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EP 244: Site Not Converting? Make These Tweaks to Your Site for More Traffic & Better Conversion w/ Cristina Kudlock

Before I was writing with Google in mind in an effort to rank number one. I now focus on writing content that will convert people once they are on my website.

– Cristina Kudlock

Site Not Converting? Make These Tweaks to Your Site for More Traffic & Better Conversion with Cristina Kudlock

Cristina doesn’t come across as your usual home buyer. Her website has lots of pink, lots of smiling photos, and even some emojis tucked in there for good measure. But what the site doesn’t show is the massive amount of effort, learning, and trial and error that got her here.

Her website may not look like other Carrot sites you have seen in the past, and that is exactly why she is converting so well. She’s ranking in the number one spot for many keywords in both Los Angeles and Arizona because of her unique approach and high-quality content.

Today we are going to learn how she had built the perfect team, modified her marketing, and what she is doing to make herself even stronger. 

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I first met Cristina at our last CarrotCamp. She is a powerhouse when it comes to real estate wholesaling. She has tacked two highly competitive markets with her genuine ability to get things done.

She keeps it real, offering homeowners the information and services they need. While she is the force behind it all, she hasn’t done it alone. In fact, her business is a famly affair with everyone playing to their unique strengths and abilities. 

Building the Team

Today Cristina’s mother, sister, and husband all play a role on the team, but it wasn’t always like this. When Cristina was first starting out, the first people she hired to help her were her team of VA’s.

Choosing the right VA can be difficult, especially if they are in a different county and you aren’t able to meet with them face to face. Cristina has two techniques she uses when vetting VA’s. 

First, she will have them record themselves reading a script she provides. Cristina’s first two VAs were hired for cold calling, so she wanted to make sure they were easy to understand and had a big enough grasp of the language to be able to respond on the fly.

Next, she will have them do a small excel project such as mining agent information. This will help her see their skills while weeding out any unmotivated candidates. Hiring her Vas was a game-changer.

Instead of having to hit the phones, she was able to focus on managing leads, closing deals, and learning the art of SEO. 

Making the Shift

When Cristina first started wholesaling houses, she hit the phones hard. Cold calling was her bread and butter, something she was good at, but she realized it wasn’t’ sustainable. When she expanded into Arizona, she realized people were so inundated with calls and offers for their homes, her VAs didn’t stand a chance on the phones. 

Today, Cristina focuses on getting her leads through SEO. She took the time to learn it herself and with the help of her team, she s able to create eye-catching content that brings people to her site.

She doesn’t just write for Google, she writes with the goal to provide valuable content to her readers, converting them once they are on her site. Today, her website offers robust content that shows who she is, while tearing down any potential objections home sellers may have. 

Challenging Herself

You may have heard me talk about 75 Hard in a previous episode. It is a program designed by Andy Frisella to challenge your mind and help you build healthy habits. I knew going into 2021 that if I wanted to be able to keep up with my team, that I would need to grow.

On January 1st, I went all-in with the program and I am already seeing growth from these challenges. Cristina is already well ahead of me on her journey and has learned a lot about herself on the way. To complete 75 hard, you must… 

  • Take a progress photo
  • Drink a gallon of water everyday
  • Complete 2 45 minute workouts. One must be outside – rain or shine
  • Pick a diet, any diet, and sick to it for the duration of the program
  • No alcohol and no cheats
  • Read 10 pages of any self development book every day

The goal isn’t to get in the best shape of your life or learn something entirely new. The goal is to build healthy habits, while cutting out the bad ones. For Cristina, this was giving up TV for reading, something she has found sh enjoys much more. Working out twice a day will force you to look at how you are spending your time and will (as Cristina puts it) make you feel like a badass. 

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