2016 Carrot Year-End Review – We Take Look Back On An Amazing 2016

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2016 was a banner year here at Carrot and our customers. Here’s a brief snapshot at some cool things that happened in 2016.

It was an outstanding year for our Carrot members and another amazing year of growth for our team and company. We’ve been able to grow and add exceptional team members so we can focus on YOU. Amplifying our members to get more out of their business, so they can do more of what makes their heart sing.

Let’s recap some of the cool stuff in this quick post!

So, What Happened In 2016 Here At Carrot???

Clients crushed it generating leads

14 awesome new features released

Customer Success team worked their tails off

Our team grew and had a blast

… and more!

Here we go!

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Leads… You’re Crushing It!

You guys made another forceful charge in 2016. With over 200,000 leads coming in this year (when you DON’T count phone call leads… which we can’t track in Google Analytics currently) you’re pulling in more PPC, SEO, and social media online leads as a collective group than any other real estate investor lead generation platform… by far. Keep crushing it!


52% From Mobile Devices


Which States Converted More Leads? Well…


 9 Major NEW Features Launched

Another Core Value of ours is “constant never ending improvement“… and both our members and Carrot continued to push this value. In addition to the features, we released in 2016 to help our clients spend less time hassling with tech and marketing issues and to pull in more and better track leads…

New Innovative Features we rolled out in 2016 include (but not limited to)…

And here’s the latest new feature we launched just in the past few weeks… at NO extra cost to you.

Enjoy :-)

400+ “Doses Of Awesomeness” From Clients
Changing Their Businesses And Lives!

We LOVE those! And those are just the ones we get each week… not counting the hundreds that happen that we never hear about!

Our Team: Bigger, Tighter, More Awesome

2016 brought a lot of changes, growth, fun, and challenges with our team here at Carrot. But I can say that we fully lived and breathed our Core Values each and every day. How?

Well to name a few…

The Carrot Community And Our Carrot Team Was
Able To Raise Over $6,700 For A Cause


When we started Carrot we decided to do it differently than my previous companies.

We said… “Everything will be focused on us living and delivering our Core Values within our team and our customers, building fun into our company, being a ‘beacon of positivity and possibility‘ for our clients and community, and truly genuinely care about people… so this company and our team can amplify those great people and great causes around us”.

October was one of the times that we had the opportunity to give back to a very special cause.

2,000+ runners and walkers brought positive attention to the tragic events that happened at Umpqua Community College in 2015 in our small Oregon community.

The Umpqua Strong Race 9k and 5k event was created to honor the victims and raise money for UCC foundation. The event raised more than $60,000 which goes toward funding 10 scholarship programs in the names of the shooting’s victims and survivors.

It’s a HUGE testament to the amazing community of clients, listeners, and team members we’ve been able to attract over the years that we were able to raise over $6,700 for the cause!

19,000+ Live Chats With Clients (4x the 2015 total)

This is a testament to our members and our AMAZING Carrot support staff. You guys were busy and we’re here to help you succeed. Our team helped our Carrot members through the many, many difficult spots in 2016. We process hundreds and hundreds of tickets and live chats per week and we’re humbled by the ratings you gave our team during your interactions with us.

We work very hard so you can spend less time working with our software and more time closing deals.

World-Class Net Promoter Score
(up there with the big boys!!!)

One of the most effective ways to gauge the happiness of your customers and how well (or bad) you’re doing is with something called the “Net Promoter Score”. It’s basically a question (like the one above) that asks how likely you are to recommend Carrot to a friend or colleague. With 500+ responses in the 2nd half of 2016 alone… the vast majority scored us a 9 or 10… leaving us with an impressive NPS of 73.

Now to put that into perspective… here is what some of the most respected companies in the world have scored for their NPS:

Yes, we’re still early in our implementation of Net Promoter Score, but you can better believe that we’re striving in 2017 to make our clients even more happy, successful, and to change the way people expect companies to serve them in the future after they experiene the service the “Carrot Way”.

Over 100,000 YouTube Views, 1k + Subscribers
And Climbing!


Our First Carrot Team Retreat + A Growing Team…

4 years ago, Carrot was a one-man show… then we quickly added our CTO, built out the Customer Success team. Now the team is continually growing to stay ahead of the curve so our members can also stay ahead of the curve from their competition.

We’ve been proud to add 3 more full-time members to the Carrot team. We’re also super excited and humbled to have the opportunity to amplify our members lives as well as our team and their families.


Carrot Office Expansion Of 2016!

As our team grew, we took over more of theLoft Entrepreneur Co-Workspace that we run here in Roseburg, Oregon… quadrupling our square footage and adding a kegerator (which every office needs right?). We added a new content studio, a nice spot for our customer success team to crush it everyday, and more!

 We Launched The CarrotCast Podcast!

This is why we do it…

Finalist In The Oregon Entrepreneur Network
“Entrepreneur Achievement Award” 2016

We didn’t bring home the award, an amazing company won but we were thrilled to be nominated and made it to the final 3… which is a HUGE compliment to what we’re building here at Carrot.

THIS Is Why We Do It…

(So much so, it’s one of our Core Values)

Carrot Members Christmas Carrot Love (gotta love that!)

“Hey Trevor and the Carrot team!

Thank you so much for the books!!! I’m overwhelmed by all of the knowledge in front of me right now! This is the best gift any company has ever given me. Thank you so much!!! It really means a lot. I’m a Carrot fan for life! “Tim Oppelt



Hundreds of Carrot Bud shots from around the world were sent to us throughout the year…

What An Amazing Year. And We’re Grateful To Have You On This Journey With Us. How Was Your Year? 

So, how was your 2016? Let us know below in the comments section. The good, the bad, and the ugly :-)

Also… looking to get a jumpstart on 2017 and get momentum building?

These 2 resources are the most shared and commented we’ve ever made. They can change your life…


Thank you for all you do and for inspiring us everyday to do great things.

Chat with you in 2017!

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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7 responses to “2016 Carrot Year-End Review – We Take Look Back On An Amazing 2016

    1. Hey Lisa! Hope you’re having a great Friday!

      Let’s definitely chat so we can see specifically what you need help with and we’ll help you tackle it…

      … but just like with anything, “expensive” is all relative.

      There are tons of services, solutions, etc. that are way less cost than ours… but don’t deliver the value that we focus on delivering.

      Way back when we started Carrot we had a decision to make…

      … do we focus on being the low cost leader? Or do we focus on being the BEST and help high achieving investors get a higher ROI w/ their business (both time and money).

      Because often times you can’t do both.

      When we first launched our prices were much lower… but what we found pretty quickly was in order to have a strong and healthy business (which is in the best interest of our clients to have us strong and healthy) you need to be able to be sustainable and have margins that’ll allow heavy investment into helping clients succeed.

      This means hiring amazing people, investing in success coaches (which we don’t charge anything for our weekly mastermind calls, 1 on 1 strategy sessions w/ our experts, etc. etc… those are all things you’d have to pay for elsewhere and still not get the high level of expertise we’re able to offer).

      Also if we were to charge lower prices on our marketplace services and run those on volume… that would mean slower turn around times for projects, lower paid entry level workers vs. experts possibly, and we’d have to remove things from the services.

      So it’s kind of one of those things… if we lower our prices we’d have to ask… “what do we remove from the service to enable that price?”

      And we’re not ok with removing anything that we feel is needed to help our clients succeed at a high level.

      Great question by the way!

      But please reach out to us directly on live chat or to me personally at trevorm@oncarrot.com and lets dive in and see what you need the most help with and we’ll make it happen!

      We’re here for ya :-)

  1. hey guys and girls great job and your team is amazing no question is to hard keep up the super works and thanks for all your help

  2. Congrat to the team on performance in 2016. I learned (1) of the co’s core values is to provide a “wow” service to clients. I have reached out several times for assistance with a problem with my sites and have had trouble with responses. Pray this comment will provide a timely response to my service concerns.Thanks in advance for your teams assistance.

    1. Hey Larry! Hope you had a great New Year!

      I saw your comment and we dove into it to investigate to see what the deal is… because even though we have thousands of customers… comments like this are very rare… so I wanted to connect w/ you. In fact, most companies of course would delete this comment rather than letting it post publicly, but in the name of living our Core Values… Transparency is one of them… we let it post.

      I dove into your situation, and the team will be reaching out to you… but it looks like from the support threads from about a month back that you were having some issues w/ your Google Adwords campaign and the pages the PPC management company was sending them too… and looking at your sites w/ us there definitely needs to be some customization done (the logo needs cleaned up, etc.).

      So, it looks like there has been some confusion on both ends over the past couple months in exactly what it is that we need to do to help you nail it.

      Let’s have you hop on that Strategy Call w/ Adrian (we had one setup w/ you but it looks like you didn’t show up… so Adrian left a message and it looks like you too have been able to connect) because I think we can really simplify your online marketing strategy in a big way.

      Also, your website NEEDS some more personalization and that logo needs to be updated as it’s almost impossible to read.

      We’ve got you though! We’ll reach out to setup a call for this week.

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