Announcing Carrot Real Estate Agent Websites: Helping Agents Stand Out From The Clutter Online

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Over the past 4 years, we’ve grown Carrot from a fledgling “real estate investor website” software into the most effective tool for generating leads online for real estate investors. Bringing in more online leads than any other platform, climbing well into the millions of leads across thousands of active Carrot clients all across the U.S., Canada, the UK, and even some successful clients as far off as South Africa.

While our main clients are house flippers/wholesalers, land investors, and other investors looking for motivated sellers, cash buyers, and tenant leads… we’ve found the clients who consistently get an edge in this competitive market are the ones who are also real estate agents.

Why? Well for a few reasons.

  1. Listing on the market is a viable solution for more sellers in up markets. Agent/Investors can turn more leads into income vs. discarding great leads that don’t perfectly fit just that one box.
  2. Giving house sellers multiple options (list with us or sell to us) helps improve the close ratio and build trust with sellers.
  3. Agents have access to data and tools that non-agents don’t.

In competitive markets that are cluttered with competition, you’ve got to do everything you can to avoid being caught up in the clutter of options.

Does Your Real Estate Agent Website Leave You Lost In The Clutter?

Generic Looking Agent Website

When you look at most real estate agents websites most of them tend to do the same things.

They have…

  • A pretty picture of you somewhere on the site
  • Local MLS listings
  • Fancy calculators and tools
  • … and a bunch of generic content for buyers and sellers not unique to your expertise as an agent

When buyers and sellers are looking at their options, if every agent they look at all has only the usual things on their websites (those things above) it’s the agents that build trust, authority, and credibility with content that win out in a competitive market.

Are you standing out with your website and content online or just becoming part of the clutter?

One lost listing per year from an underperforming website can cost you what? $3,000? $5,000? $20,000?

How AgentCarrot Can Help You Stand Out From The Clutter

Announcing AgentCarrot - Carrot's Real Estate Agent Websites

Introducing Carrot real estate agent websites.

For years the way Carrot clients began to dominate their markets online started with a highly optimized website (for SEO and lead conversion) then amplified with our content marketing tools and training. We’ve been in the beta phase with Carrot for the past year and now we’re rolling it out of beta with a crazy exciting vision on how we’ll continue to improve how real estate agents and investors grow your business leveraging the web.

Now we’re bringing that same technology and strategy to real estate agents to dominate the online conversation in your own market. To leverage your own unique expertise to stand out from the clutter so you’re the best viable option for your ideal client in your market.

How does AgentCarrot help you do that? Let’s dive in and check out some of the ways AgentCarrot will help you save time and stand out from other agents in your market who are all doing the “same ol’ things”.

Beautiful High Converting Website Designs + Optional IDX

Nearly 60% of the 10s of thousands of leads our clients pull in each month are on mobile devices. So we’ve taken a mobile-first design approach… ensuring that your website not only looks beautiful and converts well on the desktop… but especially on mobile devices.

Beautiful Featured Property Listings

AgentCarrot easily allows you to list your properties.

With AgentCarrot you can create Featured Property Listings to really showcase your best listings with any content you want to add. You’re never limited to what the MLS shows on a property when you create a Featured Property inside of AgentCarrot.

List MLS Properties With Our Optional IDX Add-On

Carrot automatically pulls in select properties to market on your website

Want to show local MLS listings on your site so buyers and sellers can discover what’s on the market? Excellent! Simply add-on IDX inside of your Carrot account starting at just $50/mo for most agents. All MLS listing content is housed on your website URL not on 3rd party URLs, which helps with SEO for those properties in Google.

Build Confidence In Your House Sellers

AgentCarrot websites come with built in home value landing pages

House sellers want just 3 things.

  1. To sell for the highest possible price
  2. With as little hassle as quickly as possible
  3. To trust the agent they’re working with can represent them better than anyone else

The content you have on your website is key to building that expertise and trust. A robust “About” page, educational content (videos are best!), and a simple way for a seller to engage with you is critical. Just dive in and customize your content easily then leverage our content tools (below) to really stand out.

Stand Out With Content With VideoPost & Our Content Marketing System

The #1 way to stand out in a competitive market when almost every agent offers a similar core service (we can list or sell a house, here are our fees, etc.) is with content that builds your expertise and introduces your personality and core values to your clients.

If you’re struggling to win listings or buyers outside of your direct network of friends, family, and referrals it’s likely because you’re not standing out from other agents.

When your buyers and sellers are researching online you have a HUGE opportunity to get in front of them and build your expertise with content on your website optimized to rank well in Google.

Cut Your Content Creation By 80% With VideoPost

Next time you’re out at a property or driving around with a client, pull out your cell phone and record a 3 to 5-minute video. Upload that to YouTube then simply paste the video URL into VideoPost in your AgentCarrot account. Then VideoPost will turn it into a written piece of content for your website.

videopost: buying farmland in roseburg

Automate Weekly Content With Our Content Marketing System

Google LOVES robust written content and your buyers and sellers are searching online every day looking for answers to their questions before they make those big housing decisions. But writing content can take time and sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas on what to write about.

The AgentCarrot Content Marketing System was the first automated blogging feature to launch in the real estate market in early 2014 and we’ve built that out for agents as well.

Simply select from our professionally written content each month, schedule it, and publish it. Now when buyers and sellers visit your website there will always be content written to educate and convert site visitors into leads.

AgentCarrot Content Pro

Manage Your Leads

Carrot has always focused on being the best in the world at helping real estate professionals attract and convert more visitors into leads. But this past year we’ve started adding resources to help our clients better manage their leads inside of Carrot. Our simple Lead Manager will help you keep track of your leads and where they are in the process.

You can add notes, bring in your team members to collaborate, and see important property info such as where it is on Google Maps and Streetview plus the latest sale information from Zillow for quick reference.

Or integrate with dozens of systems through Zapier so AgentCarrot can help you capture more leads and you can use your current systems to manage those leads if you wish.

We have major updates we’re already working on for 2018 to make the Lead Manager more and more robust.

Track Your Progress

As you drive traffic to your website you can leverage our built-in stats or if you want to, can integrate with Google Analytics.

Then see where every lead came from with our LeadSource tracking. To take it even further and drill down on what’s working with your paid marketing with our Campaign Tracking Links tool.

Leverage Our Expertise

As you dive in and leverage our tools to build a beautiful real estate agent website and stand out with content, you can turn to our training and team to guide you through to success. From our weekly LIVE Coaching Calls every Tuesday (included in all AgentCarrot memberships) to our online training programs, and our amazing support team you’ll never be left hanging.

Our weekly Coaching Calls can help you stay on course and always have a plan that you or your team can execute.

What’s Next For Carrot Real Estate Agent Websites

While real estate agent websites is a new product here at Carrot, we’re not new to helping high-achieving real estate professionals cut through the online clutter and generate more leads online. Millions of seller, buyer, and tenant leads have passed through our system and we only plan for that to get even better for our InvestorCarrot and AgentCarrot clients.

But we’re excited as heck about our vision for Carrot over the coming 12-24 months.

We’re going to…

  • Further build out the functionality of our lead manager and follow-up systems
  • Innovate more content marketing tools to help you stand out from the crowd
  • Build out training specific for real estate agents that put you at the cutting edge of online marketing
  • Test and hone our designs and Lead Conversion Process for our websites
  • Test and innovate how you and your clients use Carrot mobile devices

… to help you save time and cut through that clutter in your market as a real estate agent.

Here at Carrot, we feel every high-achieving real estate agent should be an investor and every high-achieving investor should also be an agent (or align with one). So we’ll continue our focus on helping you earn an amazing living in real estate with less time and create a business of purpose along the way.

Last but not least, we want your feedback.

We understand we have a long way to go and are nowhere near our ultimate vision for AgentCarrot. If you see anything we can improve or a wishlist, or simply want to give us feedback… please don’t hesitate to send it our way.

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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