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Our “Secret” Recipe for Real Estate Lead Generation

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We know the recipe for real estate lead generation… and we’ve baked it into our sites, plus we dissect it in our pieces of training – all to help you succeed.

Here’s the recipe for real estate lead generation:

Traffic + Conversions = Leads

I know that’s a little simple, so let me break that down for you into its components.

Where does Traffic come from?

Traffic can come from any source, including ads, signs, flyers, Craigslist, or local search.

Not all traffic is equal.

Traffic from search terms like “how do I sell my house fast for cash” tends to produce better leads than search terms like “what’s my house worth” – the first term has a lot more urgency than the second.

In our recipe for lead generation, traffic is like the ingredients… if you use crummy, low-quality ingredients, you’ll get crummy, low-quality results. In food, high-quality ingredients often cost more – unless you grow them yourself.

Same with Traffic. You can get great traffic by spending tons of money on huge advertising campaigns, but it will cost you. Personally, I’m cheap, so I hate spending money when I don’t have to.

If you want to learn how to drive Traffic to your sites without spending a ton of money, you have to learn about SEO and inbound search marketing. It can be a bit complicated and daunting when you’re first starting out, and that’s why we’ve made really comprehensive training programs to help you learn the skills you need to “grow your own” traffic.

But before you start building up Traffic, you’ve gotta have a website that converts your traffic into a lead, or all your traffic building efforts are wasted.

How Does Lead Conversion Work?

If Traffic is like the ingredients that make up one half of the lead generation recipe, conversion is a lot like the Preparation side… it’s how you put the pieces together that makes all the difference.

One cook can take some simple vegetables, meat and herbs, add some heat in a skillet and turn out a gourmet meal.

Another wanna-be chef might have the most expensive ingredients, an elaborate, high-end kitchen with all the bells and whistles… and still manages to ruin the recipe.

Lead conversion is the same way, except instead of burning the beans… your website is burning your leads.

Let me explain with a few examples of real estate investors whose websites don’t convert:

– One investor website had the phrase “don’t bother submitting your info if you’re not willing to sell your house for less than 80% of market value”… and then asked me why he wasn’t getting any leads.

– Often I see investor websites with forms buried on the bottom of the page, or not even on the main page of their website. Without a clear focus and a call-to-action, you won’t get any lead conversions.

Bonus: 4 Reasons You’re Not Getting The Real Estate Leads You Want Online

– It’s common for investors to jam up one website with multiple target audiences, then completely mix up their messages. On one page you’ll see “get a great cash offer for your property!” and on another, “we make tons of money from discount properties!” Those kinds of conflicting messages will lower your conversions, which is why the question of “how many websites do I need” is so critical to answer.

What Makes Traffic Convert Into Leads?

There are a bunch of factors that go into conversion… trust and credibility are huge.

People have to believe that you can solve their problem. Everyone thinks his or her problem is unique.

– Motivated sellers have to believe that you will give them a fair cash offer, and can close fast.

– Cash buyers have to believe that you have a legitimate, discounted property for sale.

– Private lenders have to believe that you’ll pay back their loan.

Rent-to-own tenants have to believe that you won’t screw them out of the property.

But that’s just scratching the surface… all the factors on the page make a huge difference, like colors, fonts, arrows, forms, and of course the words you use.

How valuable is Lead Generation for your real estate business?

Most real estate professionals depend upon transactions… and every transaction begins with a lead.

So what’s lead generation worth to you?

If you had more leads, would you do more business?

Could you make more money?

Our goal is to empower our Carrot Members with the best tools to generate leads out there.

We’ve built powerful websites that launch in just seconds… and we’ve spent thousands of dollars testing them to generate the highest conversion rates in the real estate industry.

But just like with cooking, even the best frying pan can’t make the meal for you.

That’s why we focus so much on creating great training’s to help you grow your lead generation skills.

Launching your website is only the beginning of the value you get from InvestorCarrot.

For some customers, it’s a mindset shift… they’re looking for someone to generate leads for them, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Some people just don’t want to do the work that it takes to learn the skills of inbound marketing.

They’ll always depend upon other people to do the work for them… and they’ll never get the insanely great results that come from really understanding how lead generation works.

It’s a mindset shift.

To get great results from your lead generation efforts, you need to gain the right set of skills.

Fortunately, we teach these skills every week in our Live Coaching Calls… included in our Pro memberships (if you’re not already a member, sign up here now).

Make sure you join up for this week’s call – just click here to claim your place now.

Want to know more about Lead Generation?

Here’s a great call from a little while back that will really help you understand what you’ve gotta know to generate leads for your real estate business:

InvestorCarrot Mastermind Call - April 30th - Thinking About Lead Gen

Hope that helps, and let us know what we can do for you!

Aaron McManus

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