EP 238: Boost Your Negotiation Skills by Asking Questions, Finding Seller Motivation, and Helping Your Leads Get Clear About What They Really Want w/ Greg Helbeck

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Boost Your Negotiation Skills by Asking Questions, & Finding Seller Motivation w/ Greg Helbeck

Treat leads how they need to be treated based on where they are, not where you need them to be. 

– Greg Helbeck

Boost Your Negotiation Skills by Asking Questions, Finding Seller Motivation, and Helping Your Leads Get Clear About What They Really Want w/ Greg Helbeck

Back in 2016, I did the Energy Audit and I realized that writing long and detailed articles absolutely drained me. I am pretty good at it, but it wasn’t how I wanted to spend my time. What does fuel me is doing this podcast and talking to people who have a hunger to grow.

People who aren’t just talking but who are doing the work with a huge smile on their face. 

Greg Helbeck is one of those people. Between his weekly book reviews, incredible podcast, and genuine desire to be better than he was the day before, Greg is the perfect guest for the CarrotCast and I’m not sure why he hasn’t been on sooner!

We had so much to talk about that we’ve broken this interview into two parts: negotiation skills and analytics.

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Greg does a lot of his deals remotely. This means he can’t always build the same relationship with people over the phone that he would be able to in person. He has had to develop his negotiation skills and learn how to ask the right questions in order to gain trust, build relationships, and close deals. Now we’re going to show you how he’s done it… 

Talking to His Leads Differently

In part two of our interview with Greg, we’ll dive more into how he tracks his marketing, but here we will discuss what he is actually doing to get the leads in the door in the first place. 

These are the primary ways Greg is finding leads. Greg will talk to each lead differently depending on where they found him. If they got a letter, they may be interested, but not as interested as someone who searched him out and found him via SEO. 

Questions for Qualifying a Lead

When a lead comes in, it’s important to qualify them. There are a few key things Greg will ask to determine how motivated they are and where they are truly at in the selling process. 

  • When can he help them? Are they ready now? In one month? In six months? Depending on the answer, he will market and appeal to them differently. 
  • Find out why they need to sell and ask open-ended questions to keep them talking. This is the only way to find a deal that will work for both parties – you have to find out what they need. 
  • As quickly as possible, get a price from them. If they seem reluctant, ask them how much houses are selling for in their area so you can get a feel for where they’re at. 
  • You can also reframe the question to ask them what they wouldn’t take, then negotiate up from there. 

This last one is really clever. It starts from no and goes from there. If Greg and the seller are way off on price, he will reiterate the value his service brings. If they still aren’t finding a common-ground, he will help them by facilitating a traditional listing. 

Keep It Simple… 

Asking direct and straightforward questions is often appreciated by potential sellers you are working with. By understanding where they are and their motivations, you can meet them where they are to find a solution that will work.

Asking the right questions will help to get your clients clear on what they need so they can make the decision they need to make. By being as helpful as possible, you’ll be able to close more deals and truly feel good about how you are helping people.

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