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EP 37: Sitcom Based Newsletters To Build Massive Brand Affinity In Real Estate w/ Ryan Fletcher

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Standing Out From The Crowd With Story w/ Ryan Fletcher

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Anything that’s worth doing is worth sucking at, first. I think that’s a Gary Halbert think that he said. And, you don’t start writing and immediately build an audience. It takes time. I tell everybody, if you won’t write for one then you won’t write for a 1000.
Ryan Fletcher

*Warning: This podcast contains explicit language*

Brand storytelling pretty much works for everyone. If done right, it can be one of the most effective pieces of your content marketing strategy.  We’re living in a time of competition clutter and brand storytelling is one way to keep your brand from conforming to the herd.

How can you grow your business to make you the only viable option for leads without having to go door to door or make cold calls?

How can you tell a more influential story to cut through the clutter and become a driving force behind that story?

How do you create a credible brand where before leads even reach out, they’re likely to go with you because of what you’ve done in your community?

So many investors and agents fall into the short term marketing “tactics” trap and lose focus on building the foundation for an amazing long-term business.

On this episode of the CarrotCast, Ryan Fletcher, host of the Agent Marketing Syndicate Podcast and author of Defeat Mega Agents, joins us to discuss gaining control of your business and avoiding some of the “tactics” that may lead you down the wrong path.

If you’re looking to rely on Facebook ads, AdWords, Craiglist… then great!

But, this podcast is for the serious, long-term agent and investor.

Build credibility and community!

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It’s easy to get caught up in all of the training and coachings, but you need to take control of your brand by telling a story.

But… how do you accomplish that? How do you create a brand that is so good that leads can’t ignore you? Find out on this episode of the CarrotCast.


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3:00 – What pushed Ryan into real estate and from $8k to $180k within one year.
7:15 – Breaking through the mindset that extended content doesn’t work. 12-page sales letters – people read them because they’re not boring.
10:00 – How Agent Marketing Syndicate helps agents break away from the clutter. HINT: Build relationships 3-5 years before someone is even in the market to sell their house.
13:30 – Creating content that builds relationships through a message and having patience.
15:00 – Why building relationships in the community and outside of real estate are so important for long-term success.
20:10 – How Ryan gets his real estate message out. The HEART is hardcopy mailers then repurposing via social media.
22:15 – Changing the failure mindset and pulling away from the canned real estate agent thinking. Building confidence to put your story on paper.
27:30 – Having a passion for great service: What is the Impact Club and how it brings together communities for the greater good.
34:30 – Creating a process for being in it for the long game.
38:15 – Want to become a better marketer?
41:10 – Making business shifts. The difference it can make in life, with friends, and with family.
47:30 – 3 Things you can do to set yourself up so others have a hard time competing against you.
52:20 – Brand Storytelling: 3 Main levels you need to commit to in order to stand out from the crowd.

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