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12 Things Good Real Estate Agents Do to Become Great

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Things Good Real Estate Agents Do to Become Great

What makes good real estate agents great?

We all have the same number of minutes each day, so what are real estate’s top agents doing that the rest are not?

I think it has a lot to do with the number of personal connections the top-performing realtors can make and maintain.

I’ve noticed how some real estate trainers promote a theory and belief that agents should only spend time with buyers and sellers looking to do something now. I totally disagree, though. And I can prove it!

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Over the last couple of years, my podcast for real estate agents (TopAgentsPlaybook) has taken a close-up and personal look at the best agents and how they think.

My process is simple. I identify a high-income agent and get them on the show to pick their brain.

I’m talking about agents earning more than $1 million in gross commission each year and I’m particularly interested in their strategies, systems, tools, and mindset.

What drives them and what proven ideas can they share with my real estate agent audience?

I have to admit, after my first 50 interviews, I was somewhat confused. But then I started to see patterns. I began to understand that certain actions and ideas produced predictable results.

And I began to see some commonalities among top agents I interviewed.

12 Things Good Real Estate Agents Do to Become Great

Here are twelve personal observations, success habits and strategies I’ve found most top agents have in common.

  1. At least 70% of all business comes from their database or real estate CRM.
  2. Their CRM has advanced Client Care features that ‘nurtures’ their contacts.
  3. They dedicate two hours minimum each day to speaking personally with potential buyers and sellers. They care and they connect!
  4. They leverage the power of a proven lead generator (like Carrot) to automate genuine leads and create new contacts.
  5. I have noticed a direct correlation between the number of contacts an agent has and their income.
  6. They all seem to have one main platform to promote their business. (A blog, podcast, YouTube video channel, Facebook Page).
  7. They have one solid KPI which is usually the number of new contacts they attract to their funnel.
  8. They use each listing and sale as a marketing opportunity and spread their message locally around each result.
  9. They DON’T waste money on marketing that produces little or no result.
  10. They promote their brand by results, not bus signs.
  11. They leverage the power of social media to engage potential clients.
  12. They are organized and each week, month, and quarter is planned in advance. They know what flyers and cards need to be created and printed and the specific actions required for distribution meaning less time is wasted.

One podcast episode I keep coming back to as a great example of this is with super agent Adrian Bo.

Adrian’s business generates more than $2 million each year.

I was interested in the targets he strives to keep things on track and keep growing.

It wasn’t listing appointments, buyer appointments, or even listing presentations.

He focuses on one specific number and that is the number of new contacts he can attract into his business each month (which is 150, by the way).

Over the last few years, he’s taken his total contacts to more than 20,000 because he believes that numbers will decide his success.

A time before technology

Turn back the clock for a moment. Set the dial to 1980. Big hair and Van Halen!

A time before Facebook and the Apple Mac. A time before online shopping and Youtube.

Can you imagine trying to maintain regular contact with 20,000 people in 1980?

Can you imagine keeping in touch with even 1,000?

The stunning advances in real estate technology now allow us to maintain a range of connections with an unlimited number of people who may well become clients at some point in the future… and it’s getting better all the time!

If you’re not leveraging the power of this technology, your competition probably is.

If you understand and accept the power of numbers and the rewards big numbers can bring to your business, your mission should be to set yourself up with the best tech available to help you win more listings and make more sales.

Systems and the power of getting organized

Most of what we do in real estate is a series of repetitive tasks making it perfect for a system. Time is money and time wasted is money lost.

One of the big time-consuming actions is print marketing. These are the lead generating flyers, letters or cards and the forms and brochures that are needed to support your marketing.

Real estate success is a game of perceptions and when you’re trying to make every post a winner and pouring resources into making you look good, perception is everything.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but quality, customized real estate marketing can get expensive and it takes time.

…and great marketing is essential because it will have a direct impact on your income in the months and years ahead.

My definition of real estate marketing is “the actions and activities that help me attract property buyers and sellers looking to buy or sell now, or at some time in the future.”

Once I discovered the formula for attracting now and future sellers, I was forever creating marketing pieces in the form of letters, card and flyers to reach out and connect with my market. I tweaked and tested and improved.

But coming up with great ideas was the easy part. Then I hit a wall!

Translating my ideas into great looking print marketing pieces was a nightmare!

Graphic designers charged a fortune and took days or sometimes weeks to bring my marketing ideas to life.

Then one day I had an idea.

What if I could create a platform that offered agents a proven suite of flyers, brochures, letters, cards and even stationery I could quickly edit and customize to their brand?

I’m not talking about some complex graphic design software program but a simple online marketing tool that would let me produce professional-grade marketing concepts to help me attract more buyers and sellers, win more listings, and make more sales.

It took me a few years but that’s what happened and was born. Jigglar lets agents create, download, and print a wide range of real estate flyers in minutes, saving time and a fortune in graphic design bills.

I learned early in my career that in real estate, as in business, it’s not so much what you make, but what you keep.

Take a look at your monthly business bills. Expenses are everywhere. Are you leveraging the power of technology and scale to save money on your business essentials?


Ray is a real estate marketing expert, entrepreneur, and podcaster. He's founder and CEO at Bestagents, a real estate marketing group. Co-Founder at LockedOn (real estate software) and Co-Founder at (a creative marketing platform for agents) Check out his podcast at

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