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EP 179: 100% Commissions and 100% Support for Agents | Welcome to The Netflix of Real Estate w/ Sam Khorramian, CEO of Big Block Realty

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EP 179: 100% Commissions and 100% Support for Agents w/ Sam Khorramian, CEO of Big Block Realty

All everyone is talking about is content and technology to grow your business, but it’s nothing without the ability to effectivly communicate and convert the attention you are generating.

Sam Khorramian

Within just a few years, Big Block Realty has grown from a small one-room office to the fastest-growing brokerage in the state of California! By focusing on what the agent needs to successfully sell real estate, Big Block is able to attract some of the best talent in the game.

Today, Sam Khorramian breaks down their insanely-effective real estate content and sales funnel strategy for both real estate agents and investors.

Ready to stop chasing business and instead learn how to have it chase you? Sam’s here to teach you exactly how.

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100% Commissions and 100% Support for Agents | Welcome to The Netflix of Real Estate w/ Sam Khorramian, CEO of Big Block Realty

Hey guys! I am really excited about this week’s podcast. I got to sit down with my good friend Sam Khorramian, one of the founders of Big Block Realty. I first knew Sam from another one of my companies, then I came across his name again while flipping through Inc. Magazine. His company was listed as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US! Not just the fastest-growing brokerage, but #26 on the fastest-growing list of companies! This happened year after year as the success of the brokerage took off. 

Big Block was founded in 2012 by Khorramian and Oliver Graf with the desire to build a brokerage that was for the agents. By being so agent-focused, they have been able to grow their team to over 100 agents, doing about 3B in volume. 

It is only just recently that Sam and I have gotten to know each other and I am excited and inspired by the work he is doing. The way they are marketing and using content is truly amazing. They are truly adding more value for the agents as the market is beginning to change. Currently, we do some work together through The Closing Table Mastermind Group

The Convergence of Retail and Wholesale

Retail and wholesale have always been very separate. But nowadays, the customer is ultimately just looking for a solution to their problem. They want to sell their house, it doesn’t matter if it’s to an investor or a private buyer. The way the market is going today, the same company should be able to offer multiple solutions for buyers. Investors should be agents and agents should be investors. 

Sam and his partners have been able to grow their business so quickly because of the amazing value they are able to offer their clients. Not only does their business serve buyers and sellers, but they also offer investment, marketing, and long term wealth creation services. As more and more tech companies and iBuyers come onto the scene, agents and investors will need to find the best ways to set themselves apart. By adding the additional services, Big Block is able to better present themselves as the authority to monetize the agent’s commission and ensure that their team is seeing as much of the commission as possible. 

Making the Shift

For Big Block, they look at market shifts as places where they can thrive. They look at where things are now as well as where they think the market will be 5 years for now. No matter what the market is doing, they want to make sure that they are seen as the authority. This will ensure their agents are the ones being sought after, not having to do the chasing themselves. 

Sam and Oliver want to support agents by doing more investing through the brokerage, helping agents to build and maintain wealth during the downturn. Their desire to remain agent-centric will continue as they will continue to offer 100% commission and support to their agents. Currently, Big Block operates in California, with plans for national expansion! 

The Importance of Being the Expert

I always tell the real estate agents and investors that I work with that becoming the expert in their field is the key to building credibility and authority. And the only way to get there is through content. Big Block has been using content to position themselves as the expert for first-time buyers, as a resource for tired landlords, and as the place for investors to work and attain greater profits. 

As the expert in their field, they have a greater influence and can ask for a greater commission uncontested. As the industry changes, your business isn’t going anywhere, but you will need to change how things are done. 

Content That Works

Branding yourself with great content will help you to draw in more business. Whether you are a veteran to the business or just getting started, excellent content creation will help to build your influence and ensure your success. Big Block has an entire team devoted to video marketing and creating content funnels that work. 

Their 3-step funnel looks something like this: 

  • The first videos are for awareness, letting people know you exist 
  • The next step is the consideration stage, letting people know they offer the solution
  • The final step is conversion – helping people become comfortable with the process and ready to pick up the phone

Everything they do falls into one of those categories. At the bottom of the funnel, they offer case studies and testimonials. Every post includes a CTA, taking them to the next step of the process. 

Big Block is a great fit for solo agents who are actively producing, teams of 4-10 people, and investors who are working on the retail side of things as well. They offer 100% commission and 100% support. Along with many other benefits such as free training, free coaching, brokers who are also attorneys, an office that is open 7 days, and much more.  

For Sam, his focus is and has always been, to solve the customer’s problem. By creating a brokerage of flexible agents with the ability to offer numerous options, I have no doubt that he and his team will continue to ride the next wave as it comes.

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