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Ninja Tricks for Real Estate Investor Marketing: Conversions, Heroes, and Sliders

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Lead generation depends upon conversions – today’s post will explain how to calculate your website’s conversion rate, plus why sliders lower conversions and a Hero Section will increase your conversions.

Conversion is the key to online lead generation. The whole point of your real estate investor marketing is to get a lead, right? :)

This post will show you the secret of conversions.

If you understand conversion, you know how to make a sale.

You “convert” a person from a visitor to your website into a customer.

Today’s post will tell you the secret to getting insanely high conversion rates… plus I’ll tell you why sliders (the annoying little flippy-photo slideshow dealios like the one giving me seizures on this page right now over there <—-) will lower your conversion rate (that’s bad)… plus I’ll tell you why a Hero Section will increase your conversion rate (that’s good).

First, let me make sure you understand the basic formula for conversion rates:

Take your website’s total # of visitors, then divide it by the # of leads.

That % is your conversion rate.

Here’s an example:

Let’s pretend (to keep the math simple) that you got 100 visitors in a month to your website.

Out of those visitors, you got 20 leads – so that’s a 20% conversion rate, nice job!

As you can see, our conversion rates of 15-35% basically crush every "typical" website out there... that's why you buy our sites instead of the average ones. ;)
As you can see, our conversion rates of 15-35% basically crush every “typical” website out there… especially those cheesy real estate investor template sites that no one ever tested… That’s why you bought our sites instead of the average ones, right? ;)

As you can tell, we’re insanely proud of our conversion rates.

But I promised you that I’d tell you the key to good conversion rates, not just blab on about how we get ’em.

Here it is, the exciting truth, revealed before your very eyes….

[drum roll please]

Converting requires credibility.

You have to build trust with the customer.

Empathy is essential to any sale.

Your website’s copy has to be good enough to reach the customer’s heart, to speak to his/her emotions, to have that person sit up and say – That. Is. What. I. Want.

It’s like when you watch a movie trailer, for a really awesome looking movie… and you turn to the person next you and say – I can’t wait to see it!

Your website should build the same sense of anticipation for your business. You want your customer to be chomping at the bit to work with you, frothing and salivating to get the chance to do business with someone as great… as you.

If your site can get your target customers to salivate… you’ll get the conversion, you’ll get the lead… and it will help you make the sale.

How do we know?

We know conversions — our Motivated Seller sites convert really well because we spend a lot of time and money testing them, and our Cash Buyer conversion rates are off the freakin charts high.

Good web copy works the same way, no matter who the audience.

While you’re reading this blog post, it’s building credibility in our company in your eyes, right?

You think more highly of InvestorCarrot because you’ve digested lots of our real estate investor marketing, and you’ve read our emails… or maybe this is the first time you’ve actually read a blog post of ours.

Either way, while you were reading it, did it build trust?

I write these blog posts in order to build trust with you, so I hope it’s working.

Here’s what I assume about you:

  • You’re a real estate investor, so you’re determined to create wealth for yourself on your own terms
  • You like doing things your own way and you don’t want to be told what to do, you want the choice
  • You have digested/read a whole lot of information from a lot of sources online, so you’re highly skeptical of what you read/see/hear
  • Even though you don’t know that none of our competition does our level of testing and research, you love the confidence in our products that we can portray because we test for those results
  • You have some degree of trust in what I’m saying because I’m telling you the truth as best I know it
  • You love learning our secrets and tricks because we’re at the cutting edge

Is that true?

It doesn’t matter – it’s true about our ideal customer.

I talk to a lot of the top real estate investors in the country and I help them create their strategic marketing plans.

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked with thousands of real estate investors – on a transactional level as a broker, and to build real estate investor marketing systems with InvestorCarrot.

I’ve also helped create successful growth and training systems for real estate brokerages to teach agents how to grow their businesses with smart community investment strategies.

I’ve supervised over $1 billion in real estate transactions.

All that is true – does that increase my credibility with you?

Do you trust me more as a result of learning that about me?

Someone who is visiting your real estate investment website is also thinking about how much they can trust you, too.

The best content marketing strategy you can have is to consistently deliver results for your clients, then talk about the methods you used to deliver results… so let me tell you more about how we get great conversion rates. :)

Introducing the Hero Section:

As you can see in the image below, the Hero Section is the spot where you see a background image behind a black box with a headline along with a form that includes a call to action.

The "Hero Section" is the section between the top menus and before you have to scroll down... Using Hero sections will dramatically improve your conversion rates over sliders.
The “Hero Section” is the section between the top menus and before you have to scroll down… Using Hero sections will dramatically improve your conversion rates over sliders.

Why do we use Hero Sections instead of Sliders with all of our website?

I’m gonna summarize a nice post from LeadPages so you don’t have to read the whole thing:

  1. Sliders have low click-thru rates (think super low, dismal, gutter-scraping 1% low)

  2. Sliders are not mobile-friendly (wanna lose half your conversions?)

  3. Timing slide transitions is tough (everyone has a different speed)

  4. Sliders hurt SEO

And on a more positive note:

  1. Hero sections are static – they stay where you put ’em no matter what device your visitors use

  2. They’re consistent, so you don’t have to worry about sending the wrong message

  3. They’re flexible, so you can use them in different ways on different pages

  4. They are better for SEO

  5. They get WAY better conversions (again, compare 1% to 30%… and why are we still talking about this?)

What’s the other secret to getting leads?

Building traffic… that’s the #1 thing that messes up our newbie customers.

Why, you ask?

Because we know our sites convert really well, so all you have to do is just get people to them… and the sites will convert for you.

We teach our members a ton of good ways to build traffic to sites, like search engine optimization, pay-per-click, retargeting ads, video campaigns, and more.

We even released a really cool Craigslist training program that is super cool, since you just have to make some tweaks, post some Totally Free ads, send ’em over to your website… and collect the leads.

But every once in a while, 1 out of 100 members says to us… “Hey, I’m not getting leads, what am I supposed to do??” and we slap ourselves in the forehead and think… “how can we avoid this?”

Where we’re going in the future… and why you wanna stay Close to the Carrot

Every week our Pro-level Members get exclusive access to our live webinars.

I have a feeling that this week will be a doozy.

Why, you may ask?

Well… last week was our busiest ever.

Last month was our busiest ever.

We’re growing at lightning speed.

It’s really exciting stuff.

We’re gonna take this company to some really cool places… and it’s because of you, our members.

You’re like our very own Hero Section… you’re out there in the fields, in the trenches, doing deals… giving us the luxury of working from laptops to generate lead for you.

It’s pretty sweet, to tell you the truth.

I’ve just gotta say… from all of us at Carrot, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

We’re super glad to have you as members.

This week, during our live Mastermind Webinar, we wanna show you how to reach new heights with your real estate investor marketing.

We wanna help you accomplish your goals.

In fact, it’s part of our core values.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to make a bigger impact, leave a bigger legacy, and live a better lifestyle by better leveraging the internet and proven marketing strategies to reach more people.

Join us on this week’s webinar by registering here.

If you’re not already a Carrot member, sign up here.

If you want to upgrade to a pro membership, send an email to

Can’t wait to see you on that call!

Aaron McManus

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