EP 47: Flipping Vacant Land: How Gary Horton Pivoted His Wholesaling Business In A Tough Market To Be On Track To Flip 100 Pieces Of Bare Land

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Flipping Vacant Land: How to Pivot a Wholesaling Business In A Tough Market

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When you’re confident with whatever it is, you expect the result. You’re not hoping for it – you expect it. So you can say “hey, here’s what we’re going to do and you can just lead.” I think when you’re starting out, your confidence is more like you’re not sure what to do, and I think that is picked up on.
Gary Horton

While most of the real estate market is flooding into flipping houses or wholesaling houses… savvy investors are looking at the gaps in the market where there is an outsized opportunity vs. competition level.

When Carrot client Gary Horton hit a wall wholesaling real estate in San Diego he tested out flipping vacant land… and hasn’t looked back since.

Now Gary buys and sells land all over the West Coast, from his house (or office), does 8-9 flips per month, and barely has any competition.

In this episode, Gary lays out his entire business model from start to finish. His marketing, how he targets sellers, how he sells his properties, his margins, how he does online marketing to drive consistent land deals… EVERYTHING.

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Dive in and listen to Gary’s story and get inspired to go down the path less traveled.

3:20 – Gary’s backstory — Who he is and working a career that he didn’t love.
6:00 – Building confidence and credibility to leave his job and close his first deal.
9:30 – Why he decided to pivot from the truly motivated house seller market to flipping vacant land.
12:45 – Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can save you a lot of pain and time. Walking through the Kolbe Index test.
15:50 – The nuts and bolts of land flipping.
20:30 – Cracking the land flipping code — making the move and dealing with the responsibility that came with it.
23:15 – Gary’s land-buying business model: Buying Baltic Avenue instead of Park Place.

buying cheap land- baltic vs park place

27:55 – What types of situations are the sellers going through to sell their land so cheap? And the strategy behind his direct mail campaigns.
32:05 – The leads from his Carrot website have been very good. Find out how that has helped him open the door for more investment opportunities.
34:35 – How searchers are finding his website: SEO and AdWords on a $1 per day budget.
38:25 – Find out his online stats, such as how he’s been able to profit over $40,000 and only spend $322 on AdWords. 

Gary’s Analytics

land buying website analytics

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42:50 – Building up a seller financing land business that is consistent, predictable, and low-risk.
45:20 – His rule of thumb of pulling a list and what to look for when finding a sweet land buying niche.
48:50 – Diving in deeper into what one of those land buying niche opportunities looks like: From dream communities to land buyers paradise.
52:05 – Land SELLERS: How to market your land listings.
1:01:30 – What are some of Gary’s goals he’s pushing?
1:10:30 – Why he chose Carrot and what it meant to his business.

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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2 responses to “EP 47: Flipping Vacant Land: How Gary Horton Pivoted His Wholesaling Business In A Tough Market To Be On Track To Flip 100 Pieces Of Bare Land

  1. Really enjoyed the podcast with Gary. I’ve switched to the world of land and just now have my land website up on Carrot. I’m doing the business. Have one lot under contract. Would like to see more details of the mechanics of his business.

    1. Sweet Chuck!!! LOVE to see that pivot.

      Hmmm…. maybe we can get Gary to do some sort of training on one of our Coaching Call? I’ll reach out to him! Thanks for the feedback.

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