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7 Ways You Can Grow Your Real Estate Business This Weekend

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We have some great ways to grow your real estate business... and you're gonna be surprised at what you find when you get deep into InvestorCarrot.
We have some great ways to grow your real estate business… and you’re gonna be surprised at what you find when you get deep into InvestorCarrot.

7 Ways To Grow Your Real Estate Business This Weekend

Trying to grow your real estate business can be a challenge at any stage.

(If you wanna read the tips, scroll down… if you wanna read a story about how one investor has really captured the value of Carrot that inspired this post, keep reading. :)

We get it. Man oh man, do we get it.

We are experiencing some major growth here at the moment, and that’s great… it comes with its own set of challenges.

Right now I am feeling extra inspired after a great conversation with Adrian Nez, an investor who joined Carrot years ago and has gone really deep.

He’s been extra successful with video marketing on YouTube, and he’s been speaking to groups of some pretty stellar investors on the topic… while at the same time promoting Carrot, not because we asked him to, but because he believes in us and what we’re doing.

We love hearing this stuff because it totally validates what we’re doing. We love to help people grow.

The Carrot team is very lucky because we get to hear from people every day how Carrot has helped grow their business and changed their lives…

Every day is an awesome day! Your product is awesome. I have not been using it to its full potential, however, I have been on a mission to systemize my businesses and the wholesaling business is next. Your podcast is awesome and inspirational. I loved the one that was just released where you discussed states and affirmations. Real estate investing can be a cut throat business and it’s good to know that people like you and your team do exist and are adding value to people every day.

I have spoken with Adrian a few times and he’s always got amazing ideas that absolutely work so I am sure I will be scheduling another call with him soon. I am glad I found you guys!! – Erik Miller 

“So I am the cheapest person on the planet and I was SOOOOO reluctant to pay for a real website – I built a real POS one on another site. In a year I think I got one hit on it. Honestly. My leads were all based on mailers. Well, long story short.

I decided to give you all a chance. Well, in less than 12 days I closed my first deal off a lead I got from your website. I followed the steps you all have outlined and used some google ads and the traffic came. I just closed a deal that make me $18,500…which is equivalent to about 15 years worth of cost. AMAZINNNNNNG” – Matthew Giannini

This whole thing has been a Carrot team execution. We are lucky because we get to hear a lot of good news from folks (like Adrian) who have taken Carrot as a platform and used it to create major growth for themselves, and their business.

Man, it feels great to be a part of something that is accomplishing that for people!

So the inspiration to write this post… Because your growth matters a lot to us.

A long time ago, Adrian said that when he got started with Carrot, he didn’t really see the value. He thought he was buying a website. But then he got deeper into Carrot, and he invested time into our 3 Lead Per Day, participated in the webinars… even got to know Trevor… and he’s gotten to know a bunch of other members, too – and now he sees it in a completely different way.

I know exactly what he means.

Historic Point of View

My experience has been really similar.

I haven’t shared this before with many folks, but I’ve known Trevor for a few years now.

I met him because of our shared interest in building entrepreneurship for our community… a little town in Southern Oregon called Roseburg. I’d been hired by the Cow Creek Tribe of the Umpqua Band of Indians – they’ve got one of the most successful casinos around – to help them launch the business incubator that the US government gave them about $3.75 million to create to inspire economic development.

It’s a pretty cool project that has done some good for the town and will continue to help, but honestly… Trevor has done more to help catalyze entrepreneurship around here than those millions of dollars have done. I’m not saying that to toot his horn or anything, it’s just part of who Trevor is in the world.

He’s a connector. He builds networks and platforms that help people grow.

In our town, Trevor has built a group of entrepreneurs and an entrepreneurship launch hub. He’s helped create a competition for venture capital with other local angel investors. There’s probably a bunch of other stuff he’s done that I don’t know about because Trevor doesn’t brag about it. He just does it. I respect that a lot.

Anyway, I knew Trevor was up to cool things online, and I was working on other projects when I started to learn about InvestorCarrot last year.

I thought, oh cool, websites for investors. Right on.

I thought it was a smart business to be in… I knew Trevor was a super-sharp guy… but I really didn’t understand the value that was being built into this business even then.

It took me a while to really grasp what Trevor was doing, and how this thing was a genius in the setup. Honestly, I am pretty sure I don’t know 99% of what Trevor has planned for this company… and I’ve had the chance to talk with him for hours about it, plus I’ve been working full-time on it for this whole year.

I feel totally aligned with the strategy, and yet… I am seeing how we’ve only begun to chip at the top of the iceberg.

What’s at the center of this thing, then – what’s the real value in Carrot?

It’s the same thing that Adrian discovered, and what I’ve heard from so many other clients… it’s the learning.

Trevor has brought a ton of great information that he’s learned from countless others, and what he’s developed and learned himself along the way… and shared that knowledge to help others grow really killer businesses, too.

Roseburg is a small town, so it was easy for me to find Trevor – he was on the front page of the paper.

Once we met, we clicked – both of us have a background in real estate and marketing, plus we believe a lot in giving way more value than we take, especially when it comes to family, business and community… life, and in everything, really. :)

This is a snapshot of where we’re at as a company.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve had the chance to speak directly with hundreds of investors from around the country, and I’ve seen some have incredible success.

We learn a ton from our members… learning is deeply embedded into the culture here, which is key to growing a platform company like Carrot.

The Secret to Success

One thing that the folks who aren’t succeeding all seem to have in common: they’ve convinced themselves that something is holding them back from success. In most cases, it’s something other than themselves.

People blame the market, or technology, or their competition… instead of just focusing on what they themselves can do to improve and grow.

Or even worse… they shame themselves with negative thoughts and judgments, like “I am too [dumb/old/poor/slow] to learn internet marketing”.

Or they listen to the wrong people. You can always find people who will tell you why you shouldn’t even bother trying. They’re everywhere.

Regardless of the reason, it’s super common for people to give up before they even get started.

But here’s what we wanted to give you… some simple ways to move things forward, no matter what level you’re on.

Even if you’re a seasoned investor with a big portfolio or a total rookie, you can do the things on this list.

No matter what age, shape, color, gender, orientation, religion… good content marketing works for anybody, in any business. After all, only bad content marketing doesn’t work. ;)

So if you’re feeling stuck, and wanting some ways that you can move things forward… pick one of these things off the list and get it done.

This is assuming you’ve already got your Motivated Seller and Cash Buyer sites up and running, along with some good testimonials… if you haven’t done that, then that’s probably the best place to start.

Don’t forget to reward yourself… once you do one of these easy tasks this weekend – shouldn’t take more than an hour or two – then get outside, get moving, take a walk, go to your favorite restaurant, have your favorite cocktail, go for a bike ride, take a paddle in a canoe, ride a horse, paint a picture, read a book, cook a great meal, have a laugh with a baby, play with a pet, catch up with a dear friend… whatever will refresh you, reward you and inspire you to feel your best.

But since you want to know how to grow your business, here it is:

7 Easy Ways To Grow Your Real Estate Business This Weekend

1. Make an offer on a property

You don’t need a website to invest in property. Go make an offer on a property that’s been lingering on the market. Go visit an open house that’s for sale by owner and throw ’em a lowball, just for the practice. Walk up to a house that’s falling apart, knock on the door, and hand whoever answers a $5 bill – tell ’em it’s a down payment, that you want to get them more money as fast as they need it.

Please use caution, because real estate investment involves taking risks. Don’t risk your life, and don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose. But if you wanna buy real estate, you’ve gotta make offers.

If you haven’t made offers on at least a dozen properties this week, go look on Craigslist for something to make an offer on – now!

2. Connect your RSS feed with your email

If you don’t have a solid lead nurture campaign, the fastest and easiest thing you can do is just connect your blog with your email list so that every time you add a new post, it automatically sends an email to your list.

I told you how to do that here, but this just got wicked cool since we added our Content Pro plan – for just $99 per month (special offer, limited time), you can use our database of awesome articles tailored to specific audiences and schedule those posts to be automatically added to your site, too.

So once you connect your email, you can completely automate your blog and your lead nurture… does it get any easier?

3. Teach yourself a new skill

Pick something and start learning! In just a couple of hours, you can get a lot better at something that’s been holding you back… internet marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing… Anyone can access a huge amount of free training just on our YouTube Channel.

 If you’re already a member, you have access to our 3 Lead Per Day Trainings here, plus recordings of our past webinars here.

4. Upgrade your offer, then share it with your audience

Most investors are doing the same thing – “Get A Cash Offer Today” – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But can you find a way to make your offer just a little sweeter? Got something of value you can offer, like a gift certificate, moving costs, or a guarantee?

Make sure you stay compliant with all the laws in your area, because some states have very strict rules on this sort of thing… but there are always ways to make your offer more compelling and differentiate yourself.

Find one, and put up a lead page about it… then start sharing it as much as possible. See what happens – you just might get a ton of great leads!

5. Post a new blog post, then repost it on Craigslist

Are you communicating with your target audience in your local market, or just imitating others? One of the best ways to improve your business is to work on your writing.

Start putting out a weekly blog post – explain to sellers how you can help them sell fast, and why it matters. Look at other blogs for inspiration… or just use our Content Pro tool to schedule out your next batch of posts.

But make sure to repost on Craigslist – it’s a great source of leads. This post will explain how to use Craigslist to get Motivated Sellers.

6. Write a one-page business plan

Here’s how to make a great one-page business plan fast:

    1. Take a single sheet of blank paper, fold it in half, then half again – so you’ve got 4 quadrants.
    2. Label your 4 quadrants: Values, Strategy, Focus, and Top Priorities
    3. Write down your Values – what drives you, motivates you, and inspires you.
    4. Write down your Strategy – just a short summary of what you do in a paragraph, such as wholesaling, short sales, etc. Bonus points for more specific, targeted niche strategies that differentiate you from your competition.
    5. Write down your Focus –  how would you describe your ideal target customer as a person? What motivates him/her? What is your pathway to reach this person?
    6. Write down your Top Priorities – what are the most important things you need to accomplish to take your business to the next level? Don’t get distracted by the “urgent” stuff — most of it isn’t really important. You might need an extra piece of paper to list out all the ideas you have to grow your business, then just use a highlighter to isolate your top 10… then put it in priority order of what’s most important

There’s a lot of great ways to do business planning, and this method isn’t a substitute for the type of local market and investment research that you should do in order to make sure you’re on track for the kind of success that you want.

But, fitting your Values, Strategy, Focus, and Top Priorities on one page and hanging it up in a spot where you can see it every day when you get to work will really help you stay on task for the next 90 days until you do this exercise again.

It’s a great use of an hour or two on the weekend.

7. Do something good for your community

Real estate is all about community, and yet a lot of investors aren’t really tapped into what’s going on around them. Take a couple of hours this weekend and do something good for other people.

Take a box of food to the local food pantry. Donate some money to a great organization. Work at a lemonade stand with some kids as a fundraiser. Do some research and find a group near you working on an issue you feel is important.

Ask at church or your place of worship how you can get involved with helping others. Join up with a Rotary or Kiwanis or another service group. Mentor a kid. Visit a retirement home and talk to someone who is lonely.

While it might not seem like those are suggestions to grow your business, once you get involved in what’s happening in your community you’ll find that doors magically open for you.

You’ll get introduced to people who want to help you grow. You can create partnerships with local organizations that benefit you both. Get creative and step outside of your comfort zone in order to help other people, and you’ll be surprised by the rewards.

Here’s the most important thing you need to know in order to grow your real estate business: just keep moving forward. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You’ll never reach your destination if you never try… so take that first step now!

Hope you have a really fun – and super productive – weekend!

Aaron McManus

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7 responses to “7 Ways You Can Grow Your Real Estate Business This Weekend

  1. Great info here. Especially upgrading your offer. The investor sites that have good conversion rates I noticed have really nailed this. I’m giving away a free home analysis but I think I can come up with something better, a market update, E Book, who knows.

    There is so much on this blog post. If anyone did half of the things you mentioned they would be filling up their pipeline to have consistent deal flow.

    1. Great points Jon!

      Ya man, we’re continually testing things and we’ve been increasing conversions each and every week for our members sites. Get to implementing man! Heck, increase your conversion rate from 6% to 10% over the course of a year… that’s an extra 4 leads for every 100 visits to your website… one of those 4 extra leads per 100 visitors you’re now getting could be new deals that you’re currently missing!

      We’re here for ya man! Thanks for the commment!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I am just getting started with Investor Carrot and I have gotten about 4 leads. So far I have only gotten through the first training module!!! I joined a webinar at the Q&A stage and knew right away that this was something that I had never really seen with my websites!!! I am looking forward to a good real estate investing season!!! Thanks Investor Carrot

  3. Wonderful article Aaron! I really liked it and you made several good points. Investor Carrot has absolutely helped to grow my business and the trainings have so much value to them. I just love that I made the decision to jump on the bandwagon several months ago. I really appreciate everything that you all do over there. Thanks so much!

  4. Thanks for sharing such nice article. I and one of my friend planning to start real estate investment plan. We are researching from last 2 months to know how we can start. NIce to read this article.

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