EP 263: Agents & Hybrids: How to Get Better Seller Leads through Messaging & Brand-Building w/ Kiley Newbold & JT Rose – Facebook Ads Mastery Part 4

Highlight what you are good at and the solutions you can provide – you will see a lot of action above and beyond those instant movers who buy right away. 

– JT Rose

Agents & Hybrids: How to Optimize Your Facebook ads for Better Seller Leads – Messaging, Brand-Building, and More

Welcome to our forth and final installment of our Facebook ads mastery series. Today, we are talking about bringing in high-quality seller leads, buyer leads, building authority with your content, messaging for hybrid agents, and what to do if your ad is disapproved.

We are once again sitting down with Kiley and JT of Silverstreet Marketing, focusing more on agents and hybrid investor/agents. However, the principles discussed apply to any sort of business, even those not related to real estate. 

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For years we have been talking about how hybrid investor/agents are the future of real estate. That future is now. Investors who aren’t agents are leaving 80% of their leads on the table, while agents who can’t offer more than one way to sell are trying to fit all of their leads into the same box. As buyers and sellers become more educated about real estate, they are looking for options. Here’s how agents, investors, and those who are a hybrid of the two, can utilize Facebook ads to captivate more buyer and seller leads while building authority along the way. 

Are Ads the Same for Agents and Investors?

When running ads for motivated seller leads, agents and investors should have a different approach. No matter what kind of lead you are looking for, keep their unique experience in mind. 

  • Your messaging will be different to someone who wants to sell in a few months vs. someone who needs to sell urgently
  • Agents will want to get in front of leads several months ahead of time, while investors are looking for those who need to sell right away
  • Agents will want to get in front of their leads early, providing consistent value while the leads is contemplating the sale

When adding value, you can offer complimentary CMA reports and market data. You can take it one step further by creating content to help with their situation. For example, an article titled: “5 Repairs to Help You Get an Additional $20k on the Sale of Your Home.” 

How Do I Build Long-Term Authority With My Content?

Adding value through content will also help to position you as the authority. Regular content builds trust as well as your online presence. 

  • Your social presence is meaningful – you need to exist
  • Facebook and Youtube are often used as search engines – your content should offer information and answer questions
  • Celebrate your successes on our social media platforms by sharing the stories of those you have helped
  • Include content that has nothing to do with real estate, just to make your name known throughout your local community

The key is getting people engaged. Helping out with charity events, creating content about your community, and busting standard objections will help you find higher-quality seller leads. 

How Do I Modify My Ads to Get Both Buyer and Seller Leads?

Don’t just go after those seller leads, buyer leads are instrumental too. If you are targeting the right class of buyers, you will see that 50% of them not only wish to buy, but they need to sell too. You will be able to work both sides, while doing the work to bring in just one lead. 

  • Buyer leads are higher conversion and lower resistance
  • Buyer leads will often cost less
  • Send your leads to a simple and direct landing page, with a CTA form that is front and center
  • Don’t overcomplicate things for your buyer leads
  • Find out how early you can market a house before it hits the MLS – this varies by state

Before finalizing your ads, make sure you know how you are going to follow up with the lead. Highlight the ways you are good at what you do and how you can help. 

What Sort of Messaging Should Hybrid Investor/Agents Use?

Hybrid investor/agents should focus on the multiple solutions they are able to offer. 

  • Highlight the fact that you can help the seller explore multiple options, offering custom solutions
  • Let them know that your solution puts them in control – you don’t have to conform to any selling method

Kiley and JT have a great ad that highlights 3 selling options. The seller can get a cash offer, sell privately to one of the buyers in their network, or list on the MLS. Your hybrid messaging should let your leads know that you can offer the solution that best fits their life. 

What Happens if My Ad Isn’t Approved?

With Facebook guidelines becoming more strict, many ads are often unapproved. This happens quite often to people running their own ads, and can quickly cause them to lose access to their ad account. 

  •  When dealing with anything having to do with real estate, make sure the special ad category is selected
  • Make sure you do not have any political references in your copy
  • Try to avoid overusing the word “you.” 

If you have created an ad, followed all the rules, and still find it isn’t approved, you can appeal the decision. Facebook ad approval is far from perfect, you aren’t alone. 

We hope you enjoyed this Facebook Mastery series. We’ve looked at ads from a high level, refined creative, and helped you to better optimize your current ads. Learn more about setting up your ads at carrot.com and get help from our marketplace to have Kiley and JT help you through the process! 

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