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Carrot Year in Review – The Best of 2018

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As in years past, Carrot and our members had an excellent year. Here’s a brief snapshot of some of the amazing stories and things that happened in 2018.

It was an exceptional year for our Carrot members and another year of HUGE growth for our team and company. With the intention of amplifying our members, we use our Mission… “Add humanity to business and help people regain time for the things that matter.”

Let’s recap some of the cool stuff in this quick post!

2018 Carrot Review

Carrot members crushed lead generation

We launched many NEW Features for our members

It was a year of giving… when all said and done, Carrot will be donating close to $60,000 to different charities

The CarrotCast Podcast continues to inspire

AgentCarrot is officially available to the World

Our team grew by 10 this year as we continue to innovate and be the leader in our industry.

… and more!

Here we go!

Hundreds of Thousands of Leads … You’re Crushing It!

Our members made another big leap in lead numbers in 2018. With over 315,000 leads coming in this year (when you DON’T count phone call leads… which we can’t track in Google Analytics currently) you’re pulling in more AdWords, SEO, Facebook, and social media online leads as a collective group than any other real estate investor and agent lead generation platform… by far. Keep crushing it!

Carrot Member Goal Completions (Leads) January 1 – December 25, 2018

53% of Leads Came From Mobile Devices

53% of Carrot Member Completions (Leads) Came from Mobile Devices

Which States Converted More Leads? Well…

Carrot Member Completions (Leads) Per State – Top 10 –

Texas reigns as the busiest lead volume state in 2018. Compared to 2017, Missouri fell from the top 5 and Virginia cracked the top 10 overtaking Tennessee this year.

 Major NEW Features Launched

Core Value of ours is “Consistent Improvement and Innovation“… and both our members and Carrot continue to push this value. In addition to the features we released in 2018, we helped our members spend more time focusing on their business …

Here is a look back on some of the features our AMAZING team rolled out in 2018 (but not limited to)…

All of these while keeping our member’s needs in our focus.

Logo Credibility Bar
Hemlock Design

 We Launched AgentCarrot!

AgentCarrot Real Estate Agent Websites

For years, the way Carrot clients have dominated their markets online started with a highly optimized website (for SEO and lead conversion) then amplified with our content marketing tools and training.

We had been in the beta phase with AgentCarrot for the past year and after amazing, amazing feedback from our Agent members, we were crazy excited to release the full version in April.

Our vision is to continue to improve how real estate agents and investors grow their business leveraging the web.

We’d like to send a special thanks to all of those who contributed to AgentCarrot’s success. Both to our members and the Carrot team!

Learn more about AgentCarrot Real Estate Agent Websites!

Carrot – Honored to Be On the Inc. 5000 List

Inc. 5000… Carrot’s #699!

This year we were placed at the 699th fastest growing company in the nation according to the Inc. 5000 list. Major Kudos to the Carrot team and our members. We wouldn’t be here without an amazing product, team, and amazing members.

Here are 10 more reasons why Carrot is one of the fastest growing Start-ups in the Nation.

Top 5 CarrotCast Episodes of 2018

The CarrotCast podcast had over 97,000 unique downloads in 2018. Here are the top five episodes of the year.

Make sure you subscribe to get the CarrotCast each week!

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or, direct RSS feed link

Negotiation Psychology: How To Talk With A House Seller to Close More Deals + Help More People w/ John Martinez

I see a lot of good, really good, salespeople and a lot of really bad salespeople. You can tell whose good by how often people talk and when they talk, what they say. So, real quick, the best salespeople in the world in all industries … they talk maybe 10% of the time and when they do open their mouths it’s with the question.

John Martinez

After 20 Years Tyler Was Going To Give Up Real Estate Until He Made These 3 Changes w/ Tyler Fordreal estate investor success Tyler ford

Long story short, I had my main guy that had worked with for ten years, did all of my rehabs, totally trusted him. I was getting ready to go out of town and he was going to be finished with this job before I got back and I prepaid him and also loaded up a Home Depot card. I can home and no work was done and he was nowhere to be found.

Tyler Ford

How Krista Sold 144 Homes Last Year in One of the Hottest Markets – Her Strategy and Story w/ Krista Mashore

… Agents, if you’re out there listening, people need to like and trust you. I mean you’re going to have a much easier time of gaining clients if they know, like, and trust you. They get to know and trust you by seeing you. By you showing up everywhere. Why are you giving them value by you helping them and I’ll you value, value, value.

Krista Mashore

How to Stay Ahead of Current Real Estate Market Cycles to Build Financial Freedom w/ Ramon Gonzalez

You know guys, that’s a two-edged sword. Everyone talks about debt with things go right, but I’ve been there with that when it doesn’t go right. It’s like right now people say oh you know what I just start off the loan and take a little piece. What for? 12% sounds pretty nice and I still get to go hang out with my daughter. I want more life. I don’t want more drama or more headaches.

Ramon Gonzalez

What It Takes To Go From Being Broke to Closing 100+ Deals Per Year w/ Justin Colby

People talk about this a lot, you gotta believe it before you see it and I’m truly and example of this. I didn’t even really know how to do any of this but I believed I can make an impression in the real estate community. In the investment world I knew it could create an income that I would be happy with but I also knew I could create a life that I wanted.

Justin Colby

Hundreds of “Doses Of Awesomeness” From Our Members

We LOVE to hear stories from our members that are helping them change their businesses and their lives! So much that we have a dedicated #Awesomeness channel in Slack.

Here are just a few examples of the ones we get each and every week… not counting the hundreds that happen that we never hear about!

World-Class Net Promoter Score

Carrot 2018 NPS

How do you know if you’re providing value and happiness to your members? How do you know if you’re failing? By using “Net Promoter Score”. It’s basically a question that asks how likely you are to recommend Carrot to a friend or colleague.

With thousands of responses in 2018 the majority scored us a 9 or 10… leaving us with an impressive NPS of 68.8%.

To put that into perspective, here is what some of the most respected companies in the world have scored for their NPS:

Image Source: Retently

One of our core values is to “Deliver WOW Through Great Service” we’ll continue to go all out in 2019 to make our clients excited, happy, and successful, and to change the way people expect companies to serve them in the future after they experience service the “Carrot Way”.

We Added 3300 YouTube Subscribers and Accumulated Over 2,500,000 Watch Time Minutes…  That’s Over 1736 Days!

Carrot YouTube Channel 2018 Stats

Two Carrot Team Retreats + Growing Our Team… Again

The Carrot team grew +10 this year as we continue to innovate and be the leader in our industry. Our first retreat took place in beautiful and at the time snowy, Sunriver, Oregon. Next, we took to the high seas. Well not quite. The Summer retreat was “boat access only!” in Lakeside, Oregon.

Retreats are a great way to pull back, celebrate wins, and deep dive into high-level planning for the future.

CarrotCamp (Spring and Fall 2018)

The 2017 CarrotCamp was such a hit, we had to double it. So, we decided to have one in the Spring and Fall of 2018. CarrotCamp is not like most events. It’s not just a workshop or seminar, nor is it a retreat.

We designed CarrotCamp so it fits more like an immersive experience where we deep dive into the campers world. It’s unplugging and getting out of the office and into nature. It’s also time to work with the Carrot team to get massive things done to uplevel marketing… all the while building relationships with other high-level real estate entrepreneurs that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Thank you again 2018 CarrotCampers!

Be on the lookout for CarrotCamp 2019 Editions. Kicking off May 20-21, 2019. Learn more about CarrotCamp Spring 2019.

 What An Amazing Year. And We’re Grateful To Have You On This Journey With Us.

How Was Your Year? 

How was your 2018? Let us know below in the comments section. The amazing, the fair, and the awful :-)

Also… fire up your 2019 and get momentum building?

These 2 resources are the most shared and commented we’ve ever made. They can change your life…

Thank you for all you do and for inspiring us every day to do great things.

Chat with you in 2019!

Brendan Holmes

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  1. Woo hoo! Crazy proud of the team here and grateful for all of our members and everyone who has been here on our Journey! Great post Brendan!

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