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EP 183: How I Grossed $1.6 Million Flipping Land Using Leads Other Investors Are Ignoring w/ Willie Goldberg

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$1.6 Million Gross Profit Wholesaling Land Deals Other Investors are Ignoring

What’s up, everyone! If you’ve listened to the CarrotCast in the past, you’ll know that we’ve done a few episodes on flipping land and how beneficial it can be. I don’t think most investors recognize the value of vacant land.

You won’t have to physically visit the site, there aren’t any plumbing, roofing, or heating systems to maintain, and best of all, the competition is usually much lower. 

Willie Goldberg has been a real estate investor for only 2.5 years. While most people are throwing away land deals, he’s made $1.6 million gross in the last 12 months!

Using his Carrot sites, he’s been able to generate 60 deals in the past few months alone! 

Today I’m super excited to sit down with Willie to discuss how he first got into land, what he’s doing to capture his leads and to learn his strategy of how he plans to close 500 land deals over the next 12 months!

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How I Grossed $1.6 Million Flipping Land Using Leads Other Investors Are Ignoring w/ Willie Goldberg

What do you do when you get a land lead? While many people throw these leads away, for Willie Goldberg, it is how he has built his business. After learning about many types of real estate investment, Willie settled on land when he realized there was incredibly low overhead and he could buy and sell from anywhere. 

Will Goldberg first started his business in April of 2017. Since college, he had worked in finance, but he knew it wasn’t the lifestyle he was after. Becoming an entrepreneur through real estate became his goal, and in May of 2018, he was able to quit his job to pursue it full-time. 

Today, Willie lives in Chicago, but his primary market is in Southern California. He is also buying and selling land in other places such as New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, and a few other states. His current team consists of a partner, a salesperson in the Chicago office, a Transaction Coordinator, and a VA in the Philippines. 

Finding Land Sellers

Even with an excellent Carrot Website for your land business, you’ll need to have a way to direct them there. For many land investors, direct mail is how leads are initially activated. That initial piece of contact will direct them to your site.

For Willie, his direct mail piece is a simple and to the point offer letter. He mails to micro-geographic areas with blanket offers for vacant lots. 

Determining Offer Prices

The first recommendation Willie has when it comes to creating his offers is to not overthink it. His strategy is to use Datatree while pulling comps from Zillow,, and Landwatch. He will determine an offer price that is fair and will still get him a deal, and out the mailers go.

Of course, if someone calls in and their land is actually valued much higher or much lower, Willie and his team will present a counteroffer that makes more sense.  

Finding Land Buyers

For Willie, as with many other real estate investors, Facebook Marketplace has proven to be an excellent place to capture leads. He has a VA who manages Facebook, answering all of the inquiries from ads they post. Their emails are collected to create a huge potential buyers list. 

Willie also offers to his buyers is owner financing. This has been monumental in his success. By offering owner financing, he is able to get the lots sold faster, all while creating a guaranteed monthly income for himself, something many real estate wholesalers often lack.

Another great way to bring buyers in the door is through videoposts. I am always a big proponent of video to build credibility and connection with potential clients. Your videos don’t have to be complex. A quick cell phone video of you in front of your computer can be very powerful. 

You can take your videos one step further by using our awesome video post feature, which will allow you to shoot and post a transcribed video in less than 10 minutes! 

Building Credibility As A Land Seller

Right on his website, Willie allows buyers to use a credit card to purchase a property through owner financing. But in order to covert, he has to make sure people realize that his company is real and that they will actually receive the land they are paying for. To do this, it is important to build trust and credibility as a land seller. 

Willie has done this through video, email campaigns, and with the information provided on his about page. He has done a very good job of this too. Willie landed on our radar after we saw his site was generating 3,000-4,000 leads!

His customized Carrot site was generating high-quality leads that he is now helping others do the same with his Land Flipping Course. He now has over 75 coaching students, with more and more learning his methods by the day! 

If you are a current Carrot customer who is interested in land, head over to Carrot to check out our land sites. You can get one up and running without much customization or effort! Stop throwing away your land leads, follow in Willie’s footsteps to start generating revenue from an often overlooked niche! 

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