EP 91: The #1 Core Thing to Simplify Your Life, Be Happier, Make a Bigger Impact, and Grow Your Income

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I can tell you, simplifying your life is going to put more money in your pocket, you’re going to be happier, you’re going to be more present, and your business is going to be stronger. Trevor Mauch

There is one core thing in my life that has lead to more happiness and more business success.

Something you probably already have heard. I heard it but didn’t pay attention to it. Why?

  • It’s really really easy in life to stay focused.
  • It’s even harder to know what to focus on.

A little bit of success can lead to more. Bigger distractions.

When your brain has to think about a large number of little things, it doesn’t allow you to open up to bigger things.

Sometimes it takes getting a reality and mortality check, to shake things up. Then, your work changes. Your life and family attitude changes. It starts to fire you up. You start to focus.

You start to declutter your thoughts, remove a large amount of time-wasting items and begin to focus on the big things.

Find out more about the “One” thing that I do every year to declutter myself and stay my path.

Happiness is simplicity. Use simplicity to your advantage.


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On this episode of the CarrotCast, I dive into the #1 core thing to simplify your life, create more happiness and amplify your business success.

1:55 – One of the hardest things I’ve found in life to change and implement.
4:15 – Often times we’re trying to fill voids. Usually by taking on new opportunities. Find out why this can be a bad move for you and your business.
7:30 – Why the Military trains their members to concentrate on simple things and why that is incredibly important.
13:20 – Why joining a coaching program in 2012 that focused on creating a clear vision was a turning point in Trevor’s life. What he learned and still implements in his life to this day.
17:25 – Why concentrating on one thing at a time to gain momentum can reap major benefits in the future.
25:30 – The necessity of taking the time to build good relationships and good friendships.
26:45 – What would Trevor do if he wasn’t overseeing and running Carrot. How he would use simplicity to make a smooth transition.

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