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EP 200: 100% Virtual Real Estate Investing | How To Find The Best BRRR Deals, Private Money, Consistent High-Quality Leads, and More w/ Jon Tran

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Real Estate Investing 100% Virtually | How To Find The Best BRRR Deals & Private Money w/ Jon Tran

When you are first starting out, it’s so important to figure out who you really are. You may want to change your income, but none of that will change until you do.

Jon Tran

100% Virtual Real Estate Investing | How To Find The Best BRRR Deals, Private Money, Consistent High-Quality Leads, and More w/ Jon Tran

Not every investor is the same – and that definitely rings true for Jon Tran, who many of you will resonate with. Jon left med school to partner up with his brother, where together they’ve built a pretty slick operation.

Jon lives in San Diego, but 99% of his deals are fix n’ flips and buy & holds in rural Wisconsin. This allows him to hyperfocus on his lead gen and marketing.

Today you’ll not only get a raw inside look at what led to this wild transformation story, but also what he’s learned, and what’s crushing it for him right now via virtual real estate investing.

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One of my favorite things about what I do is connecting with Carrot customers and learning about their personal journeys.

Johnathan Tran is a CarrotCast listener, turned camper, turned investor. I wanted to have Jon on here to share what can happen once you make that mindset shift and change your energy.

When you really commit, follow-through, and hustle when you need to, incredible things can happen… even when you aren’t doing business the same way everyone else is. Jon and his brother are proof of that. 

Jon’s Unique Business Model

Jon lives in San Diego but to acquire rentals in Southern California will take a lot of upfront capital. Instead, Jon and his brother started virtual real estate investing in the Racine/Kenosha area, a community they are very familiar with, which is about 30 minutes south of Milwaulkee.

They use the BRRRR method which involves buying, rehabbing, renting, and refinancing. They have also done a few flips which proved to be very profitable for them. 

Over the past 18 months, they have been able to acquire 10 rentals and $350k in equity. They’ve done this by stacking up multiple bricks in their marketing and making sure they were utilizing different channels. Today they are using 5 or 6 different marketing methods, all of which have proven to have great results. 

When it comes to Craigslist ads, you can make it a point to search each day for FSBOs. You can search within these ads for specific words that would indicate they are a highly-motivated seller. Once you find these people, reach out and build a rapport. 

Making The Skeleton Dance

Their first Craigslist deal turned out to be one of those unicorn deals you only find every once and awhile. One reason they were able to close is because they did something called, “Making the Skeleton Dance.”

Instead of hiding the fact that they were novice investors, they told the seller point blank that this was the first house they were buying. Not only did they let the skeleton out of the closet, but they made him dance!

The seller went above and beyond to help them get the deal done with numbers that would work. Instead of pretending to be pros, their honesty and likability paid off. 

The Great Mindset Shift

Jon’s business is booming, but it wasn’t always this way. Right out of college, he felt a little lost, unsure of which direction he wanted to go. With so much time invested in Medical School, he felt he should proceed, but something told him it wasn’t the path he was meant to be on.

He would find himself lying in bed for hours, not sure how to even start his day. It’s something I see in a lot of entrepreneurs… a depression that sets in when they have gone as far as they are going to go on one journey before they have found the next. 

Jon started listening to the CarrotCast and downloaded a copy of our habit tracker. He began to become more focused and determined in what he wanted to do. He spent time journaling in the morning, reading, and exercising. He’s lost over 60lbs and has made a huge shift personally. 

Fueling Your Passions

Something Jon pointed out that a really resonate with has to do with starting a business based on your passion. For me, my passion isn’t necessarily real estate or SEO. For me, it’s about the lives I can change by doing what I do. It’s about the connections I can make and lessons I can learn. For Jon, his passion isn’t an activity, it is an emotion. His passion changes as it is a feeling he gets when something fires him up. 

When we first met Jon at CarrotCamp, he was an up and coming investor who had the energy we are always looking for. We connected on Instagram where I saw the shifts he was making in his own life and I knew he had to join us.

CarrotCamp was the perfect place for Jon because he was able to pick the brains of several top investors who had been in his shoes. The bonds and friendships formed will last a lifetime. The amazing energy brought to CarrotCamp by our attendees is off the charts.

Our CarrotCamps are typically held in May and September and can offer incredible opportunities for growth both personally and professionally. We’re incredibly excited to see when Jon takes his business and we would love to see you at our next CarrotCamp! 

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