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10 of the Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation for Investors

10 of the Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation for InvestorsMaybe you’re looking to expand your growing business into a new market…

Or maybe you’re looking for the most profitable market to launch your new real estate business in.

Whatever the case, the market you choose can make or break the success of your business – whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, how affordable housing is, and even future market projections.

Which is why we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most profitable markets around the nation (right now). There are many others, but this is a good start. Here they are in no particular order.

10 of the Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation for Investors

1. Midland, Texas

Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation: Midland Texas

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Several times this year, Midland, Texas has topped’s list for hottest real estate markets. In June, the median days-on-market for inventory in Midland was just 29 days, with a high-ticket median price of $350,000.

Here are Daniel Hale’s – economist for – comments on this:

“We’re seeing an end to the California markets’ dominance on the market hotness list as buyers are looking elsewhere…They’re looking to find affordability and they’re finding it in different parts of the country, particularly in the Midwest and the South.”

2. Charlotte, North Carolina

Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation: Charlotte

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In the last five years, rent prices have increased by 36% ($300) in Charlotte, North Carolina. And the city expects to add 13,000 apartments over the next two years, trying to mitigate the increasing buyer demand and the decreasing inventory (relative to that demand) – which is good for real estate investing profits.

The average house spends just 36 days on the market and the average sales price has jumped by 6% in the last year.

In June, Charlotte had 9,500 houses on the market, half of what the city had in 2012, meaning more profitable margins, lots of buyer, and faster sales.

3. Memphis, Tennessee

Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation: Memphis

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In Memphis, 13.9% more homes sold in April of this year than April of last year. Similarly, the city’s average sales price increased by 5.6%, its inventory increased by 4.8%, and its year-to-date sales volume is up a whopping 11.1%.

All signs of a market that’s healthy and low-risk for real estate investors and a market that isn’t expecting any drastic upcoming declines.

4. Kentwood, Michigan

Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation: Kentwood Michigan

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This small-city market made it to the top of’s zip code list of hottest real estate markets in the nation several times this year. With the city’s inventory spending an average of just 14 days on the market, buyer demand and seller confidence are higher than ever. The median year-over-year listing price increase was 9.5%, as well.

Still, with a median list price of just $193,168, housing prices are more affordable than the surrounding area but just as profitable for real estate investors.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation: Las Vegas

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Relatively affordable and sporting 2.5% per year population growth, Las Vegas is seeing increased housing prices as more people flock to the city to find work or even retire.

Here’s how Digital Journal explains Las Vegas’ housing boom:

“The first half of 2018 has seen a huge increase in the demand for housing in Las Vegas, Nevada. The high demand is followed by an increase in population, as well as an overall improvement of the economy in the area.”

6. Indianapolis, Indiana

Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation: Indianapolis

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As a result of buyer demand and seller control, the median sales price in Indianapolis has increased over the past year by 9.4%, to $175,000. And 97% of the homes on the market are fetching their listed price – which is 1.4% higher than a year ago.

With a steadily increasing market, housing that remains affordable, and a 2% per year population increase, Indianapolis, Indiana is a place that many investors can make a significant profit.

7. Phoenix, Arizona

Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation: Phoenix

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From July of last year to July of this year, home prices have increased by 9.5% in Phoenix, Arizona, indicating a market that’s ripe with opportunity for investors around the nation.

In addition, Phoenix, Arizona has relatively affordable housing and expects 1.6% population growth over the next year.

8. Austin, Texas

Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation: Austin

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In the last year, the job market has grown by 3.7%, causing the population to increase as people flood the city looking for work.

Additionally, limited inventory and high demand are driving home prices up, with the median house price expected to grow by 5.5% this coming year, having risen a whopping 66% since 2008.

With over 2 million residents and an increasing population, Austin, Texas is place practically overflowing with real estate opportunity.

9. Orlando, Florida

Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation: Orlando

(Image Source)

The average home price in Orlando, Florida right now sits at $247,550. Over the next year, though, that price is expected to increase by 9% and by 35% over the next three years.

The pricing increase is due to a growing population and a bigger job network. In fact, job opportunity is expected to increase by 7.1% over the next two years and the population is expected to grow by 8% over the next three years – making Orlando, Florida a highly profitable market for real estate investors.

10. Provo, Utah

Most Profitable Real Estate Markets in the Nation: Provo

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Housing prices in Provo, Utah are expected to grow by a massive 10% in the next year, leaping from $266,169. Over the next three years, that growth is expected to be an even more significant 31%.

Plus, experts are expecting a 7.2% increase in population over the next three years – providing the market with a steady and healthy influx of inventory demand, which makes this city a wonderful place for your next real estate business.

Have anything you’d like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments! :-)

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