EP 398: From Six-Figure W9 to Full Time Flipping While Making an Impact w/ Will Harvey & Dan White

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About this episode:

In this episode, we cover the following:

  • How Will & Dan used Carrot to get their first few leads & deals, including $120k profit from a Bing.com SEO lead
  • How they’re standing out as house flippers in a competitive market (northern Virginia)
  • A powerful, simple tool they’ve created for investors
  • How they’re using profits from their real estate business to save & improve the lives of others.

It’s Impact month at Carrot! Learn more at Carrot.com/Impact

Mentioned in this Episode:

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Helping Haitian Angels

Wholehearted Foundation

Brady Winder

Carrot's Content Strategist & Host of Carrot's Podcast. Loves family, music, good conversation and all things Volvo.

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