Real Estate Lead Generation Ninja Tricks: How Investors Can Stand Out from the Crowd

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to generate leads in highly competitive markets.

Time to become a ninja.

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Inventory is low.

Real estate investment firms are spending huge amounts of money on pay-per-click campaigns these days, but they’re spending too much.

We were just snooping today on PPC spending by some of those national companies infiltrating markets around the country.

We’ve got a sneaky tool that we’re using to do some competitive research – and we found one company that is spending over $100K per month on just PPC to generate leads.


It’s tempting for me to call that company up and say, hey – betcha we can get you a lot more leads with just a fraction of that money, but I’m not gonna do that.

Here at InvestorCarrot, we’d rather help the little guys to succeed.

The hedge fund dudes have enough help, so let ’em overpay Google. I love that we teach our members how to use Google’s free tools to grow their business.

We’d rather tell our members (and the folks who should be our members, but aren’t yet – ya you, I’m talking to you…) how to beat out the competition in your market, even when they’re outspending you.

It’s at the heart of the Inbound Marketing Strategy… the core strategy that makes our sites so successful.

I’ve told you about this strategy in earlier posts before, but now we’re making it even better.

Trevor has built an insanely great new presentation that is gonna knock your socks off… it explains a ton of the “hidden value” that is baked right into the Carrot sites.

He delivered this in person in Portland to a real estate investor association meeting, and 75% of the room signed up for the sites right away because of what he said in this presentation.

It’s not what you normally hear from a marketing company… but it’s 100% true.

If you’re struggling at all with bringing leads into your business, you have gotta sign up now. Go click that link now, sign up, and come back to this blog post.

Okay, are you signed up? Good. :)

Can I differentiate myself from the other folks who are using InvestorCarrot?

You bet!

Differentiating yourself is important, but it’s not going to happen because of the tool that you use… it’s gonna happen with how you use the tool.

Most basic examples are Twitter and Microsoft Word. Lots of competing business use those tools, and we’re not any different – we provide a technology that works, but the results gained from the tool depend on the user.

It’s just like a basketball. In the hands of Kobe Bryant, a basketball is worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year. In my hands, a basketball is pretty much worthless.

But hey, at least I understand real estate marketing. ;)

Being a real estate investor is tough, but  at least getting started in real estate isn’t as hard as getting into the NBA. It’s tough out there these days for a house flipper in some areas of the US.

In many markets, we’ve got clients who are competing for traffic from the same search terms, and they’re each using our sites.

Some of our newer customers are getting a little bit worried, though… they’re feeling kinda behind the times.

But don’t worry – it’s great that you’re getting started! If you’re in a market where one of our investors is using our tool, reach out to them and say hi. There are probably many ways for you to “divide and conquer” that market together.

97% of our Carrot Customers are very collaborative people who share our core values and want to learn together (and the 3% who “don’t get it” won’t be our customers for long… if anyone is a jerk to you, just don’t worry about ’em and move on to someone who appreciates the value you bring to the table… that’s why we make it such a low-hassle process to cancel, cause we don’t want to take money from someone who doesn’t appreciate the huge value baked into our membership).

There are so many opportunities within a busy market to make money, and a lot more value to be gained from working as a team than working alone.

Never be shy to say hello (to any investor or real estate professional) and see if there might be a great opportunity for you to partner up and make money together.

Building great relationships is a really key component of any engagement strategy – like the kind that are built into Carrot websites.

Our sites come fully loaded with content that’s proven to convert so that you can get started right away… then later, when you’ve got your online marketing humming, you can evolve your brand and focus more on differentiation.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they need to differentiate themselves right away, and they actually don’t… they’re focusing too much on their competition, and not enough on their customers.

Why should investors focus on their customers instead of their competition?

It’s very rare (in our experience) for a Motivated Seller to cross-shop for investors. The folks who would do that typically either sell their house as a FSBO or list it with an agent. Most often the folks who sell their houses to an investor find the first person/business they can trust and ask for an offer.

That’s why the most important thing you can do at the beginning is just to *drive traffic* to the site… *not* focus on trying to beat your competition in search rankings right away (that takes a lot of time), but finding other ways to reach people — stuff like direct mail, signs, flyers, craigslist ads, etc – anything that has your website on it that you can get in front of someone who might want to sell their property is a potential way to drive traffic… and quite frankly, lots of folks are neglecting the old-school ways of growing their business to focus only on the internet. In my opinion, that’s a mistake.

Building quality traffic to your site *should* happen from many sources… you don’t want your business to depend upon one source of traffic (like a search engine, since rankings can change overnight).

Our focus as a company is helping investors to build insanely good marketing engines for their businesses… that happens from Traffic & Conversions, which we study intensely and teach in our blog posts, webinars,  training programs, etc…. you’ll get the most value from us by diving in deep into the materials that you’ll be able to access as a member… and then you’ll get the real value from our systems by putting those marketing lessons to use!

So if you’ve been hanging on the fence and deciding if you’re ready to get started with some serious online lead generation, just sign up for this upcoming webinar right now.

If you’re already a member and you’re looking to differentiate yourself in your market, check out the recording of last week’s webinar where I gave our Members an exclusive special sneak peek at our upcoming Market Domination Plan.

Wanna know the secret behind Market Domination?

You probably won’t believe me…

It’s all about great storytelling.

Why is storytelling so important for real estate investors?

Every transaction is like a story… it has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Your local market is waiting to hear your story.

Motivated sellers are waiting near you to hear all about how you can help them get a great price for their house, close in just a few weeks, and eliminate the hassles of a burdensome property from their lives.

Cash buyers are ready to hear that you can help them secure great investment properties at an awesome discount.

Others near you are waiting to hear that you can help them get a rental property today that they can own later.

Each one of those folks wants to believe that you’ll help them provide the solution to their problems.

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