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Lead Source

Where did our member’s leads come from?
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source % leads
Direct 38.13% 48,776
Organic 36.29% 46,413
Referral 3.17% 4,060
Paid 10.15% 12,979

Lead Type

What kind of leads are Carrot members generating?

type % leads
Seller 33.22% 42,486
Buyer 26.74% 34,205
Rent to Own 22.50% 28,780
Company 10.68% 13,665
Land 2.87% 3,672
Other 3.16% 4,045

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A Few Of Our Favorite Doses Of Awesomeness

Carrot seems to actually care about its clients. They have that genuine connection with customers. It’s not very common in my opinion. But I see guys like Sean Terry, Russell Brunson, Zappos etc. that do a good job at it. And of course it’s very affordable for a newbie, it’s extremely reliable, and it’s a great all in one package for any investor.

Jesse Willoughby Jesse Willoughby
Freedom Investing Group

Deal Closed! A seller hadn’t been to the property in 6 years, had a family member living there but they moved out and weren’t paying rent. She found us through SEO online “sell my house fast Knoxville TN. We’re dominating SEO in East TN now. was a quick $10k assignment fee closed in 6 days and this lady loves us! Yeah, man, we made this lady’s year. Really felt good.

Zach Tetley Zach Tetley
Nexus Homebuyer

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