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When it comes to video, you don’t need a lot of views to drive a lot of business.  

– Anthony Beckham

The “Zombie House” Deal & How to Dominate SEO with Video w/ Anthony Beckham

In this episode of Behind the Deal, we brought in our friend Anthony Beckham, a local agent and investor who is doing big things in our small town.

Within just a few years, he has built an incredible team and become one of the top agents in our area.

Today we will hear about “the Zombie House” and how he is using video to improve SEO rankings and dominate the local market.

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Our motivation for these Behind the Deal episodes is to demystify and break down the process of investing in real estate from start to finish.

We are letting you know how they found the lead, closed the deal and persevered through all sorts of crazy challenges.

This episode is no exception.

Anthony not only bought the Zombie House, but he was able to sell it twice. Here’s how he did it… 

The Deal

Anthony typically focuses on his brokerage, which does over 100 transactions a year in a market of about 25,000 people. He also does a handful of wholesale deals a year, only buying in situations where he can not lose.

In the case of the Zombie House, Anthony knew he would be able to at least sell the land, breaking even on the deal.

For this deal, in particular, the lead came in from a friend and fellow real estate professional with a Carrot site. The deal wasn’t right for them, so they called up Anthony to see if he was interested. 

The Numbers

On the lead form, the seller referred to the house as the “Zombie House” and she wasn’t kidding. While the property looks ok from the outside, the inside required a lot of clean-up and renovation.

The seller was originally thinking they would sell for $80k, but after meeting with Anthony, they ended up selling directly for $25,500. 

Selling the House Twice

Anthony was able to find a buyer for the property who paid him $45k for the property. This meant a fast profit of about $19,500.

After spending some time working on the house, the new buyer realized it wasn’t going to be worth it to continue putting money into the property and that they were better off listing it.

And guess who they hired to be the listing agent? Anthony helped them get the property on the MLS, selling for $60k. He helped the investor achieve a small profit while picking up a 3.5% commission on the deal. 

Hacks to Dominate SEO with Video

Anthony has built an incredible reputation locally through the power of SEO. He has a full-time videographer on staff who has turned him into a bit of a local celebrity.

Together, they create new videos each and every week that has helped build brand awareness and answer questions buyers and sellers often have.

By creating this informative, evergreen content, Anthony has positioned himself as the local expert real estate expert. 

Tips That Actually Work

The use of video is one of our favorite tips that actually work.

We’ve created a Video Marketing Playbook to help you with keywords, scripts, and 52 excellent content ideas. You’ll want to create videos that are about 3-8 minutes long as posts of this length can easily be turned into written blog posts.

Keep in mind that when you are first starting, you may not receive a ton of views. But if you stay consistent, you will build your audience quickly.

Shooting a video one time has the potential to generate leads for years to come.

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