How These 3 Real Estate Investing Giants Do Over 100 Deals Per Year

We break down their EXACT strategies that you can copy and turn into consistent leads for your real estate business.

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On-Demand Rebroadcast Of My Latest Webclass For Real Estate Investors + Agents

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On the training we will cover…

  • The insides of a six figure investing web site
  • What the “perfect” lead generation page looks like (after hundreds of tests on our part)
  • How to “buy” motivated seller leads to send to your site tonight… and be closing deals this week
  • The SEO tactics we use to get even the newest members’ sites to #1 on Google for the most competitive motivated seller search terms


I came to Carrot because quite simply my other site was garbage. Trevor and his team have made me a lot of money over the years, so I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of my Carrot site. I’ve been going strong for over 6+ years now and I think I’ve been a Carrot member since at least 2014. Hope this helps any future Carrot customers.

Chris Campbell

The amount of AWESOMENESS this company provides is INSANE! I’m lucky enough to have met many of the team members who make it go and I’m blown away by the level of commitment and care they share with their clients. There is a reason they dominate the real estate online lead generation industry and I’m drinking the the CARROT juice big-time!

Seth Carlsen

The site actually paid for itself. I closed a deal from one lead that I netted 15k with the possibility of netting 6k additional on the same property so I have to make this work.

Arthur Donaldson

I’m closing on 2 Carrot leads in the next 2 weeks for $60k profit & have made boatloads more from Carrot leads. Trevor Mauch is a stand-up guy as you can tell from his posts above. He truly cares about his customers, the product is great & the results speak for themselves.

Ryan Berry

I bought a 4 plex for $235,000 and sold for $304,500 with about $7.5K in fix-up costs in about 45 days.

About $50,000 in profit in 45 days!

Tyler Ford

Just want to say that my first flip came from a Craigslist ad that I learned from your Post2Profits training. That deal netted me $146,000!

Jesse Willoughby

TRAINING NOTES: This is part of a series of rebroadcasts over the coming weeks of a recent training with Carrot CEO, Trevor Mauch, held that was our highest rated live training this year. Grab the time that works for you and dive in!  

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