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EP 81: 2017 Carrot Year-End Review – Looking Back On An Accomplished Year

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Carrot Year-End Review 2017

As with 2016, 2017 was a banner year here at Carrot and our customers. Here’s a brief snapshot of some great things that happened in 2017.

It was an exceptional year for our Carrot members and another year of HUGE growth for our team and company. With the intention of amplifying our members and “Add humanity back to business and help people regain more precious time for the things that matter in life.”

Let’s recap some of the cool stuff in this quick post!

Watch the CarrotCast 2017 Recap with Trevor and Chris

2017 Carrot Year-End Review – Looking Back On An Accomplished Year

Listen to the CarrotCast 2017 Recap with Trevor and Chris

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2017 Carrot Year-End Review

Carrot members crushed lead generation 

9 awesome new features released

The CarrotCast Podcast continues to inspire

Customer Success team worked their tails off

Our team grew (again) and continues to be the innovators of our industry

… and more!

Here we go!

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Leads … You’re Crushing It!

You guys made another forceful charge in 2017. With over 270,000 leads coming in this year (when you DON’T count phone call leads… which we can’t track in Google Analytics currently) you’re pulling in more PPC, SEO, and social media online leads as a collective group than any other real estate investor lead generation platform… by far. Keep crushing it!

Carrot member leads in 2017

52% via Mobile Devices

Which States Converted More Leads? Well…

Which states had the most motivated seller leads in 2017

 9 Major NEW Features Launched

Carrot Keywords Ranking Tool
Carrot Keyword Ranking Tracking

Another Core Value of ours is “Consistent Improvement and Innovation“… and both our members and Carrot continued to push this value. In addition to the features, we released in 2017 to help our clients spend less time hassling and time more time focusing on their business …

New Innovative Features we rolled out in 2017 include (but not limited to)…

And here’s one of the coolest/most effective marketing features for our members that we launched just last week …

Check It Out: Carrot VideoPost Transcription

Carrot's VideoPost Feature - Turn Your Videos Into SEO Content In Minutes...

Carrot’s VideoPost Feature – Turn Your Videos Into SEO Content In Minutes…

Enjoy :-)

We’re Building a Following for the CarrotCast Podcast

We had many amazing comments about the CarrotCast come through our Awesomeness channel this year. Here’s just a couple …

I’m hooked on CarrotCast! The latest interview with the entrepreneur from Germany… was pure awesomeness. A lot of helpful tips about real estate as well as good advice on balancing family life. Keep up the great work!
Tucker C

P.S. you’ve built a great company, you should be very proud. I listen to your carrotcast pods and really appreciate what you guys do. Nice to have a customer focused company in the industry, and your culture is admirable. Cheers!
William W

Top 10 CarrotCast Episodes of 2017

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EP 56: [Case Study] From Junior High School Teacher to $80k/Month Investor in a Competitive Market. How Brian Rockwell Uses Patience and Planning for His Success

It’s awesome because once you know the formula of how to do this, its just do it again and keep going and going and see how you can grow it.
Brian Rockwell

EP 31: Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Investors + Agents w/ Kiley Newbold

Your first month of online marketing typically is going to be one of your hardest and least productive because you’re really cutting new trail everywhere you go.
Kiley Newbold

EP 43: An SEO Master Breaks Down How He Closes 2-3 Real Estate Deals A Month From SEO In A Competitive Market w/ Dave Brown

I knew from my background that once I did the work, it would keep returning a benefit to me over and over again. Today, I’m reaping the rewards.
David Brown

EP 47: Flipping Vacant Land: How Gary Horton Pivoted His Wholesaling Business In A Tough Market To Be On Track To Flip 100 Pieces Of Bare Land In 2017

Investing in Land

When you’re confident with whatever it is, you expect the result. You’re not hoping for it – you expect it. So you can say “hey, here’s what we’re going to do and you can just lead.” I think when you’re starting out, your confidence is more like you’re not sure what to do, and I think that is picked up on.
Gary Horton

EP 34: Bandit Sign Wars, Door Hangers, and Scaling With Online Marketing w/ Edward Beck

Within that first year I got more leads, 10x more leads, on the InvestorCarrot website, even before it was outranking the other website.
Edward Beck

EP 35: Hiring A Rock Star Executive Assistant – Resources, Tools, Mindset Shifts, and more w/ Adrian Nez and Trevor Mauch

If you want to stay busy in life but never accomplish anything, then stay busy. But if you really want to accomplish and be productiive, then you need to make that investment and find help.
Adrian Nez

EP 30: My 2017 Predictions For Real Estate Lead Generation In 2017 w/ Trevor Mauch

CarrotCast - Amplify Your Real Estate Game Podcast

During times when the real estate marketing is going good, don’t lose your focus on the business fundamentals. Feasting and blindly following a business path can lead to destruction.
Trevor Mauch

EP 57: How to Achieve Financial Freedom and Build True Wealth w/ Jack Bosch

We don’t work just to accumulate money. We work so we can live… Most people forget that.
Jack Bosch

EP 36: What’s Your Credibility Score? The Top 5% Of Earners Are Doing These “Simple? Things To Build More Credibility In A Cluttered Market w/ Trevor Mauch

CarrotCast - Amplify Your Real Estate Game Podcast

Create a connection with credibility and working hard to go the extra mile to show you’re an expert in your market.
Trevor Mauch

EP 37: Focus on Building a Long-Term Future in Real Estate While Avoiding Short-Term Tactics w/ Ryan Fletcher

Anything that’s worth doing is worth sucking at, first. I think that’s a Gary Halbert think that he said. And, you don’t start writing and immediately build an audience. It takes time. I tell everybody, if you won’t write for one then you won’t write for a 1000.
Ryan Fletcher

Over 500 “Doses Of Awesomeness” From Clients
Changing Their Businesses And Lives!

500 doses of awesomeness in 2017

We LOVE those! And those are just the ones we get each week… not counting the hundreds that happen that we never hear about!

The Carrot Support Team sends out an email chat every 45 seconds.

Carrot Year-End Review: Carrot Support Messages Every 45 Seconds

World-Class Net Promoter Score

One of the most effective ways to gauge the happiness of your customers and how good or bad you’re doing with the “Net Promoter Score”. It’s basically a question that asks how likely you are to recommend Carrot to a friend or colleague. With hundreds of responses in 2017 the majority scored us a 9 or 10… leaving us with an impressive NPS of 69.1%.

Now to put that into perspective… here is what some of the most respected companies in the world have scored for their NPS:

As part of our core set of values, we’ll continue to strive in 2018 to make our clients excited, happy, and successful, and to change the way people expect companies to serve them in the future after they experience the service the “Carrot Way”.

We Added Over 1400 New Subscribers and Accumulated Over 114,000  Views and Climbing!

Carrot YouTube Stats 2017

Two Carrot Team Retreats + Growing Our Team…

Carrot Year-End Review 2017 Carrot Summer Retreat

CarrotCamp 2017!

CarrotCamp was unlike most events. It wasn’t a workshop or seminar, nor was it a retreat. It was an immersive experience where we did a deep dive into the campers world. We unplugged and got out of the office and into nature, and worked with our team to get massive things done to uplevel marketing… all the while building relationships with other high-level real estate entrepreneurs that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Campers Edward Beck, Jeff Milligan, Tang Nguyen, Tim Oppelt, and Kyle Doney discuss what they enjoyed, struggled with, and how Camp benefited them both personally and in their businesses.

Thank you again 2017 CarrotCampers!

Be on the lookout for CarrotCamp 2018 Editions …

 We Launched Agent Carrot

AgentCarrot Real Estate Agent Websites

RunnerUp In The Oregon Entrepreneur Network
“Entrepreneur Achievement Award” 2017 and a Portland Business Journal 40 under 40 Finalist

Carrot Year-End Review PBJ 40 under 40 finalist
Source: Portland Business Journal: 2017 Forty Under 40 Awards

 What An Amazing Year. And We’re Grateful To Have You On This Journey With Us.

How Was Your Year? 

So, how was your 2017? Let us know below in the comments section. The amazing, the fair, and the awful :-)

Also… fire up your 2018 and get momentum building?

These 2 resources are the most shared and commented we’ve ever made. They can change your life…

Thank you for all you do and for inspiring us every day to do great things.

Chat with you in 2018!

Brendan Holmes

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