EP 121: $15M++ Revenue in 5 Years… How Raul Bolufe Has Built the Momentum to Crush Wholesaling in a Very Competitive Market

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$15M++ Revenue in 5 Years... How Raul Bolufe Has Built the Momentum to Crush Wholesaling

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The success with our business and in life comes through practice. It comes through the right habits and it comes through the things that you do repeatedly. Raul Bolufe

In five short years, Raul Bolufe, President at Capital Rise Investments and Sellhousenowcash.com, has built incredible momentum to now close 10 deals per month.

In fact, Since 2014 he’s done over 200 deals and by, now 25 he’s wholesaled over $15M++.

On this episode of the CarrotCast, learn how he’s been able to gain that momentum, both with Carrot and away. We unpack what his marketing looks like, how he’s adapted to the different market trends, and how he’s found his mission and built a team of 7 people and 3 agents


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$15M++ Revenue in 5 Years… How Raul Bolufe Has Built the Momentum to Crush Wholesaling in a Very Competitive Market

1:20 – Adding context… Who is Raul Bolufe, what his real estate business looks like right now in the Miami market.
5:44 – What volume of deals is he doing right now.
6:35 – What were some of the biggest struggles he had during his first year of business and now 5 years in what breakthroughs he has had.
9:45 –  How his business model shifted during years 2, 3, and 4.
10:00 – Unpacking marketing. Breaking down what has been working for him to achieve 10 deals per month.
11:55 – How and why Raul’s Carrot buyer website has been getting at least 1 lead per day.
15:00 – What Raul would like to do with his company other than flipping houses.
22:00 – What his mission has meant to his team and how it’s been worked into his business.
24:30 – What Raul does to get into his mindset on a daily basis.
27:50 – What his overall marketing mix look like right now.
31:50 – TIP: How to optimize your online real estate marketing.
32:45 – His mindset around team building. How to go from a one-man operation to build a team.
37:30 – Building flexibility into your business.
40:45 – What’s next for Raul’s business and his strategy to get there. 
42:55 – What types of direct mail are working for him right now.
43:30 – Why follow up is so important and a process to do it.


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