16 Best Real Estate Agent Websites With IDX

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Do real estate agent websites with IDX perform better?

There isn’t a quick answer. But, listing feeds like IDX appeal to agents because they’re quick and easy ways to get the most out of your listings on your website.

IDX has become a standard piece, and in many cases, listing feeds have gone from a nice feature to a necessity to stay with your competition.

We all know home buyers and sellers are searching the Internet as their number one source of education. They know how to browse from website to website, and they know what they want to see from each website they visit.

They’re quick to leave if a website doesn’t offer exactly what they expect.

Is your website lost among the clutter?

Going with a “cheap” website could cost you thousands. Stand out from your competition with Carrot.

What, though, when they visit your real estate agent website, are they (and everyone else, for that matter) expecting?

Well, they’re probably expecting to find some information about your real estate business and you personally, testimonials promoting your service, and, perhaps most importantly, house listings.

If you neglect any of these elements, your website will likely have a higher bounce rate and lower lead volumes.

The digital world is that simple.

While some online naysaying articles — like Why It’s Time to Look at Real Estate Websites Differently — claim that you don’t need IDX integration on your website, we here at Carrot think they’re wrong.

Before we dive into the 16 real estate agent websites with IDX options, let’s talk about IDX quickly.

What Is IDX?

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. That sounds complicated. Though, it isn’t.

With IDX integration, real estate agent websites can pull house listings up natively on the real estate agent’s website.

Here’s what this looks like on one of our Carrot real estate agent websites, for example.

real estate agent websites with idx

That’s what IDX looks like on the surface, at least. On the back-end, IDX works by automatically pulling from the MLS and collecting location-qualified listings to publish on your website.

What is IDX?

16 of the Best Real Estate Agent Websites With IDX (With Examples)

You understand what IDX is and why it’s essential for real estate marketing.

But where can you find the best IDX tool for your website? 

Here are 16 great options for adding IDX to your real estate agent website — with a summary, features, pricing, and examples. 

1. Ballen Real Estate Websites

Website Description

Ballen Real Estate Websites were built by agents, for agents real-time in the field, and without any contracts! These websites are optimized for lead generation and lead capture. With new design options, integrated tools for calls to action, and built-in optimization. Based on years of testing and measuring of what works in the real estate industry with hundreds of agents using the platform, our BREW is always evolving so you can get more leads online and best of all, you own it.”


Here are some of the main features.

  • Complete WordPress Website
  • IDX Integration
  • Property Search
  • Real Estate Lead Capture
  • Community Showcase Pages
  • Buyer, Seller & Hyperlocal Blogs
  • Home Valuation Form
  • Built For SEO
  • CRM Available


Starts at a one-time payment of $1,495. Plus ongoing monthly costs of at least $149 per month. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool.

Ballen Real Estate Websites

2. IDX Broker HOME™

Website Description

Each IDX Broker HOME website begins with an exclusive, premium WordPress theme. From there, our team will work with you to personalize any of our mobile-responsive, visually stunning designs, ensuring your REALTOR® website looks unique and up-to-date.

We will include your logo and favorite photos, adjust the color scheme to mirror your branding, and add featured listings to create a personalized and professional website.


Here are some of the main features.

  • Simply & Effective Search
  • Fully Customizable
  • Lead Metrics
  • Protect Your Site With SSL
  • IDX Plugin


Their plans start at $50 per month and go up to $150 per month. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool.

IDX Broker HOME™

3. Carrot


We serve over 7,000 real estate investors and agents at Carrot. As a part of that, we offer high-converting websites with IDX for real estate agents.


Our features include… 


Pricing for our agent websites starts at $99 per month and includes everything you need to get your business off the ground. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool. Scroll down through the page to see it fully.

4. iHomeFinder

Website Description

The IDX search you’ve been looking for. Fast, sleek property search with advanced lead capture technology. Keep visitors coming back with a search experience they’ll love. Display listings anywhere on your site with the search criteria you select.


Here are some of the main features that this tool offers.

  • Property Search & Lead Capture
  • Market Stats & Reports
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Content
  • Real Estate CRM
  • Real Estate Agent App
  • Integrations
  • Custom IDX Data API


Pricing starts at $59.95 per month and goes up to $199.95 per month. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool.


5. IDX Central

Website Description

“Regardless of which IDX Solution you select, there will always be something that doesn’t quite work/look the way you expect it. These issues will require some code modifications. We can save you time by knowing just how to fix those issues and offer creative ways to make them even better.

We can also provide you with code we have used in the past to help speed up your development/integration time. Even if you are an experienced programmer or have one that manages your site, our knowledge and experience can save you time from experimentation/trial and error.


Here are some of the main features that this tool offers. 

  • Advanced IDX Property Search
  • Map and Polygon Search
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Lead Nurturing App
  • Automated Market Reports
  • Real Estate CRM
  • SMS Autoresponder
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • SEO Friendly with Indexible Listings


Pricing for IDX solutions starts at $44.95 per month. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool.

IDX Central

6. BoomTown

Website Description

Expert lead generation, IDX websites, intelligent CRM, lead management services, and more, come in flexible packages that scale with your success. See why BoomTown is the #1 user-rated real estate CRM year after year.”


Here are some of the main features this tool offers. 

  • Success Assurance
  • Consumer Website
  • Lead Generation
  • Predictive CRM
  • Success Management
  • HomeSearch Now
  • Coaching


Can’t find pricing on their website. Looks like you have to book a demo to learn more.


We couldn’t find any examples of websites they’ve built. But they have a lot of success stories over here.

7. Real Geeks

Website Description

IDX websites that convert. Real Geeks offers highly optimized, easy-to-use websites, designed to generate the highest conversion rate in the industry. Our Property IDX is updated every 15 minutes, so your Real Geeks website has the most up-to-date property data available.


Here are some of the main features that this tool offers.

  • Mobile Optimized
  • Fully Responsive
  • Easy-to-Use
  • High Return Rates
  • A/B Testing
  • Fast Load Times
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Fully Editable Pages
  • Built-in blog


Can’t find pricing on their website. You need to request more information. 


Can’t find an example of their website. But they have a lot of success stories over here

8. Placester

Website Description

Get the website you’ve always wanted! Placester is the best option for agents & brokers who want a unique website but also need speed and the flexibility to adapt as the market changes.


Here are some of the main features this tool offers. 

  • Responsive Website
  • Site Editor
  • IDX Listing Display Tools
  • Simple CRM
  • Unlimited Posts & Pages
  • Online Support


Pricing starts at $64 per month and goes up to $1,250 per month. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool. 


9. Agent Image

Website Description

Agent Image creates the best real estate websites for REALTORS®, agents, and brokers. We have launched over 20,000 sites for top producing companies in the country and we’re proud of our long list of loyal clients. Whether you’re looking for an affordable agent website built on WordPress or looking for a custom design for your brokerage office, we’ve got you covered. Put our 20 years of experience to the test.”


Here are some of the main features that this tool offers. 

  • Hosted WordPress Site
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Fully Response Design
  • IDX Search Features
  • Listing Display Features
  • Property Details
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO Friendly


They don’t have pricing on their website. You need to contact them if you want to find out more. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool. 

Agent Image

10. Showcase IDX

Website Description

Make your site sticky with a portal-quality search for agent and brokerage websites. Modern search options that buyers and sellers love. Showcase IDX’s proprietary indexes to let you search seamlessly across multiple MLS feeds. The Fastest, easiest way to search.


Here are some of the main features that this tool offers. 

  • IDX Search & Results
  • Real Estate Listing Pages
  • State-Of-The-Art Mapping IDX
  • CRM Tools
  • Premium CRM Integrations


Pricing starts at $59.95 per month and goes up to $99.95 per month. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool. 

Showcase IDX

11. AgentWebsite

Website Description

First impressions matter. Showcase your services. Promote your listings on your own real estate website. One that’s easy to update and optimized for search engines.

Generate qualified leads. Impress sellers, and catch buyers early in the process.

We make it easy. Agents are always telling us how easy AgentWebsite is to use. Expect fast activation and competitive features. Toll-free help is available every day, right here in the USA.


Here are some of the main features that this tool offers. 

  • Free 15 Day Free Trial
  • Website & Hosting
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Property Search (IDX)
  • Toll Free Support
  • Control Panel
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Buyer & Seller Articles
  • 1 Email Mailbox
  • CMA Lead Page
  • Relocation Lead Page


Pricing starts at $29 per month, not including the set-up fee. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool.


12. Ylopo

Website Description

Our mobile-optimized IDX home search website is the hub of your buyer’s home search activity.  Delight your consumers with a clean and beautiful site design, as you gather 24/7 intelligence on their search behavior to hone in on exactly what each buyer wants to see.”


Here are some of the main features that this tool offers. 

  • Mission Control
  • IDX
  • Branded Website
  • Lead Generation
  • Listing Rocket
  • Lead Nurture
  • CRM


Pricing isn’t mentioned on their website. You have to request a demo if you want to learn more. 


They don’t have any examples on their website. But they do have some case studies on their homepage. 

13. Union Street Media 

Website Description

We build award-winning websites for real estate professionals. Our sites are IDX-integrated and responsive, meaning they will always be up-to-date with the latest MLS listings and will look great and perform well on any device or screen size.


Here are some of the main features this tool offers. 

  • Search Tools
  • Lead Dashboard
  • Neighborhood Reports
  • Automated Home Valuation Tool


Pricing isn’t mentioned on their website. You’ll need to request a demo if you want to learn more. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool.

Union Street Media

14. Luxury Presence

Website Description

A brand-new home search experience for your clients. Our IDX tool provides award-winning design, cutting-edge search features, and compelling use of data and lead capture functionalities.

Our IDX home search experience provides two things: an exceptional search experience for your visitors and a high-converting lead generation platform for your business.

With multi-feed support, fully-responsive designed, spiderable and organic IDX, and lightning-fast multi-field search capabilities, our home search tools give your visitors an experience they’ll love.

Pulling from your MLS feed, our control center allows you to layer high-resolution photos, videos, and virtual tours on top of your MLS listing date to create stunning featured listing pages for your website.


Here are some of the main features that this tool offers.

  • Split-Screen Map
  • Lead Capture
  • Saved Searches
  • Multiple-MLS Feeds
  • Saved Listings
  • User Accounts
  • Multi-Field Searches


Pricing isn’t mentioned on their website. You’ll have to request more information if you want to learn more. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool.

Luxury Presence

15. Sierra Interactive

Website Description

We only build real estate websites. Our platform has evolved over the past decade to become the most powerful content management system for real estate websites in the market.

The Sierra search tools separate us from our competitors and you from yours. We are always improving these features and keeping ahead of the curve.


Here are some of the main features that this tool offers. 

  • Real Estate Websites With IDX
  • Real Estate CRM
  • Real Estate Ad Management


Pricing starts at $299.95 per month and goes up to $499.95 per month. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool.

Sierra Interactive

16. Pro Agent Websites

Website Description

Our designs are responsive for a pleasant user experience from desktop to tablets to mobile. Each design is created with the agent in mind. Your photos, logos, and artwork will be incorporated into the design. Designs can be built with any requested modifications.


Here are some of the main features that this tool offers. 

  • Extremely Fast Search Results
  • Interactive Map Search
  • Industry Best Lead Capture
  • New Listing Email Alerts
  • Price Change Email Alerts
  • All Listings Available on Search Engines
  • Save Searches, Save Properties
  • No Framing or Wraps, Totally Integrated
  • All Lead Activity Tracked


Pricing starts at $79.95 per month and goes up to $149.95 per month. 


Below is an example of the type of IDX website you can create with this tool.

Pro Agent Websites

Why Do Real Estate Agents Need IDX?

ON THE OTHER HAND, without IDX website integration, visitors have to go somewhere other than your website to view house listings.

And when prospects leave your website to browse through homes, there’s naturally a lower chance of them choosing to work with you.

Ideally, you want them to stay on your website as long as possible — searching for potential homes and learning about your business.

Then, those visitors are more likely to work with you instead of the competition- thus improving your credibility!

Of course, there are no stopping prospects from regularly visiting Zillow and Realtor.com, and other massive MLS websites.

This is exactly why some online thought-leaders believe IDX is outdated — there’s no way, after all, that you can compete with the giants of MLS.

Still, at Carrot, we believe IDX is a must for serious real estate agents. And that isn’t just an opinion built on smoke and mirrors.

Here are four specific reasons why the best real estate websites for agents have IDX integration and tend to perform better than the competition.

1. Prospects Stay Where You Want Them — On Your Website

Property listings are the foundation of your real estate business and ultimately, you want people who visit your website to work with you. With the most accurate property data and photos, your IDX can cover 99% of MLS listings.

But, of course, the story doesn’t start there. Most people, for instance, start by educating themselves on the house-buying process. Then, they might look at some listings to get an idea of what price-point they can afford.

Eventually, they’ll start seeking out an agent to work with.

There’s no better place for them to be during that entire process than on your website.

Unfortunately, you have very little time to grab and keep their attention. One study by the Nielsen Norman Group found that most internet users stay on a website for less than 59 seconds.

That’s not very long.

Why do people leave so quickly, though? Well, in the words of Cody Ray Miller over at The Daily Egg, one of the main reasons is that “Users leave your site when they don’t get what they expect.”

Imagine if you were looking to buy a house and stumbled upon a website that didn’t have listings.

What would you do? Would you stick around and see what this website has to offer?

No. You wouldn’t. You’d leave within the first few seconds of arriving.

The point is, when people visit your website, they naturally expect certain things. If you don’t give them what they expect, they’ll bounce.

What, though, do visitors to your real estate agent website expect to see?

A few things.

Visitors expect to see…

  1. An agent bio of who you are and why you’re fantastic.
  2. A clear CTA for how they can get in contact with you.
  3. Social proof (testimonials, case studies, and reviews) of why they should work with you.
  4. House listings.

Think about it. What’s the first thing you would do on this website?

real estate websites with idx roseburg oregon example

First, you’d view the featured listings a bit down the page.

idx featured listings

If you saw something you liked, then you’d probably look into it more. If you didn’t, then you’d likely go to the search bar, enter the information, and click “Search.”

real estate agent website builder with idx

Which would then bring up something like this.

realtor websites with idx

Or maybe you’d first spend a bit of time learning about the realtor, only after that diving into the listings on their website.

Either way, house listings tug on the visitor’s attention and encourage them to spend more time on your website.

And that’s a good thing.

After analyzing 948,286 visitors to our Carrot member websites over a three-month period, a compelling fact revealed itself: the longer someone spends on your website, the higher chance that they’re going to convert.

The average session duration of converters was 6:39 and the average session duration of non-converters was only 1:25 — a whopping 471% difference.

Still, most people leave a website in just under a minute. Unfortunately, that doesn’t give them much time to convert.

So how does IDX integration help solve this dilemma?

With real estate listings on your website, people spend more time browsing and less time bouncing, increasing the chance that they’ll become a paying customers.

It’s not a complete solution. But it’s a simple strategy for keeping visitors right where you want them — on your website.

Plus, visitors expect to see house listings on your real estate agent website. You don’t want to disappoint them.

2. You Can Quickly Promote Remarkable Listings

Maybe you’ve already noticed, but not all IDX plugin solutions are equal.

Some real estate IDX providers allow you to “list” — if you can call it that — houses on your website… except that the listings aren’t really on your website.

Instead, with these low-level tools, the IDX integration sends people to another MLS site to view the listing — which, of course, kind of defeats the purpose of IDX in the first place.

Ideally, you want to use an IDX integration tool for your website that has the following four features.

  1. Visitors should be able to search natively on your website for house listings in your area of operation.
  2. Visitors should be able to view each house listing on your own domain as an individual page, rather than traveling to a 3rd party listing website.
  3. The entire experience should be seamless. You don’t want visitors to feel like their viewing someone else’s listings, photos, and house descriptions on your website. You want them to feel as though each listing is unique to your business.
  4. You should be able to easily choose properties to feature on your website using the IDX integration.

Carrot’s real estate agent websites with IDX include all of the above features. That way, you never fall behind the competition.

And on the fourth point, no house sells like a featured house.

Here’s an example of what this can look like when you’re able to easily choose featured properties from your IDX integration for the front page of your website.

real estate agent website idx feed

More than likely, you’re busy enough contacting prospects, answering questions, and meeting with customers to show them houses. Frankly, you don’t always have the time to create a listing on your own.

With IDX integration, you can simply choose a website to feature and, in just a few clicks, that property is on your front page.

If nothing else, IDX saves you time.

But, of course, time is money.

Pro-tip: When choosing featured properties for the front page of your website, try featuring some of your most expensive properties. That way, people see those first and then perceive other high-priced listings as less expensive (because they see the price relative to the featured houses they saw). In sales, this is called the contrast principle.

3. Each Listing Gives You Another Opportunity To Rank Your Real Estate Website In Google

With high-quality IDX integration on your website, each house listing becomes a new page.

And each page, as you probably know, becomes another chance to rank in Google.

However, I know what you’re thinking: “There’s no way I can compete with Zillow and Realtor.com in search engines!”

Related Content: How To Beat Zillow in Google With Your Real Estate Agent Website – Case Study + Guide

You’re right. There’s no way you can.

But, there’s another benefit to having those SEO-ready houses on your website beyond just trying to beat Zillow and Realtor.com.

Namely, when people search Google for your real estate name and an address, you’ll show up.

Like this, for example.

google search for real estate websites

Why would they ever do that, though?

Let’s imagine that there’s a certain prospect named Joe. From his friends, Joe has heard some really great things about you and he’d like to work with you in the future. But you don’t know this yet because Joe hasn’t contacted you.

One day, Joe drives by a house for sale that he really likes and he wants to see the inside of — or, at least, some pictures.

Since he knows about you and he knows about the house listing, he types in “4000 Awesome Avenue [your real estate business].”

Whose website comes up?

That’s right. Yours!

Joe clicks the result, views the house, decides he wants a tour and gives you a call.

If Joe had viewed the house on Zillow or Realtor.com — if he hadn’t arrived at your website first — then he might have seen an ad for another realtor and chosen to contact them out of convenience.

And the realtor who gets the first contact usually wins the prospect.

In other words, IDX integration allows you to attract prospects that you might not even know you had. Sure, this type of prospect might be few and far between — but each client can generate tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for your business.

You don’t want to lose that much money because your website didn’t show up when someone typed in your name and an address into Google.

4. You Can Send More Personalized Follow-up Emails with IDX

What if you knew that person’s desired price point, number of bedrooms, and square footage for each person to visit your website?

How would that kind of immediate information change your marketing strategy?

For one, you’d probably send increasingly personal listing updates and recommendation emails to your prospects.

Which is a good idea. The click-through rate on personalized emails is 14% higher — and conversions, 10% higher — than their impersonal counterparts.

And, generally speaking, personalized emails also have six times higher transaction rates.

But that dream of knowing your website visitors by house preferences is just… well, it’s just a dream, right?

Wrong. At least, not if you use IDX.

With some IDX services on your website and Google Analytics, you can track visitors’ listings and even exactly what they search for.

In fact, one real estate website tried to capture my email like this when I searched for a property on it.

real estate website listing tracker

Then, you can either set up an automatic and personalized email update system to contact prospects with relevant house listings. Or you can do so manually.

Either way, you’re now contacting prospects with things they care about rather than trying to shotgun blast one (or several) listings to loads of people who may or may not be interested.

Of course, this isn’t a new strategy. Many real estate agents do this. Here’s one real estate email script, for instance.

Hi Cindy,

I noticed you recently registered for e-Alerts on my website. I’m glad you signed up as this is the quickest way to receive up-to-date information on listings in your area. Since our website is refreshed every hour on the hour you will be the first to know when a home that fits your preferences hits the market.

Over the past 7 years, I have worked in the area selling homes and helping buyers find the perfect property. Buying a home is an exciting time and I am here to help you navigate through the process. Below I have linked to one of my blog posts about preparing to buy a home and how it is different this year over the others.

Have a lovely day,

Annie Agent

IDX just makes doing this a whole lot easier and more streamlined than it would be otherwise.


If there’s one thing that visitors to your website are expecting to find, it’s house listings.

You’re a real estate agent, after all. People go to your website to learn about your business and view houses. That’s pretty much it.

You need to let them do both of those things as quickly as possible.

Now, you understand how IDX can help and you understand why you need a real estate agent website builder that includes IDX integration.

Namely, because, with IDX integration, prospects stay on your website longer, you can easily promote featured properties on your front page, each listing helps you rank in Google, and you can send more personalized email updates to prospects.

However, some online critics believe differently — that real estate agent websites with IDX have an unnecessary crutch.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Mike Blankenship

Michael is a freelance copywriter who helps startups build bigger, more sustainable businesses. He’s been mentioned on Forbes and Entrepreneur for his expertise as a writer, and he's written articles for SUCCESS, SmartBlogger, GetResponse, AdWeek, Jeff Bullas, and a whole slew of other publications. You can learn more about him at mikeblankenship.org or connect with him on Facebook.

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