Unlock Powerful SEO Insights With The Domain Overview Tool

This powerful tool helps you analyze your website’s domain strength from Google’s perspective.

See How Wide Your SEO Net Is

Quickly see how many total keywords your Carrot website is ranking for. This view gives you an idea of how effectively your SEO strategy is working. The higher quality your keyword rankings – the more organic visitors you will attract and have the chance to convert. Included in this feature is a quick % to see if you are trending in the right direction.

Measure Your Website’s Credibility

Quickly see how your website is ranking for authority score, total number of backlinks and how many domains are linking to your website. At a quick glance you can see how much credibility your website is generating external links.

Measure Effectiveness Over Time

Because SEO is a long-term strategy – it’s important to zoom out and analyze your SEO data with a timeline perspective in mind. With our Domain Overview Tool you can quickly see your rankings by category over time. The goal is to measure the effectinvess of your keywords to rank and improve over time. This feature gives you quick insights so you can drill down and find the keywords that need the most time and attention.

Thanks a bunch for helping tweak the SEO for my site! I am back on the first page for at least 3 keyword phrases that I tested.

GBR Home Buyers

I’m obviously ranking better in the less competitive markets but I have moved up in rankings even in the more competitive markets. I tried building a presence through WordPress and Weebly but the time investment to get a complete offering as was provided by Carrot was impossible.

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