6 Proven Real Estate Lead Conversion Secrets to Implement Now

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Want to know how some real estate investors are getting insanely high conversion rates on their websites? Keep reading!

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Real Estate Lead Conversion: 6 Simple Strategies You Can Implement Now
Some of our real estate investor websites convert at rates as high as 46% (or more!) – that means that 46% of visitors become leads! That significantly beats standard conversion rates across other industries by a wide margin. We’ll show you how they can do that… these six real estate lead conversion strategies will help you get started right away.

6 Proven Real Estate Lead Conversion Secrets You NEED to Implement Now!

Social proof is a huge motivator. It shows your customers that people like them will buy what you’re selling.

If you have great examples you can use, then be specific! Including numbers, photos and videos help boost your credibility even more.

Even if you’re just starting out in the business, you should be able to find others who will endorse you as a great person, because you’re awesome! :)

Make sure your real estate investor websites have a great photo that helps show you for the trustworthy person you are.

Your bio is essential for great conversions. Make sure that your bio is written with your audience in mind – a seller in foreclosure might not be impressed with your fancy credentials, but they will want to know that you’re a seasoned real estate investor who can be trusted.

Don’t add anything to the page that will clutter up your objective. Unless your video is built to help you increase conversions, it may be a distraction!

Everything on your page should direct back to the activity you want. On this page, it’s getting motivated sellers to complete the form. Keep things simple… for every component of your web page, ask yourself “is this helping me generate leads?”

If the answer is no, get rid of it!

generate quality leads by knowing your local audience

Get local! Use real photos of your area, not just stock photography. Ideally properties you’ve sold! Most importantly, get to know who the people *are* in your area, and show off some local flair!

You can really boost conversions if you can insert local media logos on your site – sometimes that’s as easy as sending out a press release or writing an editorial for the local paper.

Here’s where the rubber meets the road… conversion happens because people like your offer!

So figure out how to sweeten the pot.

How can you make your offer more attractive? Can you offer a free giveaway to sellers who sell their house to you?

Make sure you stay in compliance with all the laws in your area and get creative to figure out how you can make your offer the most attractive… a highly compelling offer will make your lead generation soar through the roof!

don't reinvent the wheel


One of the things that makes the Carrot team most proud is all the conversion rate testing on our sites. It’s a huge part of our focus, and we know other real estate investment website companies out there just aren’t testing in the same way we do!

When you launch a Carrot site (in <1min), you’re starting with a site that’s proven to get great results, then improving it with your own information (bios, testimonials, local flair, extra offers, etc) to make it totally yours!

This saves you a ton of energy compared to the cost of doing it from scratch.

Want to get started right now? Just sign up for a plan now and in just a few minutes you’ll have a real estate investor website that is proven to covert! It’s easy. :)

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5 responses to “6 Proven Real Estate Lead Conversion Secrets to Implement Now

  1. love your seminar with seth davis. so, how will your website work for me in getting deals as a wholesale investor

  2. Love this article! I know that for me, testimonials have made the biggest difference which is why I am now trying to get a testimonial video for every deal that I close, to create a “library” of testimonials on my site! Thanks for the great tips!

    1. Sweet! Get it Cristina! In the day and age of competition and clutter… overwhelming social proof can often times be the deciding factor for lots of your clients. Go get them and let us know how we can help!

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