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Why A Sales Funnel isn’t Enough… Here’s How to Build a Sales Vortex (For Real Estate Investors)

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Welcome to another edition of the Carrot Test Kitchen… where we break down our recipes and show you how to create insanely great lead generation sites for your real estate business.

Today we’re talking about a powerful concept that is really at the heart of the InvestorCarrot strategy… but until now it’s never been named.

Update: When I wrote this piece I had no idea that a book already existed that described a Sales Vortex in exactly the same way. Teddy Garcia is kind enough offer a free e-book here on the concept that our readers will find very useful, so go check it out! I’ll leave the rest of this piece intact, and thanks to Teddy Garcia and Jay Abraham for their great insights into marketing.

It’s called a Sales Vortex – the automated version of the old-school Sales Funnel.

It spins on its own, powered by an intense force that attracts customers to your business like iron to a magnet.

We’ll be breaking down this concept on our next live coaching call  <— click now to register! (InvestorCarrot members only!) Plus we’ve got a Surprise Special Guest on that call… a Successful Real Estate Investor Who Is About To Build A Sales Vortex. (More about that at the end of this post).

In this post, I’ll explain the core concept and give you some steps and strategies that you can use right away to grow your real estate investment business.

First, here’s the classic sales funnel:

building a sales vortex.005
This is the really old-school way of doing things… The core idea of nurturing relationships is still the same, but new technologies allow one person to do so much more than before.

As I said, the Vortex is the way that you really increase your deal flow… it’s about automation and making really good use of technology.

building a sales vortex
What business doesn’t want a Money Pipeline shooting revenue into their bank account, right?

The core idea is the same… it’s really a matter of speed, velocity, and automation.

As the chart below shows, a Sales Vortex is Fast, Automated, and it Grows.

A Sales Funnel is Slow, Needy, and Inanimate.

building a sales vortex.007
There are some major advantages to building a Sales Vortex when compared with a traditional Sales Funnel.

Here’s the breakdown of the pieces of the Sales Vortex:

building a sales vortex
A Sales Vortex is an incredibly powerful automated flow of deals to your business.

In the Introduction phase, a person is just finding out about your business for the very first time.

For example, if they searched for the phrase “sell my house today cash” and your landing page was on the first page of the search results, that page visit would be their first Introduction to your business.

Your landing page describes your offer – it’s one place where Conversion can happen (on an InvestorCarrot site there are many places for Conversion to occur –  such as the front page, posts, articles, or on lead pages).

Once the Lead has been Converted, how does your business Nurture that person?

In last week’s post I discussed a free way to use Mailchimp (or other similar software) to Nurture your list, but there are many ways. Personally, I’m a huge fan of promoting community events to my email lists (even creating awesome events too on occassion). There are tons of great ways to Nurture your lists – but the most important thing is that you Always Nurture!

(Sidenote: It always amazes me to see how much people spend to get leads, then never contact them more than once or twice. What a waste! If you build real relationships with people, you’ll have deals and referrals for life.)

Once you’ve really established the systems to Nurture your leads, then you’re ready to start adding more value.

What other products and services can you offer to your lists?

Of course you can get paid as an affiliate for selling awesome products like InvestorCarrot, but the best way to grow a real estate investment business is by really growing your community.

Once your Nurture sequences are set up and running, start Localizing your Lead Pages and really promoting the heck out of the small businesses and services in your community on your blog.

People love to know about awesome little finds around them, so show them what’s neat in their community!

If you promote well-connected organizations like restaurants, bars, churches, non-profits and other community groups around you, those groups will often send traffic to your pages… along with their implicit testimonial.

But think about it from a big-picture perspective really quick… if you’re really investing in a long-term content marketing strategy as a way to grow your real estate investment company, doesn’t it make sense to add a lot of great content about the neighborhood around you?

That kind of content is really valuable to the different types of audiences that most real estate investors are trying to attract, as seen in the graphic below.

building a sales vortex.019
It’s really important that your websites, lead pages, and lists are built to Nurture the right audiences… otherwise you won’t experience really high conversion and growth rates.

That’s why InvestorCarrot’s Pro Plan features 3 sites – one site targets Cash Buyers, one site targets Motivated Sellers, and one site targets Rent-to-Own Tenants.

Each site is fully loaded with content so that you’re ready to add Credibility – the case studies, testimonials, and company story that you provide is what helps your site’s visitors to build trust in your business.

It’s pretty easy to get started with InvestorCarrot – those sites are like powerful magnets that help build the core force of your Sales Vortex. Our sites are proven to convert at really high rates.

Once you’ve established your InvestorCarrot site, you’re ready to build the next pieces of the Sales Vortex, as seen in the chart below.

building a sales vortex.031
This Lead Generation Planning Grid shows you the Big Steps involved with setting up your Sales Vortex.

Now, please understand that it will probably take you a year to get through to Step 5 in the chart above.

The chart below should help you set some realistic expectations for yourself, but obviously if you’re able to utilize a virtual assistant or let us do the SEO work for you, your business can grow faster.

building a sales vortex.029
Set realistic expectations with yourself, or find ways to utilize a team to do the work for you… so you can do the deals.

Of course you should create a grid like this that reflects your own business… this is just here as an example.

I threw in Events as a marketing category, simply because I know a lot of investors aren’t making the most of existing events that are out there… and they’re not benefiting from the great work that they do in the community by linking up their Marketing with a Cause. But we’ll talk more about that in future posts.

Hopefully these examples make some sense, and will help you to outline your own 12 month plan to grow your marketing (and revenue) by making the most of your InvestorCarrot site.

Carrot Members: Sign up now to register for this week’s Coaching Call so we can break down the fundamentals of the Sales Vortex.

Here’s what you’ll learn in that call:

– The Difference Between a Sales Funnel & a Sales Vortex
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– How to Establish the Initial Pipeline to Get Deals Flowing
– Why Credibility Matters So Much (& the Data to Prove It!)
– Designing the Perfect Spiral (Allows For Deal Flow)
– Connecting Automation Tools to Accelerate Deal Flow
– How to Target the Specific Audience You Need
– Understanding the Marketing Strategy that Supports Growth
… Then We’ll Plan A Vortex For Real RE Investors Who are Ready to Accelerate Their Business Growth!

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Can’t wait to see you there!

Aaron McManus

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