Real Estate Facebook Ads | The Why and How of Getting Leads [Infographic]

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Real Estate Facebook Ads

Facebook and real estate marketing are a match made in social media heaven.

For Carrot members, Facebook is the third highest source of new leads, outperforming Google AdWords as well as organic search from both Bing and Yahoo.

All told, Facebook has generated over 15,000 new leads since January of this year alone. And that’s leads. Not traffic, not visitors, not followers, not fans … real leads.

Imagine the difference a few hundred new leads could have made in your business over the last year. Image what they could do for you in 2018.

Simply put … that kind of lead-generating faucet is absolutely transformative.

To illustrate how our clients do it, we collaborated with infographic making company, Venngage, to create this visual explanation.

Real Estate Facebook Ads: The Why and How of Getting Leads [Infographic]

Carrot Members Generated Over
65,325 Leads Last Month

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  1. Michael Borger Michael Borger

    Great tips, guys – thanks for the post. This builds nicely off the Facebook training class in Carrot.

  2. zachtetley Zach

    This is awesome. I know a lot of real estate investors are still trying to figure out Facebook ads. Glad you guys put this out there.


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