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EP 472: Brent Daniels UNSCRIPTED: Skills to Build a Real Business, Seller Role Play & Fighting Distractions

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We went bananas on this one. Brady calls Brent Daniels’ acquisition team and pretends to be a seller. Brent tells a story of your possessions owning you & how he protects his focus. Brent shares 20 skills you need to develop to build a long-lasting business.

We go deep on a few of them, like understanding personality differences & battling objections with empathy.

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About Brent Daniels:

Brent Daniels, creator of the advanced wholesale training, TTP, runs a multi-million dollar wholesaling business out of Phoenix, AZ.

He has coached tons of people with a simple and effective strategy on how to get on the phone and talk to motivated sellers.

A natural leader, Brent combines his passion for helping his students with his proactive, little sleep, high energy, “doesn’t-want-to-wait-around-for-business” attitude to help you make the most out of the wholesaling cash machine.

Brady Winder

Carrot's Content Strategist & Host of Carrot's Podcast. Loves family, music, good conversation and all things Volvo.

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