EP 100: CarrotCast EP 100! Recapping Some of the Most Invaluable Episodes to Make A Bigger Impact In Your Life And Business

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I want to say I’m grateful… Trevor Mauch

This is our 100th CarrotCast!

In the beginning, I didn’t even want to start a podcast. I thought it would be too difficult and daunting trying to provide consistently valuable content to my audience. I thought it would take more time than it’s worth.

And yet, here we are. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad I started because I would never have made it to episode 100 if I hadn’t done episode 1 or 3 or 5 or 50. In other words, life is a journey, business is a journey, and podcasts are a journey. Whatever you’ve started or dream of starting, this episode is dedicated to you, as a reminder to start and stick with it until it’s finished.

As they say, “Nothing ever finished that wasn’t started” and “It ain’t done til it’s done.”

So here’s to the start of many things and the continuation of many more. Listen to find out what I’ve learned along my four-year journey at Carrot.

It’s been a wild ride.

And seriously, thanks for listening. You make this CarrotCast podcast worth doing.

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Get Fired Up to Make a Bigger Impact in Your Life and Your Business. Listen to This Episode of the CarrotCast

3:25 – Why we started the CarrotCast, the 3 F’s of entrepreneurship, and Trevor’s 8 steps-to-success.
7:10 – How Carrot has been able to impact our member’s lives and the lives of our community.
14:50 – How to challenge yourself to create goals and blast through them.
20:30 – Why hiring a coach or finding a mentor can help 10x your life and income.
28:15 – Get Fired Up! How going all in and persevering through bad times have made Carrot member, Tyler Ford, successful.
36:30 – Investing in your own growth. Find out how much Trevor recommends spending on personal growth.
43:00 – How to build a strategy to plant seeds with the people you are most interested in learning from and helping.
45:00 – Be passionate about what you do in life. Go out and crush it!


  • 8 Steps To Success Lessons Learned: CarrotCast
  • Breaking Down the Barriers to Achieving Your Goals: CarrotCast
  • How to Attract a Mentor You Want:  CarrotCast
  • After 20 Years Tyler Was Going To Give Up Real Estate Until He Made These 3 Changes w/ Tyler Ford: CarrotCast
  • The Secret To True Happiness For Ambitious Entrepreneurs w/ Seth Buechley: CarrotCast
  • How to Grow Relationships You Want By Planting Seeds: CarrotCast


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