minute, 2 minutes.

00:08:38:22 – 00:09:16:11
Rosangela Russo
Yes. One thing is we do hear these. Okay, Everything happened. Heating the office. Actually, we work from home, but everything happened here between us is as juice for SEO means when somebody call us for the information, probably somebody else has the same problem. And, you know, the more we talking about what we do and we put these in as a SEO in videos or even we do in the blogging, now we see the videos and I know it’s not perfect because my English is not perfect, but I try to keep out of what we do because I believe the more we talk what we do, the more the people can find us.

The more people can find us, the people. Because I say, Chris, 30 years buying, selling houses, and Chris knows a lot about probate, even we have investors where there cannot close because, you know, probate is really and Chris has words all his leads, all his deals, has hairs is doesn’t have any any lead is like so we actually we have one very good one was like really smooth but usually it’s really you know it’s very hard and this people usually their call was unfortunately they are is not like really sometimes they have problems, sometimes they need somebody to listen and you know is is usually they are selling a problem.

And and Chris is really good with patient with this people and talk and always returning the call the same time and.

00:10:06:27 – 00:10:14:01
Chris Russo
Yeah they call me a night weekends I’ll answer it and you’ll pick up right away on text I’ll text right back. So they feel confident.

00:10:14:03 – 00:10:20:02
Rosangela Russo
Yeah. What think you know like when you start calling like 11:00 and that is maybe that’s not nice.

00:10:20:04 – 00:10:38:06
Brady Winder
Well, I want to I want to talk about some of the specific things y’all are doing. Like you mentioned the videos and getting video reviews while being virtual. So I want to dig into some of that. But real quick, tell me tell me about your team structure, because you I mentioned you have VAs.

I love to know what specifically you have Vas doing so that people can understand. We can paint a full picture for what the business looks like and then kind of what the past, what the wholesaling or sorry what the virtual wholesaling part look like and your your journey in Brazil.

00:10:52:09 – 00:11:09:23
Rosangela Russo
Yes, yes. All right. We are like a long time ago we used to have ten people making calls. We have like that small office in Philippines and we have all of these people making calls for us. But then, you know, if all the things then we don’t do this anymore. We stop this like four or five years ago.

And right now what I have I have three VAs, one VA specific I work with me SEO and he is the one like him. Our we have I have these crazy ideas and, you know, he’s keeping up with the routines and that’s what he does. And then I have one is like a shadow of Chris, where he’s always helping Chris with, you know, the follow ups and getting the price for the property.

And I have another one. What she does, she does do follow up for between cold and warm leads, because even though we don’t cold call anymore, we we have like 300,000 people in our data where actually we just sign up for the Investor Fuse because it’s too many leads and it’s kind of hard to keep everything in the same place because we use a bunch of tools, you know more.

I know we have a vastly we have a look when it was a constant contact put all this together demands is just too much and then we sign up for Investor Fuse. We had a meeting with Carlos and I used to use Investor Fuse many years ago but I understand the now is much different, is much more close and much easier to use and we just sign up to get a because Greece does a lot actually we work many hours per day.

We go to the basketball game, we are in the phone, we will have a computer. We always working.

00:12:34:12 – 00:12:51:00
Chris Russo
I believe 80, 80% of my business is in the follow up. So follow up is very important. Very every once in a while you someone to call, you get them right away. But majority of it is then the follow up and you need a good follow up system. And we had mojo, which is more of a dialer than a CRM.

So that’s why you switched Investor Fuse because with all these leads coming in. So I need a text, some I need to email them, I need a mail, so I want to be in front of them. So on. Let’s say Chris, not bother me. I’ll take them off the list of not others. Keep doing it but nicely. So that helps a lot.

00:13:08:05 – 00:13:29:11
Rosangela Russo
Yes. One thing is is very important when we decide to go back to Carrot with Chris because we had somebody else taking care of our SEO. He did like for two years. He was trying hard. I you know, I believe that, but was like one lead here, one lead over there and after while was costing money because no leads.

And then let’s see, I mean, me and Chris, because we try to, you know, talking about everything and then okay, let’s go to try do ourselves. I said, okay, how are you going to do that? And then we start looking, Who can help us? We sign up we for Jerryll.

00:13:46:02 – 00:14:01:19
Chris Russo
A Jerryll Noorden of SEO for Real Estate Investors. What happened is we had the person like I’m sure everybody knows someone that will do it for you. They’ll pay him a couple hundred dollars. But what happened if he does well, and then also he slacks off and then he does well, he slacks off. So then we went with Jerryll.

And what he does, he actually gives you the blueprint and how to build your SEO, which is great. So you actually know what he’s doing when you hire someone paying them a couple hundred dollars a month, he’s doing everything for you. So if he leaves or something happens to him, or if he doesn’t do a good job, you’re back to square one.

It’s like, I don’t know what to do. So with Jerryll, he gives you the blueprint how to do it, like building house from the ground floor up. And that’s why we like that.

00:14:25:02 – 00:14:41:21
Brady Winder
Right? Which is important for y’all, because I can see y’all. Really? You guys are marketers. You want to understand the fundamentals of what you’re doing as opposed to, like, just throwing money, have someone else do it, which I think for a SEO is is really the sweet spot. You can go total DIY or you can go, you know, total paid.

But if you can understand it and know how to manage it, know how to implement it, but then also, you know, pay for the training, but have a VA like yourself where you’re guiding the VA, you’re telling them what to do. I think that’s just like the best bang for your buck.

00:14:57:00 – 00:15:21:13
Rosangela Russo
Exactly. And the other thing is, you know, me. I mean, always, always, even though sometimes is a little bit but I trying to be the media’s is important. I think I watch most of the Carrot videos. You know, I watch you all the time because sometimes, like, for example, we have we have a routine for be post every day in Facebook, Instagram and all the social media.

But I got these from one of the videos I watched from you guys to see how important we be there all the time, because if you not be there today, somebody else is going to be in front of you. Yes. And yes, they are. They’re trying to learn a little bit about how working, blogging, landing page and, you know, I know my keywords and I know my website is not perfect.

I know that because it’s a lot to improve. I never did college. I’m doing everything to watching videos and getting ideas. But it is very important to educate yourself because this is even though we not pay somebody else is money. You investing because you have the VA, you have all this system behind the scenes to make this work.

00:16:06:17 – 00:16:23:12
Brady Winder
I appreciate it. It’s really cool to hear you know, somebody like actually doing all the things we teach because it’s like you can learn it all. But to implement it is another thing. Yeah. So I want to, you know, in a second we’ll dive into like the different marketing channels you guys are doing. So we talked about SEO.

I want to dive into, you know, the TV and the probate mailers SEO mentioned. But one other thing real quick, I was going to ask you is, is there anything else specific you’re doing to like I was going to say, build credibility, you know, for virtual wholesaling, but you’re doing the videos.

Is there like have any tricks to get these deals to close when they’re they’re all virtual and you’re doing ones in your own market where like you and the seller both know you’re there in the market, but you’re not going out to the properties, how do you get that trust?

00:16:58:13 – 00:17:15:10
Chris Russo
How? Just being honest. Listen, listen and just speak with them and find out what their pain is. Basically, when they call in, you know, if they call in, I’ll I’ll ask them what the address of the property. And a lot of time you go on site, they don’t really have the true like how many bedrooms and bath.

So I need to know that that’s important and then ask them. You know, it’s very simple. I don’t like I know those people. They have like 12 questions, 13, 14. I’m very simple. So what’s the address of the property? How many bedrooms and baths and the condition of the property. And and basically the big ticket items are like the roof and the central air.

So how’s the roof? If I know it’s 15, 20 years old and there’s no way they’re going to list listed with a realtor, go retail. So they need to replace the roof right there. You know, they have to go with investor. So I said, Why are you going to go with the realtor? Pay seven for six or 7% commission and then end up selling it to an investor.

So right there I can do that. And then and then asking about the questions, you know, about the property. And that’s a very simple I don’t even ask him about the mortgage or anything. Just, you know, you know what repairs needed and that’s it. And I don’t think go into the detail very quick and fast. And then basically then I do my comps, I get back to them, I give them an offer, and then if they like it, fine, or they might negotiate a little bit. Sure.

You know, hey, listen, I’m not going to make as much on this one. That’s fine, ultimately. And that’s it. And then I send him the contract via email, a DocuSign, or if they’re an older person, that they don’t have email, everyone has email now. I’ll send it ups the next day. And so and they sign it, they send it back.

And then my little trick, what I do is I set him to me favorite. He take pictures of the outside in the inside of the property for me so I can get a head start before I send my inspector out there. And I let the front, the two sides, the back and every room on the inside, the AC unit, inside the electrical panel and the water heater.

Sure, I could do that. For some reason I don’t. I have this company called Velocity BPO. They’re nationwide, I think for what, $70 or 50? Sometimes they’ll take a video of pictures. That helps a lot because it’s cheap. All cash buyers ask for pictures and sometimes they’ll do a sight unseen. So, you know, we’re buying properties sight unseen, which is great also. So there’s all the little tricks I do.

00:19:11:20 – 00:19:15:18
Brady Winder
I never thought to ask the seller to have the do the or to have the seller are.

00:19:15:18 – 00:19:17:03
Chris Russo
More than happy to do it. More than happy.

00:19:17:03 – 00:19:31:15
Brady Winder
I love your answer because it was I was asking, what are you doing? And you’re telling me, Well, here’s what I’m not doing. I’m not asking the the regimen like 13 questions that everybody goes through. I’m not staring at a sheet and it’s much more of a patience.

00:19:31:15 – 00:19:33:17
Chris Russo
You know, when I get right to it, right to it.

00:19:33:17 – 00:20:00:27
Rosangela Russo
What you think is very important. I think that’s what make Greece different than the other people that anybody call is most people they’re really passionate about high time. They really more sometimes there need somebody to listen. Sometimes you know, we have a lady she even did a testimonial for us. She when I heard how much you’re making this one with Mrs. Cooper.

00:20:00:28 – 00:20:03:00
Chris Russo
COOPER Yeah, that that was.

00:20:03:03 – 00:20:03:24
Rosangela Russo
He didn’t make any.

00:20:03:26 – 00:20:19:28
Chris Russo
Yeah, that was like five months. It was just one headache after another. We finally closed it. And what I do this. Another thing I discovered, what I do is, like at the closing, I’m having the title company which have a good relationship with them. So number one, it’s always good to have a good title company.

Yeah, we use Independent’s title out of Fort Lauderdale. They deal with investor. You have to be investor friendly. You have to work with investors. So I have them take I have them take a video. They use dirt because they’re not computer literate or whatever. So the title company Girl videotapes are for one minute and she talks about me and then they send it to me. And then that’s a it’s a great video. It works like a charm. It’s perfect.

00:20:47:10 – 00:20:47:28
Brady Winder
I love that.

00:20:48:03 – 00:20:52:18
Chris Russo
Girl’s actually videotaping her talking about me. And then after the closing.

00:20:52:18 – 00:21:05:03
Rosangela Russo
Yeah, this lady, you know, she has so many issues and she has dogs and she has she’s a kind of old lady. Is nobody going to do What if it wasn’t even for money? Because we didn’t make, like, twice?

00:21:05:06 – 00:21:20:23
Chris Russo
Yeah, it was. I know it’s 9000 and up having a dog at the end. The buyer want the dog out. I said, okay, here’s $200 for some guy to take the dog out. Then she needed a ride to the taro company. I paid her 50. Then she called me Chris. Aren’t you going to pay for a return trip back? Oh, whatever it is. Yeah. We’ll do whatever it takes just to get it.

00:21:26:09 – 00:21:29:06
Rosangela Russo
And she was alone, you know, like, you know, she has done.

00:21:29:06 – 00:21:30:05
Chris Russo
She’s very happy now.

00:21:30:06 – 00:21:34:27
Rosangela Russo
Yes, She has grandkids, kids. And they actually used to call her. Yeah. See how she’s doing.

00:21:34:28 – 00:21:46:20
Chris Russo
What we do is every holiday we said, you know, happy Memorial Day epic Labor Day, 4th of July, Christmas, just to be in contact with them. And we always ask, do you have any other properties or if you know of anyone looking to sell.

00:21:46:23 – 00:22:08:23
Rosangela Russo
You know, this or converting this thing. Last year we sent was a Thanksgiving. We had this lead was canceled. The lady laughed because, you know, it was very hard to sell the house because the house was just a shell, like just the walls. And we like was very complicated because she had so many. So with the title, if they had to say the code violation, we couldn’t sell.

And then she kind of okay, she didn’t like too much, you know, because of what’s happened. And then we said that Thanksgiving for her, she call us back and we closed it for her.

00:22:18:22 – 00:22:31:17
Brady Winder
Oh, that’s awesome. I love what you’re doing. Even after the fact, after you close the deal, you’re still keeping in touch. And yeah, I mean, yeah, there is strategy to it, but it just shows that personal touch and probably helps a lot with word of mouth too. That’s really cool that you guys do.

00:22:31:18 – 00:22:35:07
Rosangela Russo
Yes. We get a bunch of leads like these, the people. Yeah.

00:22:35:07 – 00:22:40:28
Chris Russo
So and it’s it’s free leads. That’s free leads. The best kind of leads.

00:22:41:01 – 00:23:05:06
Brady Winder
So we talked about it, talked about, you know, how you’re doing it virtually. We talked about how you’re building credibility. I love the simplistic, just like friendly attitude in nature you bring to that. We talked about SEO getting big, fat, juicy SEO deals and then what other marketing are y’all doing? You mentioned you’re doing TV, right? And then driving to the website.

00:23:05:08 – 00:23:26:29
Chris Russo
Yes. We even have a QR code on our TV commercial. So we have our phone number, which is like a simple number like 954 209 3000. So I came up with that the to country for the three and the 3000 easy for them to remember and then has our site 123 web address 123.

So capsicum and add a QR code so there’s yeah they’re going to have to call us between all the three different options.

00:23:34:13 – 00:23:50:16
Brady Winder
Yeah. And so this a just a big fat QR code on the screen and it’s working. I mean I was looking before I went on the podcast is looking at the nails curious site in the back and you’re getting, you know consistent leads from the from the commercials. How long have you been doing that for TV?

00:23:50:16 – 00:23:51:11
Rosangela Russo
More than a year.

00:23:51:17 – 00:23:53:01
Chris Russo
Yet the year and a half.

00:23:53:03 – 00:23:57:15
Brady Winder
A year. And did you guys go DIY or you find a TV agency to do it?

00:23:57:18 – 00:23:58:29
Rosangela Russo
We do everything ourselves.

00:23:59:02 – 00:24:06:08
Chris Russo
Well, yeah, we thought we thought of that and then we said, you know, let’s go to the TV station. And we went direct and it’s been working for us.

00:24:06:15 – 00:24:13:29
Rosangela Russo
We have some assistant behind us to help us. We pay outside to drive us, but we do everything ourselves.

00:24:14:02 – 00:24:15:22
Brady Winder
Yes, that’s awesome. That’s really.

00:24:15:22 – 00:24:18:29
Rosangela Russo
Cool. So as you can see, we do everything right. The SEO, the TV.

00:24:20:23 – 00:24:23:01
Chris Russo
Yeah. We don’t act like a third person, right?

00:24:23:03 – 00:24:28:20
Brady Winder
Well, you’ve been at it for a while. I don’t think we mention this in the beginning. But you’ve been investing for, what, 30 years? You said.

00:24:28:23 – 00:24:45:15
Chris Russo
Correct? Correct. Back in the day I started. I was a mortgage broker. I did the BC loans, and then I bought and sold here and there. And I was a real estate broker, but I always been sold in wholesale, but I strictly I wholesale 100%. I don’t remember. I don’t do anything. I wholesale everything.

00:24:45:18 – 00:24:47:11
Brady Winder
Yeah. Okay. Nice, nice.

00:24:47:18 – 00:24:58:00
Rosangela Russo
One of these time we are living 11 years in Brazil and because we have our kids and we raise our kids over there, I’m a Brazilian. Brazil can speak Portuguese.

00:24:58:03 – 00:25:18:21
Chris Russo
Right? And what happened in 2008, we had the economic crisis. And so what are we going to do? So I have two babies. I want my wife because what are we doing? What to do? Anything else? Well, we’re going to stay here or go to Brazil. So we went to Brazil. And so I was there 11 years and we started like a sunglass business importing sunglasses. And that was okay. But it’s very hard to open a business in another country. So then I went back to virtual wholesaling and I did everything virtually from Brazil.

00:25:27:24 – 00:25:33:14
Brady Winder
MM Okay. And any complications with that or something? You just. Oh yeah.

00:25:33:15 – 00:25:36:09
Chris Russo
Yeah. Well they would say, When are you going to come see the property? I said.
You know, I was using Magic Jack that had like a 954 305 area code.

00:25:43:15 – 00:25:48:00
Brady Winder
I remember the infomercial for the, as you know on TV I can picture in the the fast lane at WalMart. Yeah the magic Jack.

00:25:51:01 – 00:26:13:07
Chris Russo
Yes the Magic Jack I still have it I don’t want to leave it but you know yeah I use magic champagne They would call me and it’s oh, I don’t need to see the property. I could see it online. Just tell me information about your property, the condition, and that’s fine. And sign the contract again. Email, UPS or doc, you sign and then they would sign it, send it back, and then I would last it out to my cash buyers.
They would go take a look at it and then I would send a contract to them. So everything done by email.

00:26:18:19 – 00:26:38:27
Rosangela Russo
When you are in Brazil, we had a very funny deal where Greece bought this house. The guy used to live in the Bahamas and he has this house for many year, was a probate. He got, I think for his grandparents. We signed up the contract and then we started sending buyers over there. But then the buyer said, Chris there is no house here.
They have a house? Yeah, the house was on fire two years ago and we couldn’t check because.

00:26:44:29 – 00:26:48:02
Chris Russo
This is a deal in virtual. But majority of time it works perfect.

00:26:48:08 – 00:27:12:28
Rosangela Russo
Because what we do when this time we used to have the ten, the ten villas in the Philippines and usually they are go Google Street and see any house was abandoned or any house like you know, with the grass or something. We skip these people this time. Well, but it was more than five years ago. Seven years ago we used to do these.

Also. We look in the area, some of the houses was, you know, like nobody’s taking care. But usually now Google is much faster. But before I take one or two years to get Google Pass again and take a new pictures, that was the problem.

00:27:29:00 – 00:27:41:05
Brady Winder
Yeah, I’m still I just built the house and I’m still trying to get Google to show that it’s not just a hill with dirt on it in my house doesn’t show up. It must not be driving around Roseburg, Oregon, very much.

00:27:41:07 – 00:27:43:21
Rosangela Russo
Is going to think that. But now Google is much faster.

00:27:43:21 – 00:27:44:05
Brady Winder
Oh, yeah.

00:27:44:12 – 00:28:08:09
Rosangela Russo
There’s another deal where we got to this house. But, you know, one side is even number. In the other side is old number. And we got to this deal. But I don’t know what’s happened in this address us opposite interesting And then we putting the flier the wrong house Yeah we had this house we said to find a buyer device and then somebody knocking the door said, no, it’s not my house.

It was the housing, the front. And then you get a fix. The flier. We found your picture because of what?

00:28:13:01 – 00:28:14:11
Chris Russo
The majority of time it works.

00:28:14:11 – 00:28:15:01
Speaker 3

00:28:15:03 – 00:28:38:09
Brady Winder
Are you are still driving for dollars virtual or. I don’t know, clicking for dollars virtual driving for dollars now? Not anymore. Yeah. No, it’s all inbound right now. Yes. I want to talk about two to specific things. They were pretty much covered. You know, most of what I wanted to ask you all about, a couple of things on the experimentation side.

So y’all are in Orlando, Florida, and, you know, you’re working you’re doing deals in southern Florida. You had mentioned some specific scenarios. You’re cooking up some ideas on ways to reach people. More specifically, instead of just, hey, we buy houses or anything you guys are trying out as far as like, you know, you mentioned like floods or immigration.

00:29:01:17 – 00:29:28:07
Rosangela Russo
Yes, it’s true, because what we do is we have some campaigns in what we do, Google. We look in what’s happened in the area with that, because, you know, for example, we have a float floating in Broward and happened a month ago from this time when just happened. As I told you, we have a control board. That’s something we get a need to really get better is when we something happen.

For example, happened today, we trying to make something for tomorrow because asked when I have control of the the how the say the advertising I can really target these people. Yeah because I know for us that people have a flow probably you’re going to look for I don’t know a fan or something to help to to clean the or even move in this area because you know.

00:29:52:04 – 00:30:11:24
Chris RussoSo she has a way of like so there was a flooding a month ago in Broward and in fact we got a lead that I got to keep following up that she had flooding They want to sell the property to inside a let’s hit that area where people had flooding. So now we’re trying to be creative to figure out how we can we hit them to say, hey, we buy houses besides the normal way of direct mail.
So you kind of like thought of something I it individually.

00:30:15:00 – 00:30:25:00
Rosangela Russo
Yes. Because for example, we’ve now we have these you know, the immigration is getting the people move out. And that’s something we trying to work in to see if they.

00:30:25:00 – 00:30:25:17
Chris Russo
Want to sell their house.

00:30:25:17 – 00:30:31:14
Rosangela Russo
Yes. Because a lot of these people, they are need to move out fast and they need the money to move.

00:30:31:16 – 00:30:37:05
Brady Winder
You mentioned reach to them visually. What did you mean by that? Like a TV commercial, A certain mailer?

00:30:37:07 – 00:30:53:29
Rosangela Russo
We do. We do mailing also. But what we do, we we do a YouTube in that we put Chris in front of these people. With these I’m going to say this message is asking for these kind of messages that what we trying to do right now.

00:30:54:00 – 00:30:59:03
Chris Russo
Will be YouTube videos in the Broward area, in that area where the flooding happened. Okay.

00:30:59:08 – 00:31:03:05
Rosangela Russo
I just have a here. Yeah, just happened to have a heated I haven’t been script.

00:31:03:05 – 00:31:06:16
Rosangela Russo
You got the script. I love that. I love it And so because.
You know like yeah because usually this people they speak another language but they’re going to move out You know we have in Spanish and Chris can speak a little bit and you know is something that we trying to do because experiment.

00:31:17:25 – 00:31:36:06
Brady Winder
Yes so I love that you guys are doing targeted timely YouTube ads. So you’re you you’re like you’re paying attention to what’s going on in your markets and you’re saying these are the events. How can we deliver like a tailored and timely message, record the video and then get it into YouTube ads and serve that up to those markets.

So I want to follow up on that later on in the in the future, let me know how that’s working out for you guys and you know how that goes. But I think it’s cool. Your experience experimenting with new marketing. Yeah. So I mean, we’ve covered a whole ton here. I mean, I could I could talk to you guys all day.

I love talk in marketing. I think it’s been super valuable here and, you know, all the things you guys are doing. Props to you guys for putting in the work and just, you know, putting your head down and doing the SEO and learning what we teach. I think it’s amazing. So good job and we guys are doing Keep it up.

00:32:10:05 – 00:32:10:25
Chris Russo
Thank you. Thank you.

00:32:10:25 – 00:32:35:07
Rosangela Russo
Thank you very much. Was really when we came back to we take from the people was doing for us and our intention was okay how how do we start with if you don’t start getting crazy and you know like putting together and learn how we put this together, I think most of the investors somehow see how you do it.

I said, first, you know, go the Internet and listen carrot and listen. SEO with Jarrod. And then, you know, like having educate yourself because the more you learn. And the other thing I want is very important when you do doing your doing your website, doing your your history, your company, talking about what exactly you do. Because when the people call crazy is is for sure exactly what the people see the website, that’s exactly what we are.
And that’s make the people and we.

00:33:08:25 – 00:33:22:16
Chris Russo
Give value to them. And that’s what Jerryll teaches us. You know, he’s getting value by the information in his website. That’s why when people go there, they all this is interesting. So that’s why anything is given value to you, to the sellers and to, you know, that’s.

00:33:22:18 – 00:33:31:00
Rosangela Russo
Explain exactly what you are and what you do. And all these people, when they’re called, they are know, okay, I want to sell for a huge company, right.

00:33:31:00 – 00:33:43:04
Chris Russo
Like an open door. And these big companies, you know, who knows who you’re going to get. You’re getting me. And when they when they get me and say, oh, by the way, I’m the I’m the guy on TV or whatever. Oh, really? Okay. So instant credibility.

00:33:43:06 – 00:33:55:25
Brady Winder
I love that you mention that you’re providing value. It’s Evergreen Marketing 101. And sometimes marketers forget that. It’s like you’re there to provide value, not just explain what you do, like, you know, help out the sellers.

Where can people where can people find you if they’re wanting to connect with you, hit you up for advice, anything like that.

00:34:03:21 – 00:34:21:00
Chris Russo
The easiest way is our website. It’s very simple 123soldcash.com. And you know, if anybody wants to contact me, I’ll be able to help them if they have a deal. It’s hard to close a probate, whatever it is. Give me a call and maybe I can help them. Yeah, if you want. Maybe I’ll partner up with you.

Whatever you want to do, You know, I’m willing to help people because I know if you help people, you know, good things come back to you. So I’m a given person. So you want to contact me. The easiest way is one, two, three. So cash scam and contact me. I’ll be able to help you out whatever situation you have.

And my wife also, she handles more of the SEO and I handle more of the acquisitions.

00:34:42:18 – 00:34:51:11
Brady Winder
Okay, I love that. Well, thanks for sharing that. I appreciate y’all’s hearts and just willing to share all these things you’re doing and and help people out in your market. I love that.

00:34:51:14 – 00:34:57:00
Rosangela Russo
We got to work together. That’s the thing. The more you work together, demand you learn, the more you can share.

00:34:57:02 – 00:34:58:00
Chris Russo
It’s exciting.

00:34:58:02 – 00:34:59:19
Rosangela Russo
Yes, very excited.

00:34:59:21 – 00:35:19:16
Chris Russo
And I’m working on new ideas with TV. Also the digital like, you know, you have direct mail you sent to a list where I think I’m able to maybe instead of sending a direct mail or maybe do a digitally, you know, where like, for example, I can hit a zip code and then my TV commercials will show up in that zip code or a mailing list of probate or code violations.

And so my, my commercials will show up on their streaming devices. So I’m working on that also. That’s something that I’m working on.

00:35:26:00 – 00:35:52:19
Rosangela Russo
And the other thing is like Greece does a lot these a lot of these, even the new people, they’re get this leads from probate because Greece is really good in probate and they get this lead and all because the seller yeah with me or somebody you know because I’ve yet to understand all these people they’re really stressed their county for this money most the people and you know Chris with okay let’s go straight let’s talk really how how you can resolve that and you know.

00:35:52:24 – 00:36:06:13
Chris Russo
Give it probate. I have a good probate attorney that I work with. You can close fast, so I can call him any time. I can email him. In fact, he works seven days a week and I’ll give me the answer if I don’t have it all the of the cell, I don’t have the answer, but I’ll get back to you.

00:36:06:16 – 00:36:09:26
Rosangela Russo
Yes. And we work. We really like that. Our title companies the best.

00:36:09:29 – 00:36:27:24
Chris Russo
You know the title of independence title they’re great they work with. That’s important. If you’re an invest in business, you need a title company that works with investors. We do assignments, double closing, no basis, whatever it is. So they’re very experienced and they deal with me now they call it, you know, I don’t know. They close 50, 70, I think 100 deals a month.

And they they seen the situation. So I’m very confident they deal with my sellers and there’s.

00:36:32:29 – 00:36:33:16
Rosangela Russo
Even call.

00:36:33:20 – 00:36:41:17
Chris Russo
There’s an issues they’ll tell me Chris what do you know so you got to work with a great title company, a great probate attorney That’s brave.

00:36:41:21 – 00:36:49:27
Rosangela Russo
SEO company, great insight. Yes. Because I always see the website over there asking how I do these, how I do that. Yeah.

00:36:50:00 – 00:37:05:17
Chris Russo
Right. And one thing, don’t worry, the team don’t reinvented and that the rights is I have like a philosophy copy someone else if they’ve been doing it a couple of years and it’s working for them copy them why are you going to spend money and time? So every time I go on the internet, I see parrot all over the place.

So you guys must be do something right. Everyone knows yourself if that’s the case, then go with carrot, because I look, I got a scroll down to the bottom and every sponsored or or by carrot. So that’s how we came across you guys also. So that’s what I do is if someone’s work and they’re been doing it for a couple of years, obviously it’s working for them.

00:37:23:27 – 00:37:26:12
Chris Russo
Do the same thing. It’s very simple.

00:37:26:14 – 00:37:33:19
Brady Winder
Yeah, well, I appreciate you saying that for everybody listening, watching. And we didn’t pay them to say that. A promise. You know.

00:37:33:21 – 00:37:42:17
Rosangela Russo
We use carrots much like five years ago. But I’m going to say when we came back, it’s completely different. Before I was like really caring, user.

00:37:42:17 – 00:37:44:18
Chris Russo
Friendly, very easy, scrappy.

00:37:44:19 – 00:38:02:18
Rosangela Russo
Yeah. Even like you guys when I cannot do something. And I saw that you guys call this now, did you see that You fix that. You know, it’s really is like a going to see like a family working together is it’s not easy business this is because all these people with problems coming to us we try to resolve this problem.

00:38:02:20 – 00:38:11:06
Chris Russo
Yeah they’re coming to us. So we got to, like, relax, you know? Yes, they bring their problems on to us, but that’s okay. That’s the nature that make us stronger.

00:38:11:09 – 00:38:33:04
Brady Winder
Yes, I love that. I love it. So my biggest takeaway from this conversation, everybody listening. Take take their advice and go listen to every episode, every YouTube video we have ever put out. Go listen to the entire back catalog of the characters, all 400 some, and just get one. Soak it all in now. Thank you guys again for your time.

I appreciate you hopping on and everybody watching, listening – If you got value out of this share it with a friend. Give us a positive review on Apple Podcasts if we deserved it. Go ahead. Give us a rating. I would appreciate it very much. Helps us grow the podcast. So until next time, we will see you all later.

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