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EP 180: Playing Bigger | My Massive Mindset Shift From Russell Brunson’s Mastermind

Playing Bigger | My Massive Mindset Shift After Leaving Russel Brunson’s Mastermind

Growing and scaling a business can be a huge challenge for some entrepreneurs.

You can be pouring your heart and soul into something and still feel as if you are dragging your feet through the mud.

In this Truck Talk, I wanted to share some thoughts on mindset, thinking bigger and knowing how to shift within your business without losing your focus. Growing your business, and reaching the next level is 100% possible when you take the time to follow these steps.

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Playing Bigger | My Massive Mindset Shift From Russel Brunson’s Mastermind

Hey everyone! It’s 12:09 am, and I am just getting back into town after attending Russel Brunson’s Mastermind out in Boise! When I started my business, I knew I didn’t want to have to travel in order to grow my business. I wanted it to be by choice, for things like this event, which can completely change the way you see things. 

I’ve talked about MasterMinds in the past, along with my journey with them. A great one we did was with my friend Jason Medley, founder of Collective Genius. While there are numerous Mastermind groups out there, investing in the right one will change your business and your life. 

Limiting Beliefs

Looking back to only about 3 years ago, I was feeling a bit dragged down. I wanted to grow my team but I didn’t know how. I doubted my ability. I thought about hiring a CEO, and I even thought about selling the company and starting over with something else. I never thought I could lead a team of 20 or grow my company to over $10 million. 

However, by changing my mindset, thinking bigger, and surrounding myself with people who had been there, we were able to grow Carrot into something truly awesome. We now have 27 full-time employees, with 30 on the books by the end of the year! 

Scaling and growing a company can be a huge challenge for entrepreneurs. Let me know in the comments if growing your business, scaling, and building a team are things you would like discussed on the podcast as we move into 2020! 

You can also check out Episode 66 of the Carrotcast in which I discuss the 8 steps I had to take to become successful in getting over the hurdles I was facing within my business. 

Playing Bigger

Back around 2010, I wanted to figure out what it was I wanted to do. I was fortunate to attend one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s first speaking gigs, which challenged everyone in the room to do something bigger. 

Some friends and I ultimately started a Mastermind group called the 100,000,000 Mastermind. Did I really believe I would build something that big? Probably not. It was an audacious goal. At that time I was doing a couple of hundred grand a year, which was great, but I needed to take several steps before thinking about $100 million. 

I use the analogy of a seed quite frequently in that when you have a seed, it is just a seed. It is not an apple tree, it is not an apple, but it has everything within to become a massive, sprawling tree if taken care of properly. By watering, feeding, and nurturing the tree, it will grow into something huge. Now if you are always planting seeds, forgetting about them, not taking proper care of them, nothing is going to grow. The same holds true for your business. 

At the time, I didn’t know how hard getting there would be. The first million took a lot of work, however, the second just sort of happened. It took some more work getting to 5, and getting to 10 required a new marketing strategy and technique. I had to shift my mindset and what we were doing. 

I’ve learned, that the people with the most success didn’t get where they are from that first initial goal. Over time, their goals, priorities, and methods shifted. It’s about taking the next step, nailing it, and moving onto the next step. 

Choosing Your Number

Dan Kennedy always talked about the importance of having a specific number in mind for your financial goal. Without a specific number, you will always be chasing, looking for more, and never happy with what you’ve achieved. That is… unless your number changes as you blast through your limiting beliefs. 

As you grow, take a look at the companies you admire most. Take a look at what is working for these companies, and model what you can.  If you are a brand new agent, it doesn’t make sense to model the biggest agent in town. Look for an agent doing 10-15 deals. Look at how they are doing that as the strategy will likely be different from the big guys down the road. 

Finding Your Niche

There is a great book by Al Ramadan called Play Bigger. In his book, Al talks about the importance of finding your niche, and becoming a “category king.” If you are an agent who handles luxury properties, niche down and become the absolute best, go-to source for luxury property in your area. Go all-in with your message so everybody thinks of you before any of the competition. 

My final takeaway is this: As my business has grown, I’ve learned not to ask what do I need to feel happy. Rather, how much do I need to do to make the biggest impact as possible? Today, I want to use my money to do things to positively impact the community where I live. I want to invest in local businesses that help to touch people’s lives. Money is no longer a need, it is a tool. 

Let’s bring the humanity back to business guys! 

We have some great training here at Carrot to help you build credibility, niche out, and reach the goals you have set for yourself. Check out our webinar here or sign-up to take our 30-Day, Authority Building Challenge! 

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