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Keyword Tracking For Real Estate Investors And Agents

One of our favorite features is our keyword tracking. Find which keywords you are ranking for and which keywords could use a little help.

Easily track which real estate keywords your site is ranking for

One of the most difficult things to track online for real estate investors is where their site is in Google search results.

Our keyword tracking tool allows you to put in a keyword and get a weekly update on where it is ranking. We will show you how far you have risen or fallen in the rankings.

Quickly analyze which keywords need some extra optimization and which ones are at the top of the search engine rankings.

seo keyword tracking

Which keywords should you track?

Not sure which keywords you should be tracking? It really depends on your strategy. We always recommend tracking branded terms (like your company) so you can make sure you are controlling the conversation around your brand.

Next, we recommend going after the phrases leads are typing in. Want to see 70+ keywords that drive 80% of the traffic in Google?

Thanks a bunch for helping tweak the SEO for my site! I am back on the first page for at least 3 keyword phrases that I tested.

GBR Home Buyers

I’m obviously ranking better in the less competitive markets but I have moved up in rankings even in the more competitive markets. I tried building a presence through WordPress and Weebly but the time investment to get a complete offering as was provided by Carrot was impossible.

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