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[NEW FEATURE] Introducing The Carrot Lead Manager For Real Estate Investors + Agents

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At InvestorCarrot we know lead workflows are one of the most important parts of running your business (right behind actually generating the lead).

Last month, 44,274 motivated seller, cash buyer, rent to own, and other leads opted into Carrot members’ sites… and that doesn’t even include the phone call leads which doubles that number. That means a lot of leads need managed. Who needs a callback? Who has an offer out? Who isn’t interested? What stage is a particular lead in the process?


Regardless if you are running your real estate agent or investing business by yourself or have a team, you need to quickly and effectively see where your overall lead flow is at a glance.

One of our missions at Carrot is to make running a successful real estate business easier and with less hassle by not having to worry about being a tech expert. Many CRMs out there are really robust but complicated and bloated.

We also believe in never ending incremental improvements… and this v1 of our new real estate lead manager is the first improvement of many that we’ll be launching in the coming months to help you manage your leads more easily without having to have an outside CRM.

Earlier this year we launched an updated look to your leads, and NOW…we are happy to announce our Carrot Lead Manager, which is built into every existing and future Carrot website (yay! More value for you at no extra cost!).

Watch The Video: How To Manage Real Estate Leads With The Carrot Lead Manager

How to manage real estate leads with Carrot Lead Manager

Here is what a new lead looks like when it opts in on your website.


All leads will go into the “New” stage until you move them. Ideally, you move them as soon you talk to them or follow up to make sure you are getting to New leads as quick as possible.

Here Are The Biggest Additions To Carrot Lead Manager For Real Estate Investors…

First things first, you might be saying, where did all leads already in my account go? Great question. 

Any leads that are older than 30 days as of the time we launched this feature (yesterday) are now in the “dead” section of your manager. Don’t let this alarm you… if you’re still working any of those leads go ahead and move them to the proper lead stage with a click of a mouse (below).

All of your leads newer than 30 days are in your “New” section. Take a couple minutes going through them and move them into the right stage of your Leads Manager.

Here’s How To Move A Lead To The Next Stage


Simply click the lead and the stage you want to move them into. Our system will quickly move them to the stage and save the setting… no “Save” button required. It’s that easy.

Leave Notes And Coordinate With Your Team


With this version of the Carrot Lead Manager we’re making it easier for you to work with a team to manage your leads. Yes, there are other things we’ll be adding soon to help you work with your team and stay on task even more (like Reminders and more…), so keep an eye out over the coming months.

Working with a team? Perfect everyone can leave notes on a lead and review it later.

Search For Your Leads Faster And More Easily


Need to find a lead but all you remember is their first name or the name of their street?  Great! Simply search their name, email, or property and find their information in your account.

See Where Your Leads Are Actually Coming From


Knowing where your leads come from is hugely important for the high achieving investor. Which form did they opt into? Did they come from Facebook, Google PPC, Google Organic… ???

Well our new Carrot Real Estate Lead Manager tells you exactly how many leads came in on each particular form and where those leads came from (the LeadSource) so you’re never left wondering what marketing is working or whether a particular form on your site is useful and generating leads.

The official Help Site Tutorial

If you are an existing member here is our training tutorial on the new lead manager feature. Check it out and let us know what questions you have. Our support team is ready to help make the move as smooth as possible.

What’s Next With The Carrot Lead Manager?

Let’s get this out of the way right now…

… the Carrot Lead Manager isn’t a full CRM and it wasn’t designed to be.

Carrot is the best in the world at helping real estate investors and agents generate leads online. Our core focus is helping you get in front of the highest quality prospects online (with SEO tools and our other marketing training) and then convert those leads at a higher average rate than any other out of the box website solution (even custom sites).

But with tens of thousands of leads per month that our clients are bringing in we wanted to bridge that gap on our lead management features a bit so most of our clients could easily manage 20-50 leads per month just in our Carrot Lead Manager without having to incur an additional cost for an outside CRM.

Most investors don’t need all of those fancy automation features systems like Podio have. They’re great… but really not necessary unless you’re rolling in dozens and dozens of leads per month.

So we’ll continue to build on the NEW Carrot Lead Manager over the coming months to add more features and functionality to help you better manager your online leads.

But your opinion matters to us.

Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the new Carrot Real Estate Lead Manager… and what would you LOVE to see on the next updates in 2017??? We’re listening! :-)


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4 responses to “[NEW FEATURE] Introducing The Carrot Lead Manager For Real Estate Investors + Agents

    1. Daniel! Thanks for the feedback man! That’s our aim w/ this update is to help people who are generating from 1 – 50 leads per month without the need for an outside CRM… if they don’t require all of the fancy automation those CRMs have. Most don’t.

      On the second part… we’re working on that right now man. Podio has been a love-hate relationship w/ us the whole time… soooo many of our clients use it but everyone has their systems setup differently… which causes a real support problem on our end. So we’ve dropped that project a few times in place of higher priority projects that we could be confident in… but we’re picking it back up to see if we can solve it once and for all at the start of 2017. Cross your fingers :-)

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