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5 Things you Probably don’t Know About Carrot’s Advanced Marketer Plan

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The Advanced Marketer plan isn’t for everyone…

If you’re happy with the number of deals you do every month, operate in a low-competition market, and don’t have the budget to support a $199 per month subscription, then our Core or Content Pro plans might better suit your business.

But if you’re in a high-competition market and you want to…

  1. Increase the number of deals you do every month.
  2. Outrank your heavy-weight competitors in Google.
  3. Differentiate your website from other Carrot customers.

Then you might want to consider signing up for our most results-driving plan: Advanced Marketer.

Not sure?

Of course you’re not! We haven’t even gotten to the goodies yet. But I won’t delay…

Here are five game-changing things you might not know about Carrot’s Advanced Marketer plan.

1. 12 Premium Blog Posts Every Month (Plus 12 Content Pro Articles)

That’s 24 blog posts every single month for your website…

But, you’re wondering, why in the heck do I need 24 blog posts every month? 

If you’re on the Content Pro plan, then isn’t 12 plenty? And if you’re on the Core plan, then why do you need blog posts at all?

That question is best answered with some content marketing statistics:

  • “Year-over-year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers (19.7% vs 2.5%).”
  • “Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.”
  • “Conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters (2.9% vs 0.5%).”
  • “69% of marketers say content is superior to direct mail and PR.”
  • “82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI from their inbound marketing.”

Why such amazing results from content marketing efforts?

For a few reasons:

  1. Content marketing increases trust on your website – When people arrive on your site, they’re wondering whether they can trust you or not. Seeing that you’ve consistently released helpful blog posts builds immediate trust with those website visitors. It’s a bit like trying to determine which of your favorite politicians to vote for and finding that one of them has supported their stance for decades, proving that they’re the real deal.
  2. Content marketing increases online visibility – Every piece of content on your website creates a new page. And every new page creates a sort of digital door, where prospects can come to buy your service. The more doors that you put on your website, the more you’ll receive social media attention, word-of-mouth buzz, and website visitors.
  3. Content marketing increases Google rankings –  Here’s how Matt Hodkinson over at Influence Agents puts it:

“One of the biggest benefits of consistency with content marketing is improved search engine optimization. If you’re consistently publishing new content on your website – whether that’s pages, blog posts or landing pages – Google will crawl and index your website more often. Accompanied by a targeted SEO strategy, regular content updates can therefore boost your rankings.”

Matt Hodkinson, Contributor at Influence Agents

In other words, by publishing 24 blog posts every month, you’ll position your website’s visibility, lead generation, and deal-making potential far above the competition. Because chances are, your competitors aren’t publishing that much content every month.

And on the off-chance that they are, the Advanced Marketer plan will give them a run for their money.

Upgrade to Carrot’s Advanced Marketer Plan Today and Crush your Most Aggressive Competition!

*Not a Carrot Member? Sign up Today!*

2. First Access to New Site Styles

We hear it all the time…

I love how easy Carrot is to use, how well it converts, and how well it ranks in search engines, but I just don’t want my website to look like every other investors. I NEED my website to be distinguishable from other investors or agents in the area.

And we understand. We don’t want your website to look like every other investor in the area either. Your success, after all, is our success. Which is why we offer 5 different site themes to Content Pro and Core members.

But we’re not stopping there. As our company grows, to keep your website unique and differentiated from other Carrot members, we will continue to release new site themes with different aesthetics and the same industry-leading conversion rate. However, our Advanced Marketer members get first access to these new site styles, giving them the opportunity to distinguish their website that much more than other Carrot members.

Here, for instance, is Hemlock – a site theme we just released to our Advanced Marketer members within the last month.

Rather than waiting for these distinguishable website designs to trickle down to your current Carrot plan (Core or Content Pro), upgrade to Advanced Marketer today and receive immediate access to Hemlock and any new site styles we release in the future.

3. Quarterly 1-on-1 Strategy Calls

Richard Branson admits

“I wouldn’t have got anywhere in the airline industry without the mentorship of Sir Freddie Laker.”

Richard Freakin’ Branson

And, if Richard Branson admitted he needs help, then we should all probably do the same. Sure – he was working to build one of the largest businesses in the world and you’re just working to build a business that’ll outperform the competition and provide you and your family the freedom you’ve always desired.

But this stuff is all relative.

Richard Branson needed a coach to help him enter the airline industry. I needed a coach to help me start an e-commerce business.

If you’re trying to do something you’ve never done if you have even a single petrifying mental block, or if you’re in a don’t-know-what-you-don’t-know sort of place, then you need a coach.

Coaches often make the difference between building a business and building a business that succeeds. In Trevor’s (the CEO of Carrot) entrepreneurial journey, for instance, that has definitely been the case. Check out his recent Facebook video for some context.

Sometimes entrepreneurship isn’t what you’d dreamed it would be… my thoughts today. And challenge to you.

Posted by Trevor Mauch on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

And we want to help you.

Which is why our Advanced Marketer members get a one-on-one strategy call with one of our genius marketers every single quarter (plus access to weekly coaching calls and premium support).

Point is, you need a teammate. You need a coach. You need someone to guide you, regardless of where you’re at in your business (remember Richard Branson).

Most the time, though, high-quality coaching fees soar into the thousands of dollars. At Carrot, we provide you with top-notch coaching as a part of our Advanced Marketer plan ($199 per month).


Because your success is our success.

Upgrade to Carrot’s Advanced Marketer Plan Today and Crush your Most Aggressive Competition!

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4. Unlimited Campaign Tracking Links

Anyone can run Facebook ads…

You just need some money and about 10 minutes. Voila! You’re a Facebook advertiser.

Problem is, you don’t give two [plural inappropriate word] about being a Facebook advertiser. You’re a real estate investor or agent and you want Facebook ads to give you a positive return on your investment. If that ain’t happening, then bye bye, chow chow, Facebook.

And that’s the way it should be – you’re in business to make money, not to lose money to failing Facebook ad campaigns.

Unfortunately, some sources estimate that 90% of businesses lose money on Facebook ads.

And if you’ve ever tried your hand at Facebook ads, then that stat doesn’t feel far-fetched. Getting the targeting, sales copy, image, and headline all optimized for converting your ideal market are easier said than done.

Which is why we offer unlimited campaign tracking links on the Advanced Marketer plan – so you lose less money and spend more time running Facebook ads that pay you back.

Consider, for instance, the impact that Carrot’s campaign tracking links have had on RJ Bate’s business (and one deal, in particular, which profited $37,000).

Point is, advertising isn’t easy. Targeting the right people at the right time with the right message is something that only the lucky or the informed can do consistently.

Carrot’s campaign tracking links might not guarantee that you’ll avoid advertising errors altogether, but they do promise that you’ll recover from those errors significantly faster than you would otherwise.

Knowledge is power.

And, in this case, power is a significant return on your advertising campaigns.

5. Ability to Track 20 Keyword Rankings per Site

Ranking in Google means passive traffic, consistent lead generation, and (frankly) a more successful business…

Here are a few SEO stats (and IMPACT) to push the dinghy from the dock…

  • “Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day.”
  • “Marketers see SEO as becoming more effective, with 82% reporting effectiveness is on the rise and 42% of this group stating effectiveness is increasing significantly.”
  • “In 2018, the average firm is expected to allocate 41% of their marketing budget to online, and this rate is expected to grow to 45% by 2020.”
  • “70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results.”
  • “75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.”
  • “SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.”

And here’s Tyler Ford, one of Carrot’s top performing investors, talking about how much higher quality his real estate SEO leads are than his outbound marketing leads…

So how do you get a piece of the action?

By optimizing your website and content pages for the right keyword phrases and tracking the performance of those pages. Sometimes, for instance, you’ll optimize a page for a target keyword phrase and then wonder why it’s not generating leads to your website…

Which is why we allow our Advanced Marketer members to track 20 keyword phrases per site.

No more long nights wondering why your website isn’t pulling the traffic it needs to pull to hit your income goals. Our keyword ranking tracker will keep you in-the-know and capable of making faster, more agile SEO adjustments than your uninformed competition.

Upgrade to Carrot’s Advanced Marketer Plan Today and Crush your Most Aggressive Competition!

*Not a Carrot Member? Sign up Today!*
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