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If you’re not good at putting certain pieces together, find someone who is. A partner or a vendor like Carrot. Nobody is good at everything. 

– Adam Mitchell

The “Hidden Door” Deal w/ Adam Mitchell & Lance Doty

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In this episode of Behind the Deal, we are back with Adam Mitchell and Lance Doty to go behind the scene of one of their most recent transactions. You’ll learn how to find cash buyers, how to host the perfect real estate meetup,  and how to make cash offers with complete transparency while turning a healthy profit.

The Deal

This particular deal involved a mobile home on a piece of land in a popular area. The lead came in via SEO and was a young woman who was helping out her grandparents. They had been living in a run-down mobile home that the neighbors were eager to see gone. Lance and Adam were able to…  

  • Help the seller pay off what was owed
  • Help the buyer find an ideal piece of land
  • Help a contractor who needed the mobile home
  • And still turn a great profit on a deal where everyone came out ahead

Finding Cash Buyers

One thing a lot of our listeners ask is how to find cash buyers. So much of our marketing is dedicated to finding sellers –  it’s important to have a way to sell properties once you have them under contract. Adam and Lance find buyers by… 

  • Searching the top real estate Facebook forums in their market
  • Getting deals in the door – this will always help to generate new leads
  • Utilizing SEO and a dedicated Carrot site to find cash buyers
  • Hosting Meet-Ups

Through networking, both online and in-person, Lance and Adam have been able to grow their buyer list to over 600 people. 

The Perfect  Real Estate Meet-Up

Most people attend a Meet-Up expecting a pitch. These gatherings usually have a catch, with something being sold at the end. Adam and Lance look at things a bit differently. They are there to share what they know, to network with the community, and to learn. While it has been a great way to find cash buyers, it has also been a great way for them to build credibility in their community. Another great thing they do is to host the Meet-Ups at properties they have under contract. Instead of a bar or restaurant, people can come and see a house mid-construction and when it’s finished!

Making Transparent Offers

So many investors walk into a house, acting as if they will be using their own funds to close when it simply isn’t the case. If you are unable to find a buyer, you will have to cancel the contract, waste the seller’s time, and worry about tarnishing your reputation. When Adam and Lance are wholesaling deals, they are very transparent with their sellers. They let them know that they will use the option period to get a buyer in the door, and once that’s done, they will close. We’ll have more on the ethics of wholesaling coming up in the not-so-distant future – so watch your inbox! 

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