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EP 202: These “House Heroes” Predictably Pulled in 3,551 Motivated Seller Leads in 2019 Using These Three Simple Types of Content

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How “House Heroes” Got 3,551 Motivated House Seller Leads in 2019 With 3 Simple Types of Content

Don’t worry so much about your content not ranking. Keep linking to it within your website. Keep sharing it on social media. High value content will bring in leads no matter where you’re ranking on Google.

Earl White

These “House Heroes” Predictably Pulled in 3,551 Motivated Seller Leads in 2019 Using These Three Simple Types of Content

Times are a little crazy right now! Coronavirus is throwing a wrench in the gears of many investors and agents all over the country. You may be wondering if you should pull back on your marketing and ad spend and what you can do to keep your leads rolling in during these wild times. This is exactly why we wanted to share with you this very special episode of the CarrotCast

Back at the end of February, we help our Market Leader Summit with some of the nation’s top real estate minds. Lucas Machado and Earl White are often referred to as “The House Heroes” and they shared with us how they are able to pull in motivated seller leads like crazy – over 3,500 last year alone!

They will let you in on the ONE marketing channel that isn’t taking a hit with everything going on! You may hear a few things you’ll only get if you were with us at the Market Leader Summit – but none the less, this episode is pure gold. 

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We had Lucas and Earl of “The House Heroes” join us for our Market Summit this year because I was blown away by the number of motivated seller leads they were getting and what they were doing with their digital marketing.

Lucas was a former project manager in the Bay Area and Earl is a former attorney in New Jersey. With zero SEO experience, they have been creating content that ranks nationally, which brings in several leads per day, and that takes up very little time to create!

Creating this high-value content helps the House Heroes to build trust and credibility, thus helping them to gain more leads and close more deals. 

Three Ways To Create High-Value Content

Lucas and Earl have three primary ways they go about creating content for their website. Depending on what they are trying to rank for, how competitive the phrases are, and who they are trying to reach, their strategy will vary. 

Strategy #1 For Creating Content: 

The first way Lucas and Earl create content for their website is by loading and modifying our pre-written articles. They have seen great success with one article in particular which currently holds the number one spot on Google and required only about 20 minutes of personalization.

This one article is responsible for at least one deal, resulting in thousands of dollars in profit.  

Strategy #2 For Creating Content: 

The next way they go about creating content is to research the more competitive, high-value keywords, and create long-form content that is specific just to them. They will look at what the competition is doing, then do whatever it take s to make their post better.

For one article, in particular, they noticed their competition used video. They added more robust videos to their posts and made sure their article was longer, more informative, and more engaging. 

Strategy #3 For Creating Content: 

The third way Earl and Lucas are creating content is by utilizing our video post feature. We recommend creating a video that is at least 3 minutes long so that your post will have enough content.

Earl made a great video that was about 5 minutes long, had it transcribed using our video post tool, he tweaked it, and it is now an incredibly popular post for them. They made a few notes, shot the video rather quickly and got it posted without having to write an entire blog post from scratch. 

The Other Legs of Their Marketing Stool

While content and organic SEO is a huge part of their marketing plan, they also utilize other forms of marketing to ensure consistency and momentum. By incorporating direct mail and SMA campaigns, they have 3 marketing channels that support the business.

As things ebb and flow, they are protected as they can always count on leads coming in the door one way or another. 3,500 leads last year alone is proof of this! 

Marching Toward Freedom

As the leads keep rolling in and the content keeps flowing, both Earl and Lucas are looking to step back more from the day to day operations in 2020. By creating documentation of processes, systems that can be reproduced, and a team that is just as driven as they are, I have no doubt the House Heros” will continue to crush it in 2020! 

Lucas and Earl are always looking for ways to partner with other investors and give back! They welcome your calls and emails and are always happy to share what they have learned which is something I really admire.

If you purchased our latest Market Leader Summit, be sure to check out more content and our library of recordings. There is some really great information in there that can help you no matter where you are in your business! 

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